Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Happy Mother's Day...

to Mom and to Robin!!!

Let me see - I've been watching shows about Egypt all morning on the History channel. It's funny - I always fall asleep watching tapes (Usually of the Simpsons or some BBC comedies), and then inevitably the tapes end while I'm sleeping, and the regular TV comes on and gives me weird dreams. I had weird Egyptian dreams, which I assumed was because of the painting I did the other day, but I think it's really because of the TV, hehe.

I'm going to be painting a lot today (boy, I bet you didn't see that coming!). I'm not sure what to work on - I've got a lot of ideas right now. I might just get a blank canvas and see what shows up. I like doing that - I use kind of a "scrying" technique, where I just stare and stare at the white space and try to "see" things in it (like one would use a crystal ball). Then I paint what I see. Some of my favourite pieces happened that way! Lol, I sound crazy.

Other times though, I do some layout and planning first, which is sometimes better (since it's less draining). I think for my "Wizard's Apprentice" I'd better do some sketches first, since it will probably have a lot of layout issues (tables with potions on it, arcane charts, etc.).

I might start on the next "Arcane Ritual" piece, or maybe my Absinthe Faerie. I might wait on her though, since I've got a few bottles of Absinthe (the real kind, imported from Spain) - I think maybe I'll wait until some evening where I can drink it (I'm not going to drink alone on a Sunday morning - that sounds a little too pathetic) and come up with some inspired ideas in a drunken stupor. Eh, we'll see =)

Well - off to paint! Too bad I still don't have my USB cable (although it has been shipped, so it shouldn't be long!) otherwise you could all watch =(
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