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we went to the renaissance festival on sunday and had a wonderful time. it was extremely hot, so i just wore a simple black tank top and a black flouncy circle skirt. we had great foodstuffs! i had a gardenburger, numerous wine coolers, a spinach & feta croissant, and a piece of chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick. it's a good thing i didn't wear my 17" corset - i wouldn't have been able to fit that much food in a cinched stomach!

i bought a large bottle of my precious money draw oil, along with some "Praline" scented oil (smells like someone is making praline pecans!), some Morgan Le Fay oil (smells like, well, kinda like sweet tarts or smarties), and some Witch Magic oil (smells like vanilla and rain and plantlife with just a hint of decay). i also bought a ton of hand dipped incense. we're going back at least once or twice before the festival closes - there are some things i really want there! this one gypsy (in all senses of the word) girl was selling some fabulous silk scarf clothing. it was hard to describe - each 4 piece outfit consisted of a pair of billowy harem pants, and three other scarves that can be tied to make various halter-like tops, shawls, skirts, you name it. kinda like sarongs. they came in all colours and batik-like patterns, but in a renaissance/fairy/goth/stevie nicks fashion. the 4-piece sets started at $165, which wasn't too bad considering the quality and versatility of the outfits. i might just have to buy one next time i am there. it was all mix&match - there were some green and black pieces that looked almost like marble or malachite with silver accents - absolutely gorgeous. i definitely need more "summery" clothes to wear after we migrate down south - i don't have a lot of clothing to wear in warm weather. in fact, i'm going to be thinning out my wardrobe soon. i have bought SO MUCH clothing on eBay and gothicauctions.com - it's insane. generally i'll win an auction 10 piece "lot" (an auction featuring several items) where there are maybe three of the pieces that i really want. once i try them on maybe two of them will fit, so i am stuck with 7 other articles of clothing that i don't like or are too big. in essence, i have about 80% of my closet (and dresser, and chest of drawers and floor...) filled with clothes that do not fit and i didn't necessarily want in the first place. there are some nice things - but they are definitely not for me. i'm going to stick a bunch of the newer stuff (some items still have tags!) up on eBay pretty soon, the rest of it i'll perhaps let my sisters sort through and then give to the GoodWill. it will be a load off of my mind to have all of that stuff out of my possession before i move!

i have put two new paintings up on eBay - "Dragon Dreams"
and "Pet Dragon"

i'm going to paint some more now - i bought a 16"x20" tablet of canvas paper that is dying to be painted on. byebye
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