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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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pictures! [Sep. 5th, 2002|08:28 pm]
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
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ok - as promised - "The Pictures of Interest Only to a Few!" aka "I Can't Believe a Disney World Vacation Produced Absolutely No Pictures of Disney World Other Than the Campgrounds!"

well, basically, i left my camera in it's bag until about 2 hours before we left to come home. i don't like the responsibility of carrying around a digital camera whilst riding Space Mountain. so, we have photos of our campsite and a brief recap of Celebration (possibly the least interesting photos of the picturesque town ever taken as they focus primarily on my future apartments). i figure, after i live there i'll have plenty of time to take pictures.

so here goes:

The Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

we stayed at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds (our third trip there this year actually, it's a good thing we're moving, we'll save some money on vacations...) for the last three nights of our trip. best way to stay on Disney property for less than $24 a night!

Celebration, Florida

we stayed in the Celebration Hotel our first night. we (as anybody bothering to read this would probably know) are moving "sometime" next year to this lovely Disney-owned and Disney-created city. we looked at the Downtown Apartments (where we will be living in the not too distant future). In the next month or so we will be mailing our applications (we need to get some paycheck stubs, and Daddy may co-sign for us as well since i have a less tangible income - not sure yet) and we'll get on the waiting list for a one bedroom apartment. the apartments in the complex are sprinkled throughout downtown Celebration (it looks similar to Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom or at Disneyland). some overlook the lake, some are right across from the hotel we stayed at, and some are on Market Street (the main street) on top of the neighborhood grocery store! i think it would be fun to live over the grocery store, but anywhere would be fine. there are advantages to all locations (they're only about 1 block apart from each other, so it's not really a big
difference or anything!). one of the best features of the apartments (in my mind) is that they are literally a few yards from the post office! a real post office too, not like the wannabe-post-office-hiding-in-a-HyVee-grocery that i have to go to now. so i'll be able to walk! cool! most of the apartments have gorgeous balconies, and the ground floor apartments have fenced private courtyards. they range in price from $715 and $790 (depending on floor and location), and we'll be on the list for first available. i'm so excited!

OK! enough pics already! well, here's one more - my "Tropical Mermaid" i painted this afternoon. enjoy!

From: ariaelf
2002-09-05 07:28 pm (UTC)


Wow, that all sounds really cool, and looks really pretty, except for the Disney part. Disney is a massive evil corporation, which,alide from many of it's other evils, has, as tori amos has stated, is responcible for the "tinkerbellony" of sacred fae-spirit myths and legend and religion, causing massive misleading beliefs and representations towards the fantasy realm. (In other words, to come of us, the faries aren't about tinker bell, and they are both meaningful and real.) But *anyway.*

So, it's great that you can keep on doing what you do (from anywhere!) what is your husband doing? Is he changing jobs? Or does he have one already over there? Is that why you're moving? I'm confused =) What does he do, anyway, this mysterious man who pays the bills - and why is he always hiding from clear sight in each picture? Ahhh... I am suspicious ;) *Giggles* He must be a secret agent, he runs from the camera ;)


Have a good one!

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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-09-05 09:49 pm (UTC)

Re: Cool

yeah - we're definitely excited to be moving down there - hell, for the weather alone it would be worth it!

myself, my husband, both of my sisters, my mother, and my brother-and-law are all current or former Disney castmembers (their euphemism for employees), so i guess we comprise a little chunk of the "evil corporation" ;)

people are quick to point fingers, but knowing as much as i do about the inner and outer workings of the company it's really not very evil as far as big corporations go. with any company that has been around for that long, and encompasses as much as it does, there are of course bound to be some unfortunate side effects. besides, tinkerbell was pretty instrumental for my later delve into the land of faerie - we've all gotta start somewhere! enough about that though - don't get me started! =)

matt (the elusive fellow in the photos) is a real estate agent, and sometimes server (along with me at the Rainforest Cafe). he's transferring to the Rainforest in Florida (while it is not owned by Disney, there are TWO of them at Disney World) so he'll be guaranteed a steady paycheck (as steady as waiting tables ever is!) until he gets his Florida real estate license and can practice down there. he's got his own livejournal - his username is Kaokame (he doesn't update as often as i do though!). i'm glad he'll be set up with a job - i can do my artwork anywhere in the world, which is a nice thing about being self-employed like that!

