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Updates from Jasmine!

I’ve been busy lately, so you’d better believe I have a lot of new and beautiful things to tell you about today!</p>

Firstly – I can show her now that she’s made her debut – she has however SOLD – my beautiful “Femme Fatale” original painting!  Click here to see her in all her glory. Be sure to check out the rest of the show too, a lot of gorgeous work up there, she’ll be hanging at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco through October 8.

Next up is my new “Unseelie Court: Envy!”  The original has SOLD but we have prints available here.  You can also bid on the now-sold-out #1 Masterpiece Edition canvas here

Thirdly – something actually available!  I have finally gotten the chance to put up one of my beloved “Custom Painting Auctions” here on eBay – one of the public’s rare opportunities to get their own custom original painting from me, part of my Faces of Faery series.  Details here.

Next up – it’s ACEO time!  Now that I’m back home (for a little while at least!) I’ve been able to make some new ACEO cards, each is one of a kind, numbered #1 of 1.  You can see all the new ACEO cards here.

And finally in other news, I’ve added a lot of new events to my upcoming show schedule!  The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is up & running in full swing! I’ll be there in person October 1, 2, 8, and 9) details here.  Florida people – I will be doing two new events at the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs – November 12 and December 3rd.  I’ll also be doing a Dragon themed show called “December Dragons” also at Disney Springs at the Pop Gallery on December 17.  UK folks – I’ll be at the Whitby Goth Weekend November 4-6, and have just been announced as a guest at 3 Wishes Faery Festival in Cornwall next June 16-18. Details are up at my event page here.

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