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Jasmine's at Pop Gallery tomorrow! Naka-Kon, Vinylmation Dolls, Disney, "The Offering I", Vermeer &

Updates from Jasmine!

Another big update today!

Thank you all who came to see me in California - had an AMAZING show.  If you missed me, don't worry - I'll be back for a huge Take Over event in October (27-29th three full days, I'll be able to see everybody then!).  The new Haunted Mansion Vinylmation doll was sure a hit!  She has popped up for sale also now with worldwide shipping here at YourWDWStore (click here and scroll down near the bottom).  Soon she'll also be re-stocked too at DisneyStore.com along with the new "Ariel" and "The Bride Returns" prints & canvases, etc.  I'll let you all know when they pop up, in the meantime you can find them all at Disney's WonderGround Galleries.

Tomorrow - I will be at "our" Disney Springs Saturday March 11 (tomorrow) at the Pop Gallery from 6-9pm! We are launching my new Creativity Journal and I'll have tons of other artwork there too.  Why not come early to Disney Springs and also hit the WonderGround Gallery at the Co-Op, get some new Disney stuff, bring it by Pop Gallery and I can sign those too while you're at it!  Again, tomorrow I'm at POP GALLERY - details here.  (Also on April 15 I'll be at our Florida WonderGround Gallery at the Co-Op again too, in case you miss out tomorrow!).

Kansas City people - my booth is at Naka-Kon this weekend! Not me in person (I am at Disney World obviously and cannot bi-locate)  but my sister Amber will be running our booth at Naka-Kon at the Overland Park Convention Center all weekend long full of my signed artwork, prints, coloring books, oracle cards, books, merchandise, jewelry & more.  If you are in KC please GO there, it's one of the best events in town.  Strangeling:  The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith is the name of the booth, make sure my sister Amber isn't slacking!  ;)

I have a new painting to show you - "The Offering I" is her name!  You can see her here - the original painting has been sold but we have prints & canvases available =)

 One of my favourite paintings- "Loup-Garou:  Blanche Neige" is this week's sale print!  Only $9.99 for prints, open edition canvases only $90 this week here!

New skins & cases & decals for phones, video games & other devices are now available from DecalGirl - check those out here!

And again, my first ever Vinylmation doll was released this week from Disney.  Featuring "The Bride Returns" from the Haunted Mansion - she is now available at the Disney parks & galleries.  If you can't come in person, the online retailer YourWDW store here (click and then scroll down near the bottom) has them in stock.  They live locally and can ship worldwide, including internationally.  And again - the two new prints (the Bride Returns print & Ariel print) will be online soon, I keep checking every day!  They are all at Disney's WonderGround Galleries

Who loves Vermeer?  I love Vermeer!  My next painting for the Corey Helford Gallery is my interpretation of the Girl with the Pearl Earring.  I am in the middle of working on her - check out my Instagram ( Strangeling ) or Facebook (Strangeling) or scroll down to see her in progress!

The Offering

12"x16" Acrylic Painting Original $5000 SOLD at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
Prints from $13.99 at Strangeling.com here

"The Offering I"

*Signed 8x10" & 12x16" glossy prints $13.99
*11x14 limited edition hand embellished canvas giclee $125, edition of 25
all prints available here on Strangeling.com (use the dropdown menu to select print type)

You can also find "The Offering I" prints here on eBay and again, as well as in our Etsy store and now in our new Amazon store here

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Vinylmation:  The Bride Returns

At Disneyland, Disney World and online worldwide here (scroll down)

My first ever VINYLMATION doll from Disney!

Now at Disneyland & Disney World, WonderGround Galleries
(& Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs)

WORLDWIDE shipping and online ordering available here (scroll down you'll see her)

Special edition vinyl, 9" high, removable veil (her candle is removable too, poseable arm, etc.) - super cute.  Gorgeously done.

Again, these are at the Disney parks & galleries and are also online with worldwide shipping available at the retailer YourWDWStore here.  You can find autographed copies on eBay all over the place too. She was previously at DisneyStore.com too but sold out almost immediately (hopefully she'll pop up there soon as well for you DisneyStore folks!).

She's based on the Bride from Disney's Haunted Mansion, of course!  My new painting "The Bride Returns" is featured on the backside of her box.  Prints of the painting are in the Disney themeparks & galleries now and should be online shortly!

NEW Decals, Skins & Cases at DecalGirl

Dozens of designs, 1000s of phones.  Order worldwide from DecalGirl here

DecalGirl has some new designs for phone/device skins & cases! Including GREEN GODDESS (one of my favourites!) here

they also have many other additional customizable skins too here

WORLDWIDE shipping.
They support thousands of phones & devices, you can see them ALL listed on the website (I don't know anything about phones so don't ask me, lol, just look at the website). If you don't see your device listed, you can also email support@decalgirl.com and they can often make a custom skin just for you!

