Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

All in all, a nice Easter...

Considering I was by myself most of the time, lol. I did talk to my dad, and then later my mom on the phone, so I got to speak with some family! My mom sent us Easter goodies in the mail, and I ate a lot of candy today and brushed my teeth about six times, lol.

I'm not far from finishing my "Butterfly Faeries" painting - it should be done tomorrow, probably. It's 14"x18" and features three faeries with butterfly wings. They all look a little grumpy - I'm not sure if I'll leave them like that or touch them up tomorrow, hehe.

Matt got done from training at his new location at around 5pm today, so we went on a nice long walk around town - wistfully looking at the multi-million dollar mansions, and more realistically looking at the cute bungalows and townhomes =)

We saw tons of critters as usual! So many lizards - literally hundreds - honest! Little gecko fellows and anoles (American Chameleons).

After that, we drove to Downtown Disney and hopped on one of the Disney buses (or, as we were required to call them when I was a castmember, "air-conditioned motor coaches") to the Boardwalk resort. From the Boardwalk we saw part of the fireworks of Epcot's Illuminations - it was very pretty! We went to Spoodles' outdoor pizza window and got a roasted vegetable pizza, some iced tea and split a garden salad. We ate by the water at night and it was lovely =) We walked around the Boardwalk for awhile, dodging the Surrey Bikes (Bicycles that seat up to 10 people at a time! Entire families rent them and drive around like Mr. Toad) and ducking into shops. It was more crowded than usual, for Easter I suppose, but not too bad. We stopped in at the Wyland gallery and looked at his beautiful ocean creature paintings.

Then, we caught the bus back to Downtown Disney and drove back home. It's so nice living soooo close - it's like having our own luxury suite at one of the hotels =)

I know I have tons of email to get to, but I'm tired and I'm going to retire to the bedroom and watch some Father Ted and go to sleep =)
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