Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Vacation photos =)

Here are the vacation photos! They might take a while to load, but they are worth it =)

We left early Sunday morning and arrived in Key Largo a few hours later. We went to a wonderful private bird sanctuary that a lady had made on her own property. Matt accidentally (in his excitement to see the ocean) stepped in a foul smelling ocean detritus quicksand stuff, but he pulled himself out ok, hehe. We went to Bahia Honda (a gorgeous beach) and went snorkeling! Later we drove out to Key West and had a blast looking at the shops and stuff! There were wild chickens and kitties (descended from Ernest Hemingway's multitude of cats on the island) everywhere! It was so cute! We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe which is in a restored victorian mansion, and we ate out on the front porch. We then walked around the waterfront and saw the cruise ships docked there - one of them was the Disney "Magic" - it was very impressive! After that we drove back to Key Largo and checked into the beach house we had rented. It was huge - a kitchen, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, three bathrooms - very nice. It had a private beach and dock in the backyard (it was on the ocean!) - too cool! The next day we went to John Pennekamp state park and went on the trails there. We went to the beach there as well and did some more snorkeling - we snorkeled around a very old Spanish shipwreck and saw cannons and a huge anchor! There were parrot fish everywhere - I felt like a mermaid =) We then went back to the beach house where Daddy and Robin went scuba diving in the ocean (right off the house's private dock) and saw some neat critters (like an "upside-down jellyfish"). After that we all went kayaking through the ocean - it was very pretty and fun! Later we walked from the house to a waterfront bar called "Coconuts" and had tropical drinks and a nice dinner (appetizers and gourmet vegetable pizzas). The next morning we got up early and drove through the beautiful Everglades - alligators and turtles were everywhere! It was a wonderful trip, I can't believe we packed so much into just a couple of days! Well - here are the photos!

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