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i'm frustrated! bizhosting.com has been down for over 24 hours now - they host the bulk of my site! a lot of my images (especially on eBay) are hosted there as well - it's costing me money and business for it to go down.

i'm half tempted to shell out the cash to buy my own server and keep it in my living room or something. at least then when it is down it will be my own fault and i won't be powerless. i could let my friends use the extra space too... that would be cool.

i really don't have that kind of money to spend on computer stuff right now though! i need to save for our move next year. i plan on buying a ton of new furniture and stuff after we move.

i'm going rollerblading with sisters tomorrow at 10am. they're gonna go through some of my clothes i'm getting rid of to see if they want any of it. i threw away three garbage bags worth of clothes last night - i can't believe the junk i had in my closet! i had the legs of jeans i had cut off into shorts back in high school. why did i bother moving that sort of crap the last four times i've moved since then?!? i had two broomstick skirts that were tattered beyond recognition - i don't know why i kept them around, i have several very nice broomstick skirts (like the one annie gave me for example!) that are in great condition and were never even recalled for being flammable. i had some boring blazers and suits that were several sizes too big for me or my dainty sisters, so i just threw them out. they weren't nice enough to give to the thrift store even. i think i got them in a "big bag of black clothes" auction (that is how it was advertised) a while back for $3.00 from gothicauctions.com - i ended up with a bunch of useless junk from that one, but i think i got a few nice victorian blouses as well. i found some cool clothes in the back of the closet that i was had forgotten about! i didn't find my nightmare before christmas shirt that i've been missing for years though =(

i'm itching to paint, but it is too late. i should eat some dinner (it's after midnight damnit!) and i want to be wakey for rollerblading (weather permitting) tomorrow.

i saw a leaf on the ground and i kicked the hell out of it this morning. i hate fall. no, i take that back - i hate the fact that when it is fall it means that winter is coming. if it would switch from fall straight into spring that would be peachy. luckily, this ought to be the last missouri winter i'll have to live through. of course i'll be here visiting, but then i'll get to go home to alligators and palm trees and frogs, and i will laugh - laugh at the fools with their snow and icy roads - ah hah ha ah ha hah!!!!!! (calm down there now, jasmine...)

i'd better go get some sustenance in me now - ich bin hungrig...
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