Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Fun times =)

Last night we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World - it was really neat - we hadn't been there before, and I was very impressed. Sometime Matt & I will be fancy and go stay there for a night! It's an enormous lodge-like building with a gorgeous African-themed atrium. The rooms and suites all have balconies that look over a huge animal veldt area where there are zebras and African cattle with enormous horns, and assorted other African grazing animals. It's too cool! The animal exhibits are so nice - just like in the Animal Kingdom park here - much nicer than a zoo even, they look like they have a lot more space and a more natural habitat.

We then went to Downtown Disney and looked around at the books at the Virgin Megastore (they have giant two person beanbags there for looking at prospective books - it's fun) and we went to the "Candy Cauldron" which is a cute candy store that is Snow White themed (more specifically the Old Hag from Disney's Snow White). We saw them dipping candy apples and making fudge. I treated Matt to an enormous Rice Krispy treat and I had a pecan nut cluster with a dark chocolate Mickey Mouse in the middle of it. Matt got us 20% off with his new Castmember ID!

Today we are going to go find the local art supply store - I need new brushes - mine are completely shot - I can't even paint a straight line with them now (they are too fuzzy). I think there is a JoAnn's arts&crafts store on 192 so I'll check that out. We are also going to go to Publix (the big grocery store also on 192) and buy some foods/drinks that James & Kachina will like. They are landing here at about noon on Monday! I can't wait - it's going to be so much fun having them visit!!!!!!

Ok - after I get my new brushes I'm going to finish up my Poison Fairy and maybe Snow White and Rose Red and get them up on eBay tonight =)
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