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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine is at DragonCon! Kansas City Renaissance Festival starts Saturday!

Updates from Jasmine!

We made it to DragonCon!

Driving through the rain from the upcoming tropical storm/hurricane, we have arrived in Atlanta safe & sound.

We'll be setting up at the Art Show this afternoon, and we open at 1pm tomorrow (Friday!).  I will be at DragonCon in Atlanta all day every day September 2nd-5th - details here and I'll be doing a panel as part of the Art Show Programming in Room C of the Art Show at 7pm on Friday - details are here.

The Art Show is in the lowest level (the Exhibition Level) of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  I am in Grand Hall WEST.  As you enter the room, I am in your far left hand corner back along the back wall.  Map & details are here

We have FREE STUFF at my booth - the first 20 folks to come to my booth can get a FREE 2017 Strangeling Calendar or Weekly Planner!  Come early, line up and get in when the show opens at 1pm and you'll get the free calendar - I'd be happy to autograph them for you too, free of charge.  No strings attached.  Just head for the far left hand corner of the Art Show room ( Map & details are here ).

Are you a Patreon member?  If you are one of my patrons, you can pick out a FREE PRINT (any 4x6 print, free of charge, I'm happy to autograph it for you, sorry - no Disney postcards!).  Just come by my booth and tell us what name you are registered under at Patreon and we will hook you up.  Same with the KC Renaissance Festival.  Not a Patreon member?  Subscriptions start at literally $1, so if you are coming to DragonCon basically if you sign up for a dollar you can get a free print - not bad ;) Sign up for Patreon here - click the "Become a Patron" orange button.

And yes -  simultaneously this same weekend in Kansas City my sister Amber will be opening my gallery at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival (I'll be there in person October 1, 2, 8, and 9) details here.  We are over by the Jousting - look for the big two storey half-timbered shop with the "Strangeling" sign out front!  The KC Renfest is every weekend through October 16, also Labor Day & Columbus Day.  Again, details are on my Event page here

Then wrapping up, in just a few short days I head back to Disney Springs September 10th for another event at the Marketplace Co-Op, details here .
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