matt and i decided a while back that we would move somewhere warm. kansas city is ravaged by cold and ice every winter, and it is pretty much awful for several months out of the year. the summers here are extrememly hot (hotter even than florida's summers), which isn't that big a deal to me, but kinda sucks sometimes. we talked about moving to california for awhile, but we decided it was just too damned expensive! we finally settled on florida (it's kinda like california, but cheaper). we've been scoping it out for awhile, trying to find a nice place and we finally settled on celebration - mostly because of the low crime rate (nonexistent). i'm sick of having my vehicles stolen and my home (and vehicles as well) repeatedly being broken into! our last house was broken into and MOST of my artwork was stolen. they didn't take the computers or anything, but they stole about 15 sketchbooks and nearly all of my loose artwork (paintings & drawings). they even stole the cards i had made for matty while we were still dating! on top of kansas city having 8 times the murder rate of new york city, it's really not a great place to live. it doesn't have much of an artistic community, it's not exactly a hotbed of counterculture (or any other culture for the most part), the only thing i really like about it is that my family lives here! i'm also the sort of person who yearns to see the ocean from time to time, and kansas city is about as landlocked as you can get =P

i saw your "glow" piece on eBay! that is gorgeous! the glowing effect is beautiful (was that the one you had mentioned in your last entry?). you certainly have a lot of different styles and use a lot of different media. what is your favourite material to work with?

well, i'd better see about dinner - it's almost midnight after all, LOL

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From: ariaelf
2002-09-06 05:25 am (UTC)

Re: Cool

That all sounds really neat +) I'm glad you're finally moving to a place you'll feel more comfortable - and my LORD I had no idea about the Kansas city crimerate! (My boyfriends family is from Kansas city, and we usually go there about once a year for either a wedding or a funeral +P)
It would kind of creap *me* out to live in a city completely owned by disney (talk about living in a cartoon...heh) but like you said, since everyone in your family has worked there you've got possitive ties to the place. I guess that explains why you go there so often too =)

I can't believe you had all your work stolen like that! Thats horrible. I would just die if that happened to me. Sketchbooks are like gold!

California is very nice. It's expencive like you said though - I was going to live in San Francisco (absolutely GORGEOUS, and not just on the postcards =) ) but it was like $1,000 a month for a STUDIO! appartment. I'd still like to have a house on the california coast someday, but right now me and my sweetie want to move to Denver. The break from Houstons heat, humidity, and polution would be amazing. It would be incredible to have such spectacular views of the mountains, fresh air, and zillions of hiking trails. And forests! (For my elfish nature) Bliss =)

The mediums I use are pencil (sketches), pen&ink for black and white, colored pencil, oil pastel, and if I'm feeling really adventurous watercolor. Really the pencil, pen and ink and colored pencil are all the same (practically) in the way I do them, they just turn out in different colors. Really I do everything the same way, it's the medium that changes the look...the oil pastels are of course v
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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-09-06 10:38 am (UTC)

Re: Cool

yeah - kc's got a pretty high murder rate - we have about half as many murders as NYC does every year, but we only have a population of 500,000 as opposed to over 8 million! i also read that we have the highest instance of rape per capita in the nation (boy, that makes me feel safe). the suburbs around kansas city are pretty nice (including them we've got about a million and a half people), but they're pretty bland. and needlessly expensive! State Line Road is the street that separates Kansas City proper (which is in missouri, the part i live in) from the most of the suburban areas (which are in kansas). on the kansas side the average house will be at least $200,000 while on the missouri side (of the same street) the houses will only by $100,000 - the divisions are quite ridiculous. there is actually a kansas city that is in kansas, but it's not very big, and is mostly a bunch of old warehouses and stuff.

ooh - denver is absolutely beautiful! we love colorado - we go out there nearly every summer to camp and hit the national park circuit. is the pollution really that bad down in houston? i remember my environmental sciences professor telling us that living in houston had the effect of smoking one and a half packs of cigarettes a day on your lungs (wow). we get some smog here in kc, but it's tolerable (our water is pretty nasty though). you wouldn't have problems like that in colorado though! you can actually still see the stars there (even make out the constellations!). the clouds are so white there too!

well - i'd better get to painting!
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[User Picture]From: shyfayrie
2002-09-05 11:51 pm (UTC)
Oh my Florida is stunningly gorgeous!! Lucky for it, it gets to have you soon too! Is it really so GREEN and lush and just so..ahhh pretty there like in the pictures? Wow, and being so close to Disney World. I am jealous. I cant wait to see what your insparation will cause you to create by being in such a magical area (not just disney world)
And oooh your new painting is devine!! I adore your mermaids!!!! :)
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[User Picture]From: jasminetoad
2002-09-06 10:21 am (UTC)
florida really is that pretty =)

it's definitely the greenest place i've ever seen. there are froggies & lizards everywhere too (which i find adorable!). it will be great living next to disney world - we'll get annual passes i'm sure. it's funny, everyone is already making plans to come visit us (hmmm... you live next door to disney world and every one wants to stay with you - didn't see that coming!). i've been half-thinking about getting a little part-time job at the magic kingdom - maybe at the haunted mansion =)
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