Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I've gotta say it....


Whew, sorry - I've been keeping this secret way too long. She finally told everybody else today, so now I can talk about it!

Yep, my little sister (well, 11months younger than me) Kachina and her husband James are expecting a baby!!! It's due for Hallowe'en (just like you Sally!), which would be really cute. I'm so excited! ::dance dance dance::

They actually told us back when they were staying with us, but I had to keep it a secret in the meantime, hehe. We had picked them up from the airport and they were like "Guys, there are going to be some rides that Kachina can't ride on right now at the parks..." and we knew what that meant! It's pretty funny which rides expectant mothers aren't supposed to ride on, but there were plenty of things still she could do. I'm going to be an aunt! Well, technically I already have nieces who are already grown up from Matt's sister, but I don't have any on my side of the family.

I'm so excited =) Kachina's going to be such a good mom!

That's all the excitement for now, hehe.

This morning I decided to try out gessoing a canvas (to give it a smoother surface). I piled it on (probably a little too thickly) and then I went and rode my exercise bike for awhile while it dried. The surface felt dry at least. Then I came back and started painting a pretty swamp landscape, and then some gesso from the middle started blobbering out and mixing in with the paints and making them all yucky. I had to toss the whole project, after spending quite a bit of time on it - grrr...

Then I started a brand new painting with a cool octopus in it. I think he's going to have an underwater friend of some sort - a mermaid or a water sprite... we'll see...

After Matt came home we went out to Epcot (birthday shopping for Kachina). We ate some chocolate in the Germany pavilion, and then we went to the American pavillion - tonight Paul Revere and the Raiders were playing! We watched/listened to them - it was a lot of fun. Since they are having the Flower&Garden festival at Epcot for May & June, they're having a "Flower Power" concert series where every night different 1960s bands play at Epcot. It's pretty awesome (Matt & I love sixties music a lot) - Davy Jones, The Grass Roots, the Rascals, Hermans Hermits, Jefferson Starship, the Lovin' Spoonful, Gary Lewis & The Playboys - all sorts of bands are playing every night. It's like having free concerts at my fingertips - I love this place!

Anyway - this post is way too long. I'll stop now and eat dinner =)
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