Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Busy morning =)

I mailed out a bunch of stuff today - including presents for Amber's graduation party and Mom's Mother's Day presents too. It's so strange to mail things like that! There is so much going on - Kachina's birthday is on the 19th - we'll be sending her presents shortly as well =)

At the end of the month of course, we're driving back up to Kansas City and will be staying with Kachina & James and we'll be going to Amber's wedding!!! After that, Kachina is riding back with us here and then she's flying back home after a week and a half. Then, we'll be driving back for fourth of July. Then later in July Mom is coming to stay with us. Then, a week or two after that I'll be going back to Kansas City for Annie's wedding, and mom's birthday, lol. It's amazing - I can't believe how much visiting back and forth we are doing. It's really rather nice. I'm happy that I'm self-employed and can do this sort of thing a lot =)

I finished "The Frog Prince" and (if I do say so my self) it is very, very adorable, hehe. I'm working on Alice & the Cheshire Cat, which I will hopefully finish by tonight to list on eBay. I will probably make Alice an ebsq+ listing (with a minimum bid of $100) and I'll put the buy-it-now at $500 - just in case ;) "The Frog Prince" will start at a penny with no reserve.

I bought an address stamper (self inking, with my business address info) and a do-not-bend stamper on eBay, and I'm bidding on a USB extension cord =)

I need to go through some more email - I'll probably get to that tonight after I do my eBay stuff!
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