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Jasmine's new Zombie Angel painting, Coloring book BACK in stock, 78 Tarot, new shirts & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

I'm back from the UK!  Had a wonderful time at the Avalon Faery Fayre in Glastonbury!  My next UK show will be November 4-6th at the Whitby Goth Weekend, hope to see you there.

USA folks - my next event here will be April 16th at the Disney's Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs here in Florida =) Details are here

Next big news - AMAZON FINALLY HAS MY COLORING BOOK BACK IN STOCK! Click here!  Not in the USA?  Blue Angel will ship worldwide, and since they are the publishers they are always in stock on their website - click here.

Next up - I have a new painting to show you!  A custom piece (so the original has already sold) in my Faces of Faery series featuring a Zombie Angel beauty!  Prints & canvases are available from $9.99 here we ship WORLDWIDE).  The #1 Limited Edition canvas print is up for auction too here.

And now - for you Tarot enthusiasts - the 78 Tarot "Carnival" deck is now available to reserve through their kickstarter here.  A collaborative work between many artists around the world, I have created the "Death" card!

Other good news - loads of prepaid debit card options from the folks at Card.com now featuring my paintings - you can check them out here (as it's a US bank, you will need to be a US citizen).

And finally - new sweatshirts, tshirts & more up at People's Choice Apparel featuring my artwork here

"Faces of Faery 234"
6x6" Original Acrylic Painting SOLD
Prints from $9.99 on sale at Strangeling.com this week here

"Faces of Faery 234" was a custom "Faces of Faery" painting - the client in this instance wanted her to be a zombie / angel theme, and I am loving how she has out. Very sweet, but with some gory details.... I love the red moon behind her too.

This original was a custom piece so it has already been sold, but  we have prints (6x6" glossy, signed on the back by me on sale this week for $9.99 each) and limited edition canvases (also 6x6", wrapped on boards, ready to hang, hand embellished by me, signed, dated and numbered out of 25 at $75 each) available on my website, on eBay, and Etsy too.

Click here to buy all types of prints at Strangeling.com

Also on eBay here

And in our Etsy Store here

The #1 Limited Edition Canvas print of her is up for auction here

And to see the other 200+ pieces in the "Faces of Faery" collection, visit my online Faces of Faery Gallery here

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Coloring books back in stock!
At Amazon HERE for USA customers and at
Blue Angel HERE for international customers, worldwide

YAY! My coloring book is back in stock at Amazon (USA)  & Blue Angel Online (Worldwide).

Having, as the publishers are saying, "Unprecedented Demand", as you may know - my coloring book has been repeatedly sold out, over and over again, at bookstores, Amazon, etc. pretty much worldwide.  They are selling them faster than the publishers can print them. Good news though - as of this morning - it is back in stock at Amazon - hurry hurry and get your order in here  before it sells out again!!

If you are outside the USA just instead order from the publishers here - they are the publishers so they always have it in stock.  They ship anywhere in the world.  They are located in Australia so the price listed is in Australian dollars ($24.95 is about $18 US at the moment).  Your bank or credit card will convert the price to your local currency when you order.

Want a signed copy?  We're getting more in at Strangeling.com this week - the only way really to get an autographed copy shipped anywhere in the world - click here  for signed copies - the site states we are on "back order" at the moment, but I know for a fact our shipping center is receiving the boxes of books this coming week, so if you order now you can sneak in on that shipment early ;)

If you have ordered already from any other stores and are still waiting, check with THEM to see if they have shipped yours out yet or if you have questions about your order status, etc. Remember - I don't work for any of those companies, I just paint the paintings. Hopefully they've all ordered TONS more from the distributors and won't sell out so fast this time! If they do - just order from the Blue Angel Online link, as they are the publishers and they always have them in stock and always ship worldwide.

Are you in the UK and are still waiting for a UK shop to ship yours? If so, that's because your release date for the UK is April 25th. However, a lot of UK distributors there have now been ordering them in from Australia (where they are published from) or from the US so the coloring book is now showing up on a lot of UK sites and on the"marketplace" section of Amazon - click here  - most of their partners ship through Amazon to the UK. But technically the UK release is April 25, despite the international distribution channels partnered with Amazon (check out the options at that link). Alternately too - you can always order direct from the publishers in Australia if you don't want to wait for the April 25 release. They always have it in stock and ship fast & daily to the UK - click here to order from Blue Angel.

I love my colouring book - I have tried everything from paints to pastels to pencils to crayons to markers and the paper works great! Pages are SINGLE SIDED which means you don't need to worry about bleeding onto a backside image. Very high quality paper, high quality cover, 55 different images in all. And yes - we're already working on the next book with the same publishers - the Jasmine Becket-Griffith HALLOWEEN coloring book will be out by this autumn!!

78 Tarot Carnival is up!
Visit their kickstarter here for details

Hey everybody!  The 78 Tarot is up -
I of course did the "Death" card - Click here for details & for the kickstarter - a collaborative deck featuring artists from all over the world, all with a Carnival theme.  Any questions?  Don't ask me!  I probably won't know, lol, I just did a painting for the project ;) Ask at the Kickstarter "Ask A Question" at the bottom of the link above.  They can help you out, and most of your answers are probably already up there ;)  The kickstarter has only just started and it's already doing extremely well!  This is your opportunity to reserve one of the decks and all the other goodies, so check it out =)

Just want prints of the "Death" card painting?  It's called "Carnevale di Morte" and is available on my website right here from only $13.99

New Shirts!
New shirts available from People's Choice Apparel here

New shirts - tanks, tees, sweatshirts & more all featuring my artwork are available from People's Choice Apparel with shipping worldwide here

Use the arrows on your screen to scroll through all of the different images, many different pictures are available. Sizes SM-2X. Worldwide shipping. For specific size information, click on a shirt style, scroll down, and you will see the EXACT measurements (the only accurate way to determine size, compare the sizes to those of a shirt that you already know fits you!).

Questions about pricing/shipping/fabric/size/availability/ordering/website/suggestions? Be sure to tell People's Choice at the link above (I am just the lady who paints the paintings. I don't make/sell/stock the shirts. If you have questions about painting though, I'm the person to ask). Again - lots of designs, click the link above and use the right hand scrolly arrows to see everything! T-shirts, 3/4 sleeves, tanktops & throw blankets also available at the link above! Prints of all the artwork, canvases, etc. of course are available at Strangeling.com

New Card.com Cards!
Prepaid cards at Card.com featuring my artwork are here

Check it out - they now have dozens of different cards with my artwork to choose from here at CARD.com!!

Love these!!

Due to federal law of course since it's a US bank you need to be a US citizen with a social security number to get one, but no credit check required.  So if you're here in the states - definitely check out all the details at the links above!  These are so cute!!!
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