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Jasmine's at Epcot! New Original Paintings, Disney, New Pins, Custom Giveaway, Kirin & Bakeneko, &.

Updates from Jasmine!

Happy New Year! 2018 is off to a magnificent start.  Sit back, relax and enjoy all my new artwork....

Firstly - new stuff is happening at Disney!  I've been appearing at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts and will be back for many more dates!  Tomorrow (Saturday the 20th) I'll be at Epcot's "Pop Gallery Tent" from 5-7pm over by the Canada Pavilion, and next Friday (the 26th) I'll be at Epcot's "WonderGround Gallery" tent (over by the the France/Morocco Pavilions) from 5-7pm as well.  I'll be back for many other dates too - both tents always have my artwork (Disney stuff at WG, personal stuff at Pop) whether I'm there or not, in case you miss me.  The Pop Gallery Tent has my new Strangeling Vinyl dolls, by the way, and the WonderGround Gallery Tent has my new URSULA prints & merch.  Details and additional dates are on my Events Page here

Speaking of Strangeling Vinyl - we just got our huge shipment of "Alice in the Starry Night" inventory in, so if you pre-ordered your doll they are shipping NOW.  If you were waiting for them to get in stock - we have them NOW so you can order worldwide (we ship anywhere) right here on my website today!

And something fun just for my fans - I'm giving away an original CUSTOM painting up at my Patreon at 8pm EST this coming Monday night!  Join Patreon here - a custom painting means that you'll get to tell me what to paint and even choose a frame.  Tons of other fun stuff happening up there too right now.

New paintings!  I have  four new paintings to show you!  Two have sold, one is up for auction, and one is now available at a gallery!  The first is the original concept painting for my "Alice in the Starry Night" vinyl dolls - I'm doing an auction right now for the actual original 8x10" acrylic painting and you also get a bonus autographed Alice vinyl doll too!  Bidding for the original Alice painting / Doll auction is on eBay right here.  Bidding starts at a penny but it looks like that is moving fast!   "The Moon" original 78 Tarot painting has sold, but prints are  here, and then we have my gorgeous geisha girl in "Kirin and Bakeneko" available from the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles (email them at sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com or call (310) 287-2340, they ship worldwide).  We do have prints & canvases of "Kirin and Bakeneko" here.  Finally, "Alice's Advice" is a brand new original painting for my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck - the original has sold, but we have prints & canvases now available here.

We have a NEW enamel pin though this month!  The January Pin of the Month - "Frost Dragonling" - available to the public for sale here!  You can see all of the Strangeling Pins we've released so far together here.  Or alternately you can sign up for the Pin Collector Club through my Patreon here and you  will automatically receive Frost Dragonling along with the Patreon-only pin "The Scarecrow" and you'll get each new Pin of the Month as they are released (along with Patreon-only pins and exclusive bonus pin giveaways, discounts, and more).  We are releasing a new Strangeling Lanyard too and you will receive the lanyard (and any new lanyard designs we come out with automatically!.

Speaking of Patreon - I've posted a new Exclusive Patreon coloring page - "Releasing Fireflies" - a new downloadable page - if you are already part of the coloring tier ($5+) you can click here and see all the new pages!  Not yet a member?  Just $5 lets you immediately download ALL the coloring pages so far, all at once.  There are eight pages in all (so theoretically you could always join for a week, download all the coloring pages and quit if you don't want any of the other perks, all for $5).  If you do enjoy them, stick around and you'll get new ones as they are added (and of course previews, sneak peeks, behind the scenes content, giveaways including original paintings & more).  Simply click the link to Patreon here and click the orange "Become a Patron" button, it takes less than sixty seconds.

Finally - we have a couple of LAST CHANCE canvases - the final #5/5 Masterpiece Edition canvas of "Alice Through a Vermeer Glass" is up for auction here and the final #25/25 Limited Edition canvas of "Ninja Dragonlings" is up for auction here.  All the limited/masterpiece editions are all gone other than these last ones up for auction, we do still have open editions available however.

Wow, and that's it!  Now scroll down to see it all!