These are awesome, they hold up really well - I have had some for years & they still look great!



What am I working on now?  A detailed new piece for Corey Helford Gallery!

I got to see several Vermeers in New York at the Frick Collection & at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last month, which re-inspired me =) This painting will be a combination of elements from specific Vermeer paintings - obviously the Girl with a Pearl Earring from 1665 - and I wanted to include one of Vermeer's famous "window" scenes (he did such wonders painting interior scenes lit by windows, I hope I can do it justice), etc.

Much like the old masters, I am painting a fully detailed monochromatic underpainting first and will be adding glazes of transparent paint on top to shade in the colour shortly!

This is going to go to the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles as part of their "Art Collector's Starter Kit" (love that name, lol) - group show and will debut April 1 (the show hangs from April 1 through 29). Unfortunately I can't make it to the show in person, but this painting will be there =) Like all of the paintings at the show, she is 12x12" square on deep 2" cradled masonite (it should be a neat show with all those different squares all with different artists, but all the same size & format!). Original acrylic painting. She will be priced at $3800.

If anybody is interested in the original, please email Jan directly at jch@coreyhelfordgallery.com Just let her know you are interested in Jasmine Becket-Griffith's original "Girl with a Pearl Earring" painting for the upcoming April "Art Collector's Starter Kit" show, and she will put you on the contact list to receive the preview email.

We'll have prints of various types up at Strangeling.com after the official debut April 1st =)

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Writing & Creativity Journal

Launch Party is at Disney Springs Pop Gallery TOMORROW (Saturday!)
Order worldwide autographed copies here at Strangeling.com or buy plain non-autographed copies at Amazon here or Book Depository here


This deluxe art-book-journal is illustrated by renowned fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. It features cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages so you can write, doodle, paint or draw. There are also 30 little miniature Jasmine Becket-Griffith line works sprinkled throughout the book for you to colour in (these are small versions of the lineart found in her colouring books!), a selection of Jasmine’s favourite famous quotes, and 44 full-page colour artworks to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing! 220 pages.

Size: 18 cm (w) x 23.5 cm (h)

It's my  Writing & Creativity Journal! TONS of details below. Want it autographed? Order here at Strangeling.com , we ship WORLDWIDE, preorder NOW, shipping mid-April: and also at the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs located at the Walt Disney World Resort. You can buy one at my release party at the gallery on March 11 or contact the gallery on or before March 11 to have an autographed copy set aside for you at the signing for worldwide shipping after the show. These are the only places that you can buy pre-autographed copies.  Details about the March 11 launch party at Pop Gallery are here.

The best price is AMAZON as always. USA Amazon customers can order here (estimated shipping May 8) on Amazon here

or if you live outside the US just look at your country's Amazon page and search Jasmine Becket-Griffith Creativity Journal. ( AmazonUK is here for example)

The other inexpensive option, including FREE WORLDWIDE shipping, is Book Depository here

You can also order here directly from the publishers at Blue Angel, they are located in Australia but ship worldwide!

Again though, the only place online with autographed copies is my own website, Strangeling.com and we do ship worldwide (it just costs more!)


Upcoming Events

POP Gallery Orlando

March 11 2017 at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

I'll be back home in Florida for the launch of the Jasmine Becket-Griffith Creativity Journal at the POP Gallery at Disney Springs here in Florida!  6-9pm detaiils here

Marketplace Co-Op WonderGround Gallery

April 15 2017  Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

I will be debuting my next Star Wars painting for Disney at the Marketplace Co-Op on April 15th here in Florida at Disney Springs!  Stay tuned for details.

MegaCon Orlando, FL

May 25-28 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

My triumphant return to MegaCon!  I will be making scheduled personal appearances during each fo the four days at MegaCon at my HUGE double booth full of art! detaiils here

3 Wishes Faery Fest UK

June 16-18 2017 in Cornwall, England UK

My first time at the Three Wishes Faery Fest!  Torpoint, Cornwall, England.  I'll be there in person on June 17 & 18th!  Details are here

WonderGround Gallery Anaheim, California

October 27-29 2017 at Downtown Disney at Disneyland CA

I will be doing another "Take Over" this autumn at the WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland in California!  Stay tuned for details.

Many more events are already scheduled - click here!

These are just some of my upcoming events.  To see my current 2017 schedule (with many more to be added throughout the year) click here

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