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Jasmine's Black Friday Sales, Coloring Book Updates, Scarves, Last Chance Alice, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

BIG update this week!

The biggest news of course is it's our annual "Black Friday" SALE from now until the end of Monday night.  25% OFF all our prints, canvases, limited editions, open editions, masterpiece editions, etc. up at Strangeling.com - just use code:  THANKS2015 during checkout!  Those of you with the 10+ Patreon membership can also use your own discount codes on top of the sale, so you guys get 35% off!  =)

My friends at StrangelingUK.com are doing the same 25% OFF sale too - for today only - they are in the UK but ship worldwide and can mail anywhere in time for Christmas.  They have lots of other fun stuff like statues, scarves, merchandise, books, everything - same discount code:  THANKS2015

Our StrangelingEmporium eBay Store HERE has a storewide 25% from now through Monday night too, the discount is already automatically applied up at eBay, hundreds, thousands to choose from.

My lovely "Alice in a Van Gogh Nocturne" Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases are now SOLD OUT.  We have the very last one - #5/5 - up for one "last chance" auction on eBay here no more will ever be made.  We still have open edition canvases and glossy paper prints for her though, and YES you can get the 25% off on these ones at Strangeling.com HERE

Coloring Book UPDATE:  Yes, we sold all those first 50 advance copies almost immediately (within minutes) from my website earlier this week.  So those 50 are gone, and we need to wait until February when we get more when the book has been "officially" released.  You can place pre-order today for autographed copies on my own website HERE .  Or if you don't care if it's not autographed, I recommend pre-ordering at Amazon or at the Book Depository (Book Depository is offering free worldwide shipping, awesome deal) HERE - they ship anywhere, and have excellent prices.

And finally - I have a lovely new batch of ACEO cards up for auction on eBay, each with bidding starting at just a penny.  You can see them all here - many are from paintings you probably have never seen before!

Use CODE:   THANKS2015 during checkout
25% Off prints, canvases & even limited editions HERE

Our annual sale has begun at Strangeling.com - The discount code this year is: THANKS2015  - It will get you 25% OFF all prints, canvases, limited edition canvases, masterpiece edition canvases, etc.   If you have the 10+ level Patreon discount, you can use your additional 10% OFF code too, getting a whopping 35% off.   You can enter both codes during checkout.  Our sale runs all the way through the end of Monday.  We ship WORLDWIDE.

We're also doing 25% OFF in our eBay store (seller ID:  StrangelingEmporim )  you can see all that here - no extra discounts for Patreon there, 25% OFF is applied immediately.

Do your holiday shopping now.  It's the cheapest time of the year, and still plenty of time for all of us to get your orders to you (anywhere in the world)  in time for Christmas, etc.

if you are not on Patreon, you can sign up here (click the Become a Patron button) -  - and if you are already but not yet a 10+ pledge level, you might want to upgrade within the next couple days, so you'll have time to get your additional discount code (you get a 10% off prints & canvases at Strangeling.com year round, and it works in conjunction with sales all the time too).  It's easy - you'll see me (and any other creators) on the left side of your home page and a hyperlink that reads "edit pledge." Click that, choose $10+ and VOILA, you'll get the additional discount code to use.    Even if you just buy one canvas print, or a handful of paper prints, it is WELL worth the discount to sing up (today for example if you bought a Masterpiece canvas you would save $200+ immediately, for only a $10 membership fee.   Do it!)

StrangelingUK Black Friday
Friday ONLY - worldwide shipping - same code:  THANKS2015
Bags, calendars, statues, books, clocks, games & more HERE

My friend Paul who runs the website StrangelingUK.com is also accepting the discount code THANKS2015 for 25% OFF today (Friday) only - while located in the UK, he also ships WORLDWIDE.  He has lots of cool stuff I myself don't sell, like the Nemesis Now figurines (!!!) - be sure to check it out.  The new scarves are up there, glass clocks, bags, jewelry boxes, pillows, so many nice things that are HARD to find here in the US.  Take advantage of today's sale, he can ship anywhere in the world in time for Christmas!

December Original Painting GIVEAWAY
All Patreon Members will be automatically entered, join HERE

Winner will be chosen December 15th randomly from my Patreon members.

Here is my next GIVEAWAY - an ORIGINAL PAINTING - open to all Patreon members - sign up here -  - WORLDWIDE, international patrons are welcome! One Patreon supporter will be selected randomly on Tuesday night, December15 at 8pm EST! It is open to all levels of Patreon subscribers, worldwide, even just the $1 level. She is a Tiny Treasure with a beautiful red haired fairy- measuring 3"x3" acrylic painting on wood, there is a hanger on the back so you can pop her right up onto your wall!

In addition to the monthly original painting giveaways there I'll be doing lots of smaller giveaways like autographed figurines, coloring books, etc., definitely check it out. You don't need to do anything special to enter, I'll just be picking a member up at Patreon randomly. This painting is not for sale, it will be given away, and I will ship it anywhere in the world. Each month a new original acrylic panting will be given away on the 15th of the month. All members of mine at Patreon will be entered automatically, as long as you are a member, you will be entered.

If you are not yet a member, just click this link and hit the "Become a Patron" to sign up, from only $1/month to subscribe and you always get entered in all the giveaways =)  And remember - if you get the $10 pledge level, you'll get the bonus 10% off on all sales (like this Black Friday sale for example, you'd get 35% OFF).

New ACEO Cards
All up for auction this week - click HERE to see

I've been working hard on a new batch of ACEO cards. They are now all up for auction - each bid starts at just one penny to give everybody a chance. Click HERE to see them all.

ACEO cards are trading card sized (2.5"x3.5") miniature one of a kind canvas prints.  I make only ONE card of each painting, ever.  I number them #1 out of 1 since I only make one.  Each is hand embellished by me, signed & numbered 1/1 in acrylic paints, authentification is written by me on the backside of each card.  A great way to collect artwork if you are on a budget or running low on wallspace!

Many of these are of paintings you may not have seen before, as I always make an ACEO card for each mini painting and tiny treasure I do as well as the larger paintings.  Since those tend to sell immediately at art shows and live events, the ACEO cards are usually the only time anybody in the rest of the world gets to see these artworks!  Enjoy!
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