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Jasmine’s teaching a workshop! Figurine Giveaway, Four Seasons & more!

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Updates from Jasmine!


Exciting update this week!

The biggest news is that yes, I’m going to be teaching a painting/art business workshop next November.  I’ve made my own event page for it here many more details can be found here on the official site, and more details below. November 17-20th, 2016 in Nashville – Myself and a fantastic group of professional artists make up the faculty – It’s a four-day workshop and symposium where students will create artwork, attend lectures and get specific advice on building their business. We’ll be living, eating and working along side each other for the full four days on an idyllic campus in the hearth of Nashville.
There is a limited number of spots – 45 students in all. It is expected to book up completely.

In other news – my solo show “The Four Seasons” is coming up on Saturday!  The evening of December 12th at Pop Gallery here at Disney Springs (the new name for Downtown Disney) in Florida – details are here.  Details and some sneak peeks are below.  And yes, they will have my new coloring book there too!

In fun news, I’m doing another figurine GIVEAWAY!  This time for a the complete set of all of the “Three Fates” figurines, each autographed personally by me.  The giveaway is through my Patreon here – with a member being randomly chosen at 8pm EST on Wednesday, December 9th.  As long as you are signed up (subscriptions start at literally $1) you will automatically be entered.

And finally just a head’s up – several Limited Editions are almost SOLD OUT.  “I Vampiri La Sorelle” here , –“Faces of Faery 226” (with the Wolf & Dreamcatcher)here , and “Beauty and the Beast” here are each sold out at Strangeling.com and there is literally one Limited Edition canvas of each left . Last chance to get one at the regular price, after these are gone there will just be the final #25 auction which tend to sell for a lot more.

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