"Kirin and Bakeneko"

Original Acrylic painting 9"x12" (18x22" framed) $3200 AVAILABLE
at Corey Helford Gallery - call (310) 287-2340 or email here
 Prints and canvases available here

Prints now available from $9.99 here - we ship WORLDWIDE.

Original Acrylic painting 9"x12" (18x22" framed) $3200 AVAILABLE
at Corey Helford Gallery - worldwide shipping - call
(310) 287-2340 or email here

“Kirin and Bakeneko” is an original painting that just now debuted at the Corey Helford Gallery's "East / West" show in Los Angeles!  As of the writing of this mailing list, the original may still be available (I apologize in advance if it has since been sold).  Contact Sherri  at the gallery - (310) 287-2340 or email here - if you are interested in purchasing the original.

Prints are now on sale too!  8x10" and 12x16" glossy paper prints, signed by me on the back, only $9.99 and $19.99.  We also have limited edition canvases (11x14" only $125, hand embellished, limited edition canvas giclee, only 25 made) up at my website (as well as the story behind this piece).

All are at my website here
#01 Limited Edition Canvas Auction here
and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Alice in the Starry Night Strangeling Vinyl Design - Original Painting!

Original Acrylic painting 8"x10" - actual production artwork!
Auction winner also receives an autographed vinyl doll!
eBay auction is here

One of the most unique auctions I have ever run - the winning bidder receives the original 8x10" acrylic painting as well as an autographed Alice doll!  Bidding starts at just a penny - click here for bidding & details

The original painting is 8x10" acrylic painting on masonite panel (.25" thick, could be easily framed).  This is not a print, or an animation cel, but an actual original painting I painted to create one of my line of Strangeling Vinyl - for "Alice in the Starry Night".  (Strangeling Vinyl is now available WORLDWIDE).

The first character in my new Strangeling Vinyl toy/doll collection is Alice, and to create the vinyl dolls I first had to do a complete full-scale original painting for the "concept art" on which the doll design is based.  This is the actual production art piece used to design the dolls!

Second - you get one of the Vinyl Dolls, too!  Your little "Alice in the Starry Night" doll is brand new, just released, autographed on the bottom of the doll and also autographed on the lovely box she comes in.  Keep the doll to play with (small parts, ages 3+) or shadowbox it with the original painting - that'd be cool!

Just want a Strangeling Vinyl Doll - they are in stock now and available for worldwide shipping right here on my website.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"The Moon"

Original Acrylic painting 12"x16" $5400 SOLD
 Prints available here

Prints now available from $9.99 here - we ship WORLDWIDE.

My illustration for the 78 Tarot "Mythical" deck - seventy-eight artists, each painting one card.  Mine was The Moon!  As a "Mythic" deck, each card is supposed to reference well-known cultural/spiritual entities.  I've gone with "Selene" or "Luna" (moon goddess, of course!) and visually referenced the Alphonse Mucha piece, including elements of both the Flemish Tarot's Moon (by including the distaffe) and the Rider-Waite Deck (with the wolves/dogs and pillars, and the crawdaddy).  The original painting SOLD in advance to one of my Patreon Patrons before she was available to the public, but we have open edition glossy paper prints as well as Limited Edition Canvas prints all at my website .

All are at my website here
#1 First Lt. Edition 11x14" Auction is here
and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here
We also have them available in our eBay stores here

"Alice's Advice"

Original Acrylic painting 4"x6" $1300 SOLD
 Prints available here

Prints now available from $13.99 here - we ship WORLDWIDE.

My illustration for "Take Your Own Good Advice" - one of the cards for my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck!   She was a tiny little painting, but so many people requested prints of her I went ahead and upsized her to a normal print size, and she turned out great!  The original painting SOLD in advance to one of my Patreon Patrons before she was available to the public, but we have open edition glossy paper prints as well as Limited Edition Canvas prints all at my website.

All are at my website here
and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here
We also have them available in our eBay stores here

Strangeling Pins!

See all my pins here

We have a brand new pin!  The January Pin of the Month - "Frost Dragonling" - is now available to the public for sale here!  She is $12.99 and we are happy to ship worldwide.  What a little cutie!   And many more to come - you can see all the Strangeling Pins so far here .

