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Jasmine's At MegaCon Orlando! New Artwork, Pins, Coloring & More!

Updates from Jasmine!

HUGE update today - mostly of course about MegaCon!

All the details (both in the "about" section and the "discussion" section about MegaCon can be found on my MegaCon Event Page here. Or scroll down below in this update for more info =)  MegaCon Orlando is May 24, 25, 26 & 27th and I will be there with thousands of pieces of artwork in my giant 30 foot Exhibitors Booth.   We have hundreds of free MegaCon Exclusive pins, free reusable Strangeling shopping bags, free Strangeling bamboo fans & other convention swag for you!  (And Patreon Patrons can always pick out a free 4x6 print in person!).  Again, details are here or scroll down for more.

Secondly - we've begun broadcasting regularly live from my studio a couple times a week on TWITCH here!  You can catch up on our episodes so far here , and my next live broadcast will be this Friday, May 25 at 7PM Eastern Time (midnight UK time).  It's free!  Come by & chat, ask questions about artwork, whatever you want, it's easy & relaxing.

In addition to the new MegaCon pins we have two new pins for sale!  "Skulls and Stars" and "Clockwork Dragonling" are both in stock and for sale here.  Also we have a new Patreon Exclusive "Pipistrello" pin (free when you join the Patreon Pin Collector club here

This month I've been working mostly on original paintings that will debut at my "Magical Thinking" solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angles - I'll be there in person for the opening this July 28 and the show will hang for a month - we'll be having a huge opening party that night and everybody is welcome - details here.  You can watch me paint all of the paintings for the show on my Twitch videos here , with finished previews shown up at my Patreon.

We have more new coloring pages including GRAYSCALE coloring pages up at my Patreon!  These are all exclusive to my Patreon, not found in my coloring boosk, so they are completely different.  And yes - we now have 16 grayscale designs (for those who prefer grayscale coloring pages already shaded) as well as 16 traditional lineart designs.  All for the $5 pledge here (if you are already a part of our coloring tier at Patreon you can see all the coloring pages, old & new and lineart & grayscale all here).  Basically whenever we release a lineart we'll release a grayscale so everybody is happy, hehe =)

Whew! - and that's it!  Now scroll down to see it all, and I hope to see some of you guys this weekend at MegaCon, or virtually live up at my webcam Friday night on Twitch =)

MegaCon Orlando!

May 24th-27th * Booth #1048 Details HERE

It's time for MegaCon!  All the details (both in the "about" section and the "discussion" section about MegaCon can be found on my MegaCon Event Page here.

We'll be at booth #1048 (see floorplan above, by the Heart of Nails Fairy!)  with a special 30 foot triple-sized booth this year! May 24, 25, 26 & 27 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida - we'll have TONS of artwork & merchandise & of course some MegaCon Exclusive pins & other goodies. Matt, Chris & Amber will also be helping run the booth this year and it will be open all day all four days the WHOLE time. Jasmine will also be there each day in person for certain for the following times (and may also be there for additional times, schedule permitting, but these times for SURE):

Jasmine Autographing Hours:
Thursday: 2pm-6pm
Friday: 1pm-4pm
Saturday: 1pm-4pm
Sunday: 10am - 1pm

Gallery/MegaCon Opening Hours:
Thursday, May 24, 2018 4:00*PM-9:00PM
(*some tickets include a 2:00PM opening "Preview" Thursday, details at MegaConOrlando.com)
Friday, May 25, 2018 10:00AM-7:00PM
Saturday, May 26, 2018 10:00AM-7:00PM
Sunday, May 27, 2018 10:00AM-5:00PM

MegaCon is a huge "mega convention" - anime, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming and more. It is at the Orange County Convention Center (fabulous location - by Disney, Universal, etc. if you want to make a weekend of it). Jasmine is am NOT in the "artist alley" - she is an Exhibitor in the large part of the room and will have TONS of artwork, merchandise, collectible enamel pins (including the new MegaCon Exlusives, original paintings, books, oracle cards, open edition canvases, mini prints, Canvas Cuties, coloring books, paper prints, tarot cards, jewelry, figurines & more.

Again, Matt, Chris and Amber will be running the booth and Jasmine will be in attendance in person each day for specific scheduled times for autographing - times posted above. Her artwork will be available for purchase all day for all four days of the event.

When: May 24, 25, 26, & 27

Location: Orange County Convention Center

9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Official website: http://www.megaconorlando.com

We will happily accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and of course cash.


We will have three Exclusive Strangeling Pins at MegaCon 2018. "Venus" "Earth Angel" and "Orange Blossoms" (a collaboration with myself and fellow Florida artist Carrie Hawks, she is at booth #8FA also on the floorplan above, we both have "Orange Blossoms" pins on Friday). Come EARLY to be there when the show opens if you'd like to get a free pin with your purchase (while supplies last). Any purchase, even a $3 postcard will get you a free pin. We'll also have lots of pins for sale, and if you buy a couple you'll get a free Strangeling Lanyard!

MegaCon Pin Giveaway Schedule:

Giveaways start the second that MegaCon opens its doors!

Thursday: 1st 50 customers get Venus

Friday: 1st 50 customers get Orange Blossoms at Jasmine's booth, AND another 1st 50 customers at Carrie Hawks' booth also get Orange Blossoms

Saturday: 1st 100 customers get Earth Angel

Sunday: 1st 50 customers get Venus (second chance!)

Bamboo Fans! I have had some bamboo paddle-style fans (great for if it's hot & crowded!) featuring my artwork! We'll have some available as giveaways free with purchases $20 or more (or you can buy one directly for $5).

Reusable Strangeling Shoping Bags!

