Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Farmer's Market

This morning I walked to the Celebration Farmer's Market (a traveling farmer's market that is here on Sundays)! It was really cute =) Lots of fresh produce and plants and granola and stuff - good prices, too. I bought some bananas and some tiny red potatoes.

I walked around the lake and looked at some enormous lily pads that had blossoms on them! There were some turtles under them, and on top of the lily pads there were birds walking around (big lily pads!) and there was a frog on one =)

It looks like "Sleeping Beauty" wins! I've got the basic layout for her ready, so hopefully I can finish her today! If so, I'll be posting her and "Lady of the Faeries" up on eBay tonight!

This time tomorrow we'll be getting ready to pick up Kachina and James at the airport - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! On Tuesday we are all going to the Magic Kingdom (since Chi is a Castmember she gets in for free, and I think she has comp tickets for James), on Wednesday we are going to Universal Studios, on Thursday we are going to Epcot, and they're flying back on Friday. Kachina only works on weekends, so she doesn't even have to miss any work, hehe!
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