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Oh dear... - Jasmine Becket-Griffith — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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Oh dear... [Apr. 22nd, 2003|08:31 am]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Well, at 7:30 am today I called the Florida Driver's License office. We had found out that it was an "appointment only" sort of place, and their office is only open from Tuesday - Friday, so this was the very first chance I had to try to make an appointment for tomorrow (Matt's day off). Unfortunately, it seems as difficult to get an appointment there as it is to book the Princess' Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table (to use an arcane reference only understood by former Disney Dining castmembers - many of which read this journal). After about 40 or 50 calls (redial!) I got through and was told that Wednesday was booked up solid. Grrr. She did tell me that there had been a cancellation on Thursday the 24th and they had an appointment available at 8:45am (before Matt goes to work at 11:00), and that I should "grab it, since the next caller would most likely take that time slot" so I signed up. She told me that we needed to bring our Missouri Driver's Licenses and either our birth certificate, passport or social security card. I've got all of that here, but I have a sinking feeling that Matt does not (he's at his Disney Traditions Training now, otherwise I would ask him). In fact, I think it was only yesterday when he was talking about how his birth certificate was "probably stashed away somewhere" in his mom's house (in Grandview, Missouri). Uh-oh.

But, I'm the only one who actually needs to prove Florida residency right now (so I can get my Disney Resident's annual pass), since Matt is a Castmember and gets in free. He can just get his driver's license later =P

Matt & I had a great time yesterday! We found the SuperTarget (which is just down the street from the Costco - we're set now!) which was really nice. It was next to a place called "Atlanta Bread" which looks suspiciously like Panera Bread (even down to the wording of their menu items) - I look forward to going there frequently. We then took a nice long wonderful walk around town yesterday - I can't believe what a beautiful place Celebration is! We walked a lot in the residential areas, looking at some of the more modest homes (using the term "modest" loosely - they are still quite spacious - generally 1500 sq ft + and starting at around $180,000 for the most inexpensive). We are hoping maybe in three years or so to be ready to purchase one =) For now though, I'm very happy with my new apartment!

Anyways - I'm going to start painting! Tonight I will be putting up a few auctions - my "Butterfly Faeries" piece, my "Poison Fairy: Psilocybin" piece and maybe even "Snow White and Rose Red" if she is done by then, hehe.

From: lilackat
2003-04-22 06:38 am (UTC)
My husband and I went "house looking" yesterday too. Just looking though, like you guys. I wish we could find a house for $180,000 here! The only thing you can get for that cheap here is a condo!

Celebration just fascinates me! It sounds like such a magical place. I love reading about all your adventures around town! =)
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[User Picture]From: smallgirl
2003-04-22 08:27 am (UTC)
wow! that must be like the most inconvenient dmv in the u. s. thats so weird to have to make an appointment. cant wait to see the new paintings.
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[User Picture]From: novemberhour
2003-04-22 08:28 am (UTC)


hmmm that sounds familiar... when we were applying for our apartment, matt needed his Soc Sec card and he said cheerfully that he'd lost it. he's never had a passport. when we were cleaning his room we came across his birth certificate, or as he put it, 'as close as i come to having a birth certificate.' it's a certificate of registry or something like that. for some reason they don't have his real birth certificate. it was falling to bits, too. i assume all this is because of his portugese vampiric heritage and the need to protect that dubious identity. we had to go apply for another Soc Sec card- not hard, just another thing to do with your day. i'm going to have to get a new one, i assume, when my name changes. didn't you have some kind of trouble with that, or am i remembering incorrectly? I
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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2003-04-22 08:31 pm (UTC)

Re: ID

Lol, yeah - I had a heck of a time trying to explain to the Social Security folks that I wanted to keep both names and hyphenate them. It was a hassle since they would only do things in writing, which took forever. I never did get a social security card with the right name on it! They ended up sending me three new ones - "Jasmine Ann Griffith" "Jasmine Ann Becket" and "Ann Becket" (?). I suppose if I ever need to leave the country under an alias I can use my "Ann Becket" one, lol.

At least my driver's license has the proper "Becket-Griffith" on it!
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