With purchase (usually $10+ I think) you'll get a free Strangeling Shopping Bag - a brand new design I've had made just for MegaCon!  Environmentally friendly, woven synthetic fabric, sewn/stitched, re-usable bags - these are BIG 24" bags!

The Megaon Exclusives & Giveaway items are NOT for sale and cannot be reserved, please do not ask.

That being said - we are setting aside any leftover pins/bags/etc. from MegaCon and will be sending them randomly to our Patreon Patrons all over the world - everybody with a valid Patreon account at my Patreon page here may be included in the random surprise shipments.

Free 4x6 Mini Prints for Patreon Patrons

Yes, all of my Patreon Patrons attending MegaCon can drop by my booth (booth #1048) at any time throughout the event to choose your very own FREE 4x6" mini print!  We have thousands to choose from =)  Just let us (Amber, Chris, Matt or me - whomever is there manning the booth) know what name your Patreon account is registered under and you can pick out a 4x6" print - absolutely free.  Bring it by during any of my autographing sessions and I'll sign it for ya for free too.  If you are not yet a Patreon Patron but are attending MegaCon - I recommend signing up for Patreon before you go - just click the orange "Become a Patron" button here at my page.  All tiers are included, so basically even if you just join for $1 you can get a free print at the show (and yes, you could then just quit Patreon right after MegaCon, lol, but I recommend sticking around because Patreon is awesome).

New Strangeling Pins!

See all my pins here

We have several brand new pins!  The April Pin of the Month - "Clockwork Dragonling" and the May Pin of the Month - "Skulls and Stars" are now available to the public for sale here!  Each is $12.99 and we are happy to ship worldwide.  What a little cutie!   And many more to come - you can see all the Strangeling Pins so far here .

Alternately too, the best way to stay on top of things is to sign up as a Patreon Pin Collector on my Patreon here.  While it's still May you can immediately get the Skulls & Stars pin  (along with the Patreon-only pin "Pipistrello") right away, the new Strangeling Lanyard, and you'll get each new Pin of the Month as they are released (along with Patreon-only pins like the upcoming "Sea Star" and exclusive bonus pin giveaways, discounts, and more).  If you are into pins, this is really the best way to go.  It's also a good way to win super rare pins like the MegaCon & DragonCon Exclusive pins, etc. too ;)

New Coloring Pages!

Patreon Exclusives - now also grayscale options!
Join Patreon here (already a Patron? Click here)

I've got a ton of new Patreon-Only Coloring Pages available to download including a bonus "Orange Blossoms" (with Carrie Hawks / Tigerpixie ) and "The Moon" coloring pages just released!

In ADDITION to the traditional lineart formats we also now have GRAYSCALE TOO for each of my Patreon Coloring pages.  Only $5 gets you ALL the pages to download as much as you want, past and present, and you can always just join for one month if you want and download them all, lol (I recommend sticking around though, 'cos Patreon is awesome).

If you're already a 5+ Patreon Patron you can see ALL 16 (32 total, including Grayscale) Exclusive Coloring Pages here

If you haven't signed up yet - just click the "Become a Patron" orange button here
you can begin downloading the coloring pages immediately.  There are other subscription tiers like the Patreon Pin Collector membership & tons of other stuff too, check it all out at my Patreon here.

What is grayscale?  Basically it is like a black & white photograph of a painting.  Instead of just the outlines (like a traditional line-art coloring book) a grayscale coloring page shows all the shading & depth of the original painting.  It's great for transparent media like watercolours, acrylics, colored pencils, digital & more.  If you Google "grayscale coloring" you'll find loads of groups & tutorials.  Don't worry, we're adding grayscale format in addition to our usual lineart formats, so it's an extra bonus, not a replacement.  This way everybody is happy =)

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine is now on Twitch!

Next Official Broadcast Friday May 25 at 7PM EST HERE

My next Twitch paintcam broadcast goes live this Friday at 7PM Eastern Time (Midnight UK time)here: https://www.twitch.tv/jasminebecketgriffith/    - please join me!  Twitch is 100% free and everybody is welcome.  My username is: JasmineBecketGriffith   (easy to remember!)

I'll be painting live & chatting all evening.  We've had a ton of episodes so far this month (usually twice a week) - and you can see those previous episodes (usually about 5 hours each) if you'd like to catch up  - watch the archived video here! It's a great way to see what paintings I'm working on for my Magical Thinking show ;)

They have made me an official "Affiliate" now too, so if you click "Subscribe" you can subscribe to the "Twitch Prime" ad-free version and Twitch throws me a couple bucks ;)

  Every little bit helps us stay on the air!  Also they have special emojis/emoticons for Twitch Prime I've made of my characters that subscribers can use, etc. too.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you can subscribe for free (Twitch is owned by Amazon and Amazon gives you one free Twitch sub!).   So if you'd like to help out and get a free subscription, login at my Twitch channel here using the same email address you use for Amazon Prime, and click the "Subscribe" button on my page and you'll see the "Subscribe for free" button and voila! =)  Alternately if you aren't an Amazon Prime member you can also subscribe to Prime for $4.99 - either way works fine, and again - the basic service is always free =)

Matt moderates our chat room, and you can ask any questions you'd like - I'm treating it as a combination painting tutorial & socializing time, so we focus on art but end up talking about just about everything.  When you are watching a live broadcast you can type in your questions, Matt reads them to me, and I'll answer ya!  Or you can just lurk and watch without talking or asking questions.  We've also started having free giveaways (open to everybody) each broadcast too....

See you on Friday!!!  I'll be starting at 7:00PM Eastern Time (Midnight  UK Time) and will probably paint for a couple of hours.  It'll be right after a long day at MegaCon, lol, so I might be a bit exhausted!  You can also click "follow" on my page and it will send you an alert for free when I go live if you aren't able to officially subscribe ;)

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