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ok - as promised - "The Pictures of Interest Only to a Few!" aka "I Can't Believe a Disney World Vacation Produced Absolutely No Pictures of Disney World Other Than the Campgrounds!"

well, basically, i left my camera in it's bag until about 2 hours before we left to come home. i don't like the responsibility of carrying around a digital camera whilst riding Space Mountain. so, we have photos of our campsite and a brief recap of Celebration (possibly the least interesting photos of the picturesque town ever taken as they focus primarily on my future apartments). i figure, after i live there i'll have plenty of time to take pictures.

so here goes:

The Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

we stayed at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds (our third trip there this year actually, it's a good thing we're moving, we'll save some money on vacations...) for the last three nights of our trip. best way to stay on Disney property for less than $24 a night!

Celebration, Florida

we stayed in the Celebration Hotel our first night. we (as anybody bothering to read this would probably know) are moving "sometime" next year to this lovely Disney-owned and Disney-created city. we looked at the Downtown Apartments (where we will be living in the not too distant future). In the next month or so we will be mailing our applications (we need to get some paycheck stubs, and Daddy may co-sign for us as well since i have a less tangible income - not sure yet) and we'll get on the waiting list for a one bedroom apartment. the apartments in the complex are sprinkled throughout downtown Celebration (it looks similar to Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom or at Disneyland). some overlook the lake, some are right across from the hotel we stayed at, and some are on Market Street (the main street) on top of the neighborhood grocery store! i think it would be fun to live over the grocery store, but anywhere would be fine. there are advantages to all locations (they're only about 1 block apart from each other, so it's not really a big
difference or anything!). one of the best features of the apartments (in my mind) is that they are literally a few yards from the post office! a real post office too, not like the wannabe-post-office-hiding-in-a-HyVee-grocery that i have to go to now. so i'll be able to walk! cool! most of the apartments have gorgeous balconies, and the ground floor apartments have fenced private courtyards. they range in price from $715 and $790 (depending on floor and location), and we'll be on the list for first available. i'm so excited!

OK! enough pics already! well, here's one more - my "Tropical Mermaid" i painted this afternoon. enjoy!
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