Alternately too, the best way to stay on top of things is to sign up as a Patreon Pin Collector on my Patreon here.  While it's still January you can immediately get the Frost Dragonling pin  (along with the Patreon-only pin "The Scarecrow") right away, and then the upcoming brand new Strangeling lanyard in a couple weeks), and you'll get each new Pin of the Month as they are released (along with Patreon-only pins and exclusive bonus pin giveaways, discounts, and more).  If you are into pins, this is really the best way to go.

New Patreon Coloring Page!

Now available through my Patreon for $5+ Members here

"Releasing Fireflies" is the eighth Patreon Exclusive Coloring page is up on my Patreon page here!  Yes, if you sign up now you can get all eight pages immediately (and all the new ones as they are released of course).

Since these are printable, you can even put them on cardstock or watercolour paper for those of you who want to try your hand at painting (I did it with acrylics and it worked lovely!).

Just for my Patreon patrons, it's our newest membership perk!  Those of you in the $5+ tier will now get Patreon Exclusive Coloring Pages of my artwork, just for you guys!  These will be completely different pictures not found in any coloring books, we're doing them JUST for Patreon.

You can sign up for Patreon here, coloring pages are perks for $5+.  You'll get all the past pages, current page, and all the future pages (we add 1-2 per month).

Already a 5+ Patron?  You can always get any past or present coloring pages at this link here (or just click the Coloring Page tag under Posts at my Patreon page).

And YES, you can sign up now just for $5 and get all seven pages all at once that have already been released, a bargain.  You get them all, past & present the moment you sign up.  Don't want any more?  You can leave at any time.  You won't want to though.

Original Custom Painting Giveaway

8:00PM Eastern Time, Monday January 22nd here

Not yet a Patron?  Sign up here, it takes just a minute.  Just click the orange button that says "Become a Patron."  As you have probably gathered from my mailing list updates, there are a lot of other perks up there too ;)

It's time for me to give away a new original painting, and I've decided this time to make it a CUSTOM painting again since it was so much fun last time!

I will choose ONE Patron at random at  8:00PM Eastern Time this coming Monday, January 22nd =)

So far the painting l've started looks like she does in the photo above.  The lucky recipient will then get to tell me how to finish the painting!

Many of you may know that I often have a waiting list of 3+ years and a pricelist typically well into the $1000s -$10000s -$for custom artwork, so this is a remarkable opportunity.  I'm always happy to ship anywhere in the world.

PS - here's how the last Patreon Custom turned out -

Strangeling Vinyls now in stock!

In Stock for immediate shipping here (worldwide!)

"Alice in the Starry Night" is now IN STOCK available to order (WORLDWIDE) up at my Strangeling.com website HERE.

If you've already pre-ordered, your doll has now shipped (you'll receive a tracking number in your email, if you don't see it - check spam).

If you haven't ordered yet, we now have all our inventory in stock for immediate shipping!  We ship worldwide.  Up on my website HERE.

"Alice in the Starry Night" is the first of what will (hopefully) be a collection of Strangeling Vinyl toys/dolls, assuming this first little beauty does well, I will then be designing more characters - all around the same size/shape so they can play together (or be displayed together ;)) nicely.  They also come in a neat box for those of you who like keeping collector toys in boxes =)

On my website HERE they are $34.99 (if you are in a country with a different currency, don't worry - your bank or credit/debit card or paypal or whatever will automatically convert it, you can check at xe.com to see updated currency exchange rates, they fluctuate by the minute).   Shipping is actual cost based on your postal/zip code and is calculated during checkout as well (add it to your shopping cart, put your address in, and it will tell you before you have to buy anything).

They also have them in stock NOW at the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs and YES they are also at the Pop Gallery tent at the upcoming Epcot International Festival of the Arts throughout January/February if you'd rather buy yours in person (it'll be $39.99 I think at Disney Springs/Pop Gallery/Epcot, but hey - no shipping, lol, so it will even out).  I'll be there in person for many live autographing sessions, dates & details are here


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