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Jasmine's at Disney & MegaCon! New Pins, new Alice paintings, Minis & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

I have been a busy girl the past couple of weeks, so I have an enormous update!

Firstly - I have TWO upcoming events here in Florida this coming week! Saturday May 20 I will be at Disney Springs - Marketplace Co-Op from 4-7pm.  And then starting Thursday I will be at MegaCon (all four days!) in May 25-28th also.  Details on events are here, more news below.

We have just released our "May Pin of the Month" - Moth Queen! Moth Queen & other Pins are HERE. Metal & enamel, these turned out GORGEOUS and are only $12.99 and can be shipped worldwide.  The Limited Edition pins are selling fast but we still have some left - go grab one while you can!

Nextly - I have several new paintings!  The first (yes, she is wearing glasses!!) is a custom Faces of Faery with sea turtles (and did I mention she's wearing glasses?) - we have prints & canvases on sale of her this week from $9.99 here!   The next new painting is "Alice and the Fawn" - an illustration for my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck.  The original has sold but we have prints & canvases of her here. The third new original painting is actually one of my framed MINI paintings - 3x4" original acrylic painting on panel, framed in a frame made by my husband Matt, only $495 buy-it-now here on eBay - "Distracted by Stars"!

Speaking of original paintings, I will be debuting "Alligator Girl" and "Daydreaming Wonderland" at MegaCon, along with some new mini paintings!  Check out my Instagram (ID: Strangeling) or Facebook here to see these works-in-progress.

One of my favourite paintings- "Three Little Birds" is this week's sale print!  Only $9.99 for prints, open edition canvases only $90 this week here.

We have another "Last Chance" Limited Edition Canvas up on eBay - the final #25 of 25 hand embellished signed & numbered (#25 of course) of this now-sold-out edition.  No more will be made - it is for "Delusions of Grandeur" and you can bid on her here.   We are also running low on "Butterflies and Bones" (the last one before the final one is for sale here), as well as "Alice in the Garden of Earthly Delights"here and "Alice with the Dormouse" here.

"Faces of Faery 237"

Original Acrylic painting 6"x6" SOLD * Prints available HERE

Prints now available from $9.99 here - we ship WORLDWIDE.

This was a custom portrait I did in my Faces of Faery series, so the original has sold, but we have 6x6" glossy photo paper prints on sale for $9.99 each - signed by me on the back, and we also have limited edition canvas prints (also 6x6, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25) for $75, ready-to-hang with a hanger on the back. All are at my website above! We'll also have some prints of her at MegaCon (May 25-28 at the Orange County Convention Center here in Orlando, FL)

and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here
We also have them available in our eBay stores here

And the #1 of the limited edition canvases is up for auction here!

Collectible Enamel Pins

Introducing "Moth Queen" Available from $12.99 WORLDWIDE here

Direct from me, the artist!  Available worldwide here

Moth Queen is our May Pin of the Month!

Based on my Acherontia Atropos Moth Queen painting, she features the "death's head moth" - a real type of moth that appears to have a tiny skull pattern on its back.  These pins turned out super cute!

My new metal enamel pins are available NOW here on my Strangeling.com website:  - only $12.99 - we ship WORLDWIDE - many designs to choose from. We'll have new releases each month on the 15th!

We also have Patreon Exclusive pins, starting with "Alice in Clockwork - these are only for those in the Patreon Pin Collector tier ( $25/month includes special pins only from Patreon, and at least one new pin shipped each month automatically, worldwide). Click here to sign up.  Starting next month (June) - our Patreon Pin collectors will also receive a Free Custom Strangeling Lanyard!

Each pin is metal & enamel, measuring between 1" - 1.5" in size, they are priced at $12.99 each.  Each pin has TWO posts with the locking "pin saver" backs, so they are incredibly tough & secure.  You literally cannot lose them! =)

All are available NOW at Strangeling.com worldwide here and in our eBay (seller StrangelingEmporium here) and Etsy here (seller Strangeling) and on Amazon here ).

I will also be doing some exclusives for upcoming events including MegaCon!
Super excited about these! Again, if you want to make sure get new pins as they are released and not miss the Patreon pins, get enrolled in the pin-of-the-month including Patreon Exclusive free pins like "Alice in Clockwork" , the upcoming "Paisley" pin, and free lanyards, etc.  - be sure to sign up at Patreon here for the Pin Collector's Tier ($25 month, well worth it, you also get 10% off all other pins too).
I've been working hard on these and they have turned out great!!!

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith


"Alice and the Fawn"

Original Acrylic painting 4"x6" SOLD * Prints available here

Prints now available from $9.99 here - we ship WORLDWIDE.

Another illustration for my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck!  Even though it was a small painting originally, she still looks lovely as an 8x10" print - we have glossy ones signed on the back by me for $13.99 this week, hand embellished limited edition canvases (signed & numbered edition of only 25) are $100. All are at the link above on my website with worldwide shipping!

and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here
We also have them available in our eBay stores here

I am working on two more illustrations for the deck currently as well, so stay tuned!  "Daydreaming Wonderland" will be debuting at MegaCon, and "Keeping Up" will be available later this week!

Original "Distracted by Stars"

A framed ORIGINAL Mini Painting $495 for sale here

Occasionally I like to paint small studies or other mini paintings, original acrylics on panel, and have my husband Matt make miniature picture frames for them!

Here is "Distracted by Stars" - she is 3x4" and comes framed (about 7x8" framed) - an original acrylic painting on panel (not a print, not a giclee, an actual original!)

She is up for a buy-it-now price on eBay here for only $495, we are happy to ship worldwide!  Stay tuned in my eBay store for more new original mini paintings, and we will also have some new ones with us at MegaCon!

Free Stuff at MegaCon & more info

Jasmine will be in booth #1059 = a large double booth in the center of the room, kind of near the artist alley but not IN the artist alley!

Event page with more details is here

So, I feel really bad about having had to have missed MegaCon last year, so this year I am making things extra fun!  Are you wanting to pick out something specific at MegaCon?  We are taking pre-orders - details are at the bottom of this post!

MegaCon is here in Orlando, May 25-28th.  We'll be there all four days!  Details here.

*I have created 100 metal enamel pins of "Alligator Girl" - a new MegaCon Exclusive pin that will be given away completely FREE to the first 50 fans who come to my booth Thursday, and then again to the first 50 fans who come to my booth on Friday.  Yep, free, no purchase necessary, limit one per person, while supplies last (we have 50 for Thursday and 50 for Friday) - you need to actually physically be there in person.  A gift from me =)

*Shopping bags!  I have designed some re-usable shopping bags - they are big, about 24" and have "Alice and Snow White" on one side and "Clockwork Dragonling" on the other side and turned out super cute.  These will be free with any purchases of large prints, books, canvases or any other larger items at our booth =)

*Lanyards!  We will be GIVING AWAY custom Strangeling lanyards with the purchase of 2 or more enamel pins.  A great way to display your pins as well as hold your MegaCon badge!

*We will also have original paintings, tons of other collectible enamel pins, coloring books, books, canvases, framed prints, glossy prints, mini prints, oracle / tarot decks, jewelry & more.

*We will have a BIG double 20 foot exhibitor's booth this year in booth #1059 (not in the artist alley but a BIG booth out in the vendors/publishers area) and will be having my sister Amber, her husband Chris, Matt & more helping to run the booth all day every day.  You can buy stuff or just look at the artwork for the whole entire convention! I myself will also be there each day for specific times to sign autographs, take photos & chat:

Thursday: 2pm-6pm
Friday: 1pm-4pm
Saturday: 1pm-4pm
Sunday: 10am - 1pm

Those are the hours I am guaranteed to be there in person, so if you want to have something autographed or want to come see me personally, try your best to be there during those hours for sure!  Again, the booth will always be open, these are just the hours I will for certain be at my autographing table there at my actual booth =)  See you guys there!

Are you coming to MegaCon and would like some sort of specific artwork ready & waiting for you? If you can email us at JasmineToad@aol.com by MONDAY with your list (please include the size/type of print, and title. We can bring anything you see for sale at Strangeling.com - we cannot do this with Disney prints, we'd have to buy them from Disney and do not print those ourselves). Put the words MEGACON LIST in your subject line of your email, and let us know what day you will be coming, and what your name is. We can have the prints/canvases/pins/books/etc. set aside for you in a bag with your name on it so you won't miss out on a favourite!

Here is the awesome MegaCon Pricelist:

4x6 Mini prints (most images are available, but not all depending on shape/size): $3

8x10 Glossy Prints: $10

Faces of Faery Glossy Prints: $10

12x16 Glossy Prints: $20

Open Edition Canvases (10x10s or 12x16s): $95

8x10 or 11x14 Limited Edition Canvases: $95

6x6 Limited Edition Faces of Faery Canvases: $50

Collectible Enamel Pins (buy two and get a FREE Strangeling lanyard!): $10 each

Original Paintings and Masterpiece Edition Canvases (prices vary)

We'll also have an assortment of oracle decks ($30), both COLORING BOOKS ($20), books & journals ($30), lots of things like jewelry and other merchandise too.

Again, let us know by MONDAY (May 22) if there are any items you would like to have set aside for you for pickup at the show =) We can have it in a bag set aside with your name on it so we won't sell out of something before you get there =) Just let us know what day you are coming, what you would like to order, and what your name is! I can autograph anything & everything.

Sale Print of the Week:  "Three Little Birds"

Only $9.99 - SALE print - autographed - click here

This week's SALE PRINT is "Three Little Birds" Only $9.99 on my website here - we ship worldwide! The original and limited editions sold out long ago, but the glossy photo paper prints signed by me on the back are only $9.99 this week, and the open edition canvas prints (with a signed certificate on the back!) are only $90 on sale.

Every week at Strangeling.com (we have a new SALE print, always $9.99 - popular paintings from years past, new personal favourites - it changes each week. Always signed on the back by me personally! Check back on the Strangeling.com front page each Monday to see what the new sale print is! We always ship worldwide.

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