Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Nothing like the feel of hair-dye on a newly sun-burned scalp =)

I'm currently touching up my inch-long blonde roots before I look any trashier, hehe =) I was looking at myself in the mirror and from a distance it looked like I had a bald strip down the center of my head, ugh. It should all be a lovely matching blue-black in about 13 minutes now =)

Matt kaokame is on AOL right now, otherwise I'd go check my mountain of email =P I don't like using their webmail, it is a little wonky.

I've started painting my Egyptian painting! As I suspected, my drawing (er, painting) board isn't large enough to accommodate the 18"x24" canvas, so I'm working on a 16"x20" (still quite large by my standards). I can already tell it's going to be incredibly detailed - I've been working this evening just on the basic background colours - taking the time to make it look just like it does in my head. Since it's a temple with sacred ibises in it, I assume it's a temple to Thoth, so I'll probably leave Anubis out of it and just stick with a priestess type girl. I want to work more on it, but I've got to wait until I wash this gunk out of my hair!!!
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