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New Sleeping Beauty, Dinosaur Friends, Poissons Volants, clothing and more from Jasmine

Updates from Jasmine!

BIG update this week!  Lots of new paintings to show you!

Thank you all who came to Chicago to see me!  I had a wonderful time and will definitely be back soon =)

I am now currently in London at my studio here (doing some licensing meetings, visiting family, getting some artwork done, etc.).  I will be back home to Florida around November 8th.  All orders, etc. will be processed and shipped as normal, but there may be a short delay on original paintings & Limited Edition Canvas prints, as those are shipped by me personally and will wait until I get back home to FL.

I have three new paintings to show you!  Two are originals that were sold at my Seattle show, and one is a new painting that is up for auction on eBay!  "Dinosaur Friends:  Requiem" prints & canvases are here and "Poissons Volants:  Les Oiseaux" prints & canvases are here.  The original painting auction for "Sleeping in Thorns" ishere and the prints & canvases of her are here.

In other good news, my Day of the Dead painting "Milagros:  Corazon" is now available as various shirts, tanktops, tees, and throw blankets up at People's Choice Apparel here

And finally - I have a lovely new batch of ACEO cards up for auction on eBay, each with bidding starting at just a penny.  You can see them all here - many are from paintings you probably have never seen before!  They are already packed & up and ready to ship from my assistant at our Midwest location, so the ACEO cards will ship out immediately with no delay even though I'm out of town.  We'll be adding some throughout the week up at eBay, so keep an eye out!

Dinosaur Friends:  Requiem
16x20" Original Acrylic Painting on Panel $6000 SOLD
Prints and Canvases from $9.99 HERE

Based on a true story! Well, kind of. When I was a little girl my “imaginary friends” were dinosaurs that would come out of the walls when I’d lie in bed at night. I remember it completely as being 100% real. I wasn’t afraid of them, I was very obsessed/preoccupied with dinosaurs back then (still am, actually). I also like to think that this piece shows the process of extinction and of time passing. The girl is obviously in an era previous to our own (a sort of Rococo or slightly Victorian feel), but much more recent than the prehistoric scene behind her. The birds and butterfly she is shown with (Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Black Faced Honeycreeper, the Choiseul Crested Pigeon and the Urania Sloanus butterfly) all look like contemporary animals to us but they are all in fact extinct, having gone extinct only in the past several decades, in our lifetimes. Side note – there are those who think that the Ivory Billed Woodpecker is not extinct, and I am among that camp. Matt & I regularly go birding here in central Florida on the lookout for them (several have been spotted but not confirmed in the area). Haven’t seen any triceratops though. This piece debuted at my Birds and Beasties show in Seattle at the Eight And Sand Gallery and the original has been SOLD.

We have two sizes of glossy paper signed on the backside by me - 8x10" for $9.99 and 12x16" for $19.99 this week. We also have two different kinds of canvas prints are available! The Masterpiece Limited Editions $595, are limited to an edition of only FIVE canvases, hand embellished in acrylic paints by me myself, signed, dated, and numbered out of 5, measuring 16″x20″ on thick gallery wrapped wooden stretcher bars (ready-to-hang). We also have the Open Edition Canvases which are remarqued with the JBG initial on the front, are $125, measure 12″x16″ (also wrapped & ready-to-hang) and come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

All types of prints are available HERE

Prints and canvases are up on eBay here (be sure to check out all my other "Dinosaur Friends" pieces from over the years).

And our Etsy store here

Please note, as I'll be out of town the next few weeks, the Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases will be shipping November 9th. All other prints will ship immediately as always =)

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Remember - if you would like to save an additional 10% on your Strangeling.com orders from now on (on all prints & all canvases, including sale items for additional savings) you can join the 10+ level at my Patreon here and get a permanent discount. Click here for details or to sign up.  You'd save almost $60 immediately just for one Masterpiece Edition for example, so if you buy even one it is worth it.

Sleeping in Thorns
12"x6" Original Acrylic Painting on Panel AVAILABLE HERE
Prints and Canvases from $9.99 HERE

This is a piece for Blue Angel Publishing specifically for my upcoming "Faerytale Oracle" deck with author Lucy Cavendish. Specifically, as you may have guessed, it is to illustrate the Sleeping Beauty card. It's the LAST card I think I have to do for the deck, and then it will start going into production - woohoo!  Keep an eye out for it in 2016.

I've decided (since some of my eBay regulars have been pestering me so nicely!) to list the ORIGINAL painting up for auction on eBay.  Bidding starts at one penny with no reserve, for a 10 day auction.  She is 12" high by 6" wide on 2" deep cradled masonite panel, original acrylic painting, ready-to-hang.  You can see more photos, closeups, details, place bids, etc. right here

Prefer a print?  We have limited edition canvases (16"x8", hand embellished by me, edition of 25) for $125 and we have glossy paper prints (also 16"x8" - signed by me on the back) for $19.99 on sale this week, all at my website here

Prints are also on eBay here and in our Etsy store here.

Orders for paper prints will ship immediately, orders for limited editions and the original painting will ship upon my return from London on November 8.

Poissons Volants:  Les Oiseaux
12x16" Original Acrylic Painting on Panel $4500 SOLD
Prints and Canvases from $9.99 HERE

"Poissons Volants: Les Oiseaux” – part of “Poissons Volants” series (French, meaning Flying Fish) that combines my love of sea creatures, surrealism and Rococo portraiture! Les Oiseaux translates to “The Birds” and this piece does indeed feature a couple of beautiful turquoise browed motmot birds (of which I saw many in Mexico earlier this year while birdwatching). This piece debuted and sold at my “Birds and Beasties” show at Eight and Sand Gallery in Seattle.

We have glossy paper prints signed on the back by me