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hmm... what've i been up to....

i've been painting a lot - i've finished three pieces. i have been having some problems with my server going down today, so if some of my assorted livejournal pics from this or previous entries aren't working right, i apologize.

my latest "masterpiece" is "The Alchemist's Plague." i spent a little more time on this one than my usual pieces - it's also bigger, a 16"x20" painting. it kind of creeps me out a little, the "Plague Doctor" character has always scared me. I looked at a lot of medieval documents and illustrations online for the typical attire of the plague doctor and his creepy mask. The alchemical charts inspired by the notebook of 14th century alchemist Nicolas Flamel (yes, like the fellow who created the philosopher's stone in the Harry Potter books - he was actually a real person). The fetus-looking thing in the blue jar is a homunculus, which was the supposed creature a master alchemist could create from inorganic components who would grow into a little man to do his bidding (cool, huh?).

and then, i did #9 of my "Tattooed Fairies" series.

i'm going to start having matt take some pictures of me with my paintings that i sell on eBay - Larry Elmore does that, and i think it is a cool idea. i started my auctions today as 5-day auctions (i don't want them to end on a friday!). i normally list my auctions on thursdays, but i was busy still painting "The Alchemist's Plague" last night, and i was still a little off kilter from our vacation.

i recently got Quicken financial software on my computer - man, that program is bad-ass! i know i'm a nerd, but i find things like that thoroughly engrossing. i especially love the fact that i can use it as an electronic checkbook register - i always run through my register papers like crazy - i'll sometimes have 20 or 30 transactions a day (paypal, billpoint, my website's merchant account deposits, and then transferring it all to the appropriate savings account, etc.) so it is WONDERFUL to have it all in my computer. i need to buy some floppy disks to back up all the files on (it has been sooo long since i've needed a floppy disk!!!). i am keeping my bank statements for last month and this month, and am charting my art sales on Quicken (which i'll print out for the leasing office) and i'll send it all along with my apartment application (along with matt's paycheck stubs, etc.). since i do not yet have 2 years of being self-employed under my belt, an alternate method of proving my income (rather than the tax return copies) is for me to show regular deposits into my bank accounts. i hope that will suffice! we have to also send $100 for the "waiting list deposit" and $50 each for the application fees. i think we'll have everything ready to go in about a month (we have to wait for matt's paycheck stubs to accumulate, having never saved them before!). if for some reason we still can't prove enough income, i'll just get my dad to co-sign for us. either way we'll get the apartment! i'm so excited! the apartment office people there seem sooo much nicer than our current apartment's. the folks here are always putting tow notices on my car (their official policy is if your vehicle is in the same spot for TWO DAYS or more, they will consider it abandoned. damn! what if you are on vacation??) or raising our rent, or LOSING our rent check (matt had to pay $15 to put a stop-payment on the check that THEY lost - not that it was a big deal, but just the principle of the matter...), or leaving random bitchy notes on everyone's doors about things that don't have anything to do with us. not to mention the time they barged in exclaiming "oh, we were told this unit was empty". bleah.

hehe! matt saw a toad by my toad house! i check it all of the time, but i haven't caught him at home yet. i'm sure i'll have a lot of toad lodgers when we move to florida (it is the frog&toad capital of the universe). i'm excited.

we went to a place called "DEAL$" which was one of those "nothing over a dollar" sort of stores. they have my stripey socks there! i was so happy - i bought blue&black and khaki&black. i might go back and clean them out when i have some more spending money. i might start to sort through my unwanted clothes tonight...

i need some more tea - i'm going to go get some now.
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