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Jasmine at Epcot, "Soft Shell" painting, new Strangeling Amazon store, Video & giveaway!

Updates from Jasmine!

Big update today!

Firstly, thank you ALL who came to my New York show!  Despite the snow, we had a marvelous time and a fantastic turnout.  Hope to be back in NYC soon =)  All the originals sold at the show, but we'll be releasing the prints & canvases over the next week, starting with "Soft Shell" here

In other event news, Epcot International Festival Of The Arts has begun! You can find my artwork at both the Pop Gallery Tent and the WonderGround Gallery Tent (both over by the Canada pavilion).  I will be there in person for seven different dates starting this Monday the 16th - basically I'll be either at the Pop Gallery tent (with my personal artwork) on some nights and then at the WonderGround Gallery tent (with my Disney character art) on other days.  Click here for event details, I will be there in person on January 16, January 20, January 21, February 10, February 11, February 17 and February 18th.  Even when I am not there in person, my artwork will be!

Yes, as I mentioned - "Soft Shell" - my newest masterpiece was sold at my NYC show, but we now have prints on sale from only $9.99 all the way through the 30" Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases for $795 - all types of the prints are here on my website (more details below)

Speaking of prints and canvases - I am pleased to announce that we are now also on AMAZON.  You can see the Strangeling store on Amazon Handmade right here - huge selection of my open edition prints & canvases, but on Amazon for those of you Amazon junkies or for those of you who like to use their gift cards, rack up cc points, or just like the ease of ordering through them.

And in other exciting news - I have a new video on YouTube here showing a complete start-to-finish (from priming a panel to sketching to finishing!) timelapse of my new Tiny Treasure painting.  And guess what?  I'm GIVING AWAY the original painting as part of my monthly Patreon giveaway.  All of my Patreon supporters will be entered automatically, if you are not yet a member you can sign up here by clicking "become a patron" - just $1 gets you entered into all the contests, etc. and other tiers have fantastic other rewards and other behind-the-scenes previews, etc.  The giveaway will be this Tuesday at 8pm EST, as long as you sign up by then you will be entered.

Soft Shell

20x30" Acrylic Painting on Panel $15,000 SOLD.  Prints from $9.99 on sale HERE

"Soft Shell"  Original 20x30" acrylic painting $15,000 SOLD
*Signed 8x10" and 12x18" glossy prints $9.99 and $19.99
*12x18" open edition remarqued canvas $90 with signed COA
*20x30" HUGE Masterpiece Edition Canvas, hand embellished in paint by Jasmine, signed & numbered out of only five ever made, $595
all prints available here on Strangeling.com

The #1/5 (first edition!) Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvas, 30"x20", hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & dated & numbered #1 is up for auction starting at just one penny here on eBay - I also recommend peeking at the auction to see all the closeup detail photos - there is a lot happening in this one!

You can also find "Soft Shell" prints on eBay here as well as in our Etsy store and now in our new Amazon store here

Those of you in New York can see the original painting hanging at Jonathan LeVine Gallery through January 28th!

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith


New Video & Painting Giveaway
Click here for the Video - Click here for the Patreon Giveaway!

I have created a new time-lapse video of me painting my next giveaway painting for Patreon!  You can see the video on YouTube here - it's pretty neat - I start off with a plain block of wood and then in the end it's the finished painting, just about 30 seconds long.

All of my Patreon supporters worldwide are automatically entered each month to win an original painting from me (and other contests throughout the month too) in addition to getting to see cool videos like this one, behind the scenes stuff, sneak previews of paintings before the general public, discounts, free prints & more. No, it's not free, but subscriptions start at literally $1. This is an acrylic painting on wood, 3x3", and the giveaway will held at 8pm EST on Tuesday, January 17th! As long as you are a valid member by 8pm on the 17th you will be included in the random number generator selection process. Just click the orange button that says "Become a Patron" up at my Patreon page and follow the short & simple signup. Loads of other creative people up there - artists, musicians, filmmakers - from amateurs to professionals and celebrities, check it out! I'll be posting more of these sorts of videos up there soon, this is just a preview =)

Strangeling at Amazon Handmade
Yes, you asked and we listened - we are now on Amazon here

You've been asking forever, so we finally figured out how to do it!  Go shop already, this is just for those of you who have been inquiring/begging/nagging/suggesting that we have an Amazon presence.  Here it is!

Just for those of you who prefer shopping with Amazon, or have points or gift cards or whatever, you can now order through Amazon as well Basically the same print items (minus limited editions) we have up at my Strangeling.com website, etc. but through the Amazon shopping cart, all still directly from us. Link is here or just go to Amazon and search Jasmine Becket-Griffith.  In addition to my own store up there, you can also find many other stores that carry my licensed merchandise, books, coloring books, figurines, t-shirts, just about everything you can think of - now you can get my prints & OE canvases there too.  Yay!

EPCOT International Festival Of The Arts
See Jasmine's Art EVERYDAY and meet Jasmine on these days here

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts has begun!

My first (of seven) personal appearance will be there 5-7pm on Monday January 16th, but my artwork (Disney artwork as well as my personal artwork) will be there for the WHOLE festival at two different tents!  No special tickets needed, you just have to have admission to Epcot.

Both tents with my artwork are near the Canada Pavilion at the World Showcase inside Epcot - the Pop Gallery tent has my personal artwork (my usual prints, canvases, books & decks, etc.) and the WonderGround Gallery tent will have my Disney character artwork! Again, my artwork will be there the whole time, and I personally will be making seven appearances in person throughout the event - sometimes at the WonderGround tent and sometimes at the Pop tent.   For more details & dates visit the individual event pages here here

The dates I'll be there will be January 16, January 20, January 21, February 10, February 11, February 17 and February 18th, from 5-7pm each of those days - for more details visit the individual event pages here here Super excited!!  My first showing on Monday (the 16th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day) will be at the WonderGround Gallery tent, but again - both tents will have my artwork - all different at each tent.

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