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Renaissance Festival!


we're going to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow - i'm very excited. i definitely want to stock up on scented oils! i need to get some "money draw" oil from the lady who sells spell oils there - i'd been using it when i first started selling my artwork, and it had brought me luck. my bottle broke and spilled early after i bought a bottle last year, so i've gone without! i originally purchased it because it was a lovely green colour and it smelled great =)

i'm not sure what i'm going to wear! i was planning to wear my 17" custom made Dark Garden corset and show off, but it'll be almost 100degrees tomorrow (not the optimum temperature for steel boning). we'll probably hit the festival at least a couple times this fall, so i'll at least get to wear it once. tomorrow may just call for a tank top and shorts.

i like the food at the festival - there is a surprising number of vegetarian options! we usually hang out all day, so i'll try to squeeze in a few meals. they have veggie pita sandwiches with ranch dressing, fried veggies of all kinds, gardenburgers (with all sorts of toppings), potato skins with cheese, sourdough breadbowls with broccoli cheese soup, tons of desserts, and the liquor flows freely.

i like looking at the artists who have booths there as well - Spangler, Ruth Thompson, other people i can't remember right now, etc. someday i'd like to get my act together and have a booth at renfests. that would be cool and i could dress up =)

well, matt has just made me some Morningstar Meatless hot dogs, i'm off to go eat!
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