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New Valentine Painting - Dragon Hearts, Africa Trip, Pac-Man Fairy & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Lots & lots of great news for today!

Firstly - I am on my way to AFRICA now! Don't worry, Matt is still here at home so he can mail stuff out as always.  In fact, I've also left him a stack of new artworks to mail out all the new eBay auctions popping up here each day while I am gone.  All our eBay auctions, original paintings, paper prints, and ACEOs will ship out immediately, no delay.  The only items that will have to wait would be NEW Strangeling.com orders for Limited Edition Canvases (I have to embellish those when I get home) - those will ship after my return February 20th.  But all the eBay auction Lt. Ed. Canvases, originals, ACEOs, paper prints and other items on Strangeling.com, etc. will all ship out as per usual, no delay.

By the way - want to see my adventures in Africa?  I'll post some occasional photos from my trip at my Instagram (my ID there is Strangeling).  But for more personal "behind the scenes" photos (non-professional stuff, just  me having fun) be sure to subscribe to the "behind the scenes" 5+ tier up at my Patreon here

Secondly - my new original painting "Dragon Hearts" is now available here - the original is up for auction on eBay, framed in a lovely frame.  We have with prints & canvases on sale from $9.99 here worldwide - the original painting & glossy paper prints are ready-to-ship immediately, Limited Edition Canvas orders from Strangeling.com however will not ship until February 20th.

Thirdly - my next Disney show is February 20th at the Marketplace Co-Op! Yes, that is indeed the day I fly back home from Africa - hopefully I won't be too jetlagged!  I'll be at Disney Springs' Marketplace Co-Op from 4-8pm on Saturday, February 20th - details are here.

Fourthly - my first Pac-Man fairy statue from my partners at the Hamilton Collection  is now available for pre-order in the USA (don't worry if you live outside the US, the pre-order phase is always in the USA first and then spreads out to the international import sites shortly thereafter, be patient).  You can see the figurine to place pre-orders at the Hamilton Collection website here.

Fifthly (I think that's a word) - we have finally added a GIFT CERTIFICATE option up at Strangeling.com here - any amount you want, electronically delivered via email, NEVER EXPIRES, these are excellent gift ideas (Valentine's Day?) for the art lover in your life, especially if you don't know what they want or what they already have.....

And finally - I have a new batch of beautiful one-of-a-kind ACEO cards up on eBay now - bidding starts at just one penny each, you can see them here - these are already packed up for shipping, so Matty can mail them out even though I'm away in

"Dragon Hearts"
5x7" Original Acrylic Painting 11x13" Framed HERE
Prints from $9.99 on sale at Strangeling.com this week HERE

Pperfect for Valentine's Day!  Please note - glossy paper prints & the original painting are packed & ready-to-ship - no delay while I'm in Africa!  The Limited Edition Canvas prints however are handpainted by me on-demand, so the limited edition canvases won't ship until I get back from Africa on February 20th.

A beautiful dragon fairy with her baby dragonlings - fitting in with a slight Valentine's Day theme (it is that time of year!)!  She is cradling some valentine hearts that are scaled like dragons.... or dragon eggs?  Super cute!

Original acrylic painting is available, on a 5x7" panel in a beautiful black ornate frame measuring 11x13" in total.  It's up for an eBay auction starting at just one penny - 7 days - see photos, details or place bids here - and again, she is packed & read-to-ship immediately!

Glossy paper prints are 8x10", signed on the back from me, are only $9.99 this week.  These are in stock & ready-to-ship immediately.  Limited Edition Canvas prints are 8x10", hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25, priced at $100 - note that the limited edition canvas prints will ship when I get back home from Africa on February 20th.  All types of prints are at the Strangeling.com link here.  We are always happy to ship WORLDWIDE.

Also up on Etsy (seller ID strangeling) here for immediate shipment

and eBay (seller ID: strangelingemporium ) here for immediate shipment

Be sure also to see my other Valentine's Day Artwork here for immediate shipment

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Pac-Man Fever!
USA Customers can pre-order here

Yay! My Pac-Man fairy statue / figurine is available online in the USA now for pre-order from my partners at the Hamilton Collection website here! Just search Pac-Man or Jasmine Becket-Griffith or item 906644001 at the Hamilton Collection website! As it's still in the pre-order phase, it's only on the USA Hamilton Collection site so far (as is the case with all new pre-orders, but after production it will eventually be on the international sites, Burning Desires, etc.).

Approximately 4" high, officially licensed by Pac-Man, "Power Up" is the first in the "Pac-Man Fever" collection. Limited edition, cast in artist's resin, these are priced at $39.99 each. If you have questions about orders, payments, shipping, etc. please contact the Hamilton Collection through the contact link on their website. And again, folks outside the US just have to wait a short while, eventually as with all Hamilton Collection items they'll be on the international/import websites, etc. soon.

Penny Auction Madness!
Every day for the next couple weeks new daily penny auctionshere

These and many more hand embellished canvases & original paintings (including the new "Dragon Hearts" and a new Custom Faces of Faery painting) will be popping up in my eBay store while I'm away in Africa!  Click here and be sure to check each evening around 7- 7:30pm EST for the next week or two, every night new artworks will be posted - all auctions will start at just one penny!  A great opportunity to get one-of-a-kind artworks - and they're already packed up & ready to ship out immediately - no delays while I'm gone =)  Have fun!

New ACEO Cards!
Click HERE to see them all

For each painting I do, I create a one of a kind "ACEO" Card.  Collectible tiny pieces of art (ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals), they are miniature canvas prints measuring 2.5x3.5" - the size of a baseball card or Pokemon card.  Since I only make one card for each painting, they are each numbered #1 of 1.  I hand embellish each one in acrylic paints, they are signed, dated and the authentification information is hand written by me on the back.  Lots of people keep these in binders to collect them, some folks do beautiful jobs framing them - they are a great way to start a collection or to add to a collection once you've run out of wallspace!

My new batch of ACEO cards are up for auction here ending over the next week or so, with bidding starting at just one penny.  And once again, these are already packed & ready for Matty to ship out while I'm gone in Africa - so no delay!!
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