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"Ankh if you love Isis"

yay! bizhosting came back up today, so my site is back up and running!

i finished a new piece today - another one featuring masked figures... this one is called "Masquerade Trio". i'm particularly proud of the floor.

damn! my lamp just went out! the lamp i do my paintings under! and i don't have a replacement bulb handy! i'll have to grab one tomorrow. i have to go to the bank and post office tomorrow as well.

i called my car insurance company today and canceled my account with them. i've decided i won't really need any car insurance for awhile, and i don't feel like paying for it. i'm going to ask around and see if anyone wants my car (i think something is dreadfully wrong with the power-steering, but it could be something simple like it just needs power-steering fluid. i just don't care any more) and i'll just let them have it. i've driven it less than once a month ever since i graduated in december. i don't think it would make it to florida, so i'd have to leave it behind anyway. the only thing i'll miss about having my car is my wide assortment of insulting, confusing, and thought-provoking bumper stickers i have accumulated over the years. i'll miss my "FUCK SCHOOL" bumpersticker the most. i always expected the cops or someone to tell me that you can't have words like that on your car, but it never happened. the university police one time said something like, "you may want to reconsider your bumpersticker", but i didn't feel like taking their advice. besides, they could have been referring to my "Ankh if you love Isis" sticker =)

this place is soooo dark without that lamp on. i only have the TV, the computer, and a tiny table lamp on in my whole place. there are no overhead lights built in at all. damn, i want to paint some more tonight, and now it's really too dark. maybe i will take the shade off of my other lamp and i'll see better.

i could really go for a Subway veggie&cheese sandwich about now. i wonder when matt will get home tonight.

i got an invitation from the ebsq director today "begging" me to join ebsq+ today! it is the "juried" section of the showcase ebsq artists. i was flattered, and sent them some scans to be juried next month. i had thought about joining before (i was their featured member in their zine a few months ago) but i was under the impression you had to start your auctions at $100. i looked on eBay and saw several ebsq+ auctions starting at a penny like mine do, so i sent them an email asking how strict their $100 policy was. we'll see.

ow! my legs hurt. went jogging/rollerblading with Kachina & Amber yesterday (i'm not accustomed to that sort of thing) and i'm sore. i had fun though.

ah well, i'm off to try to paint some more... if i can find a sufficient light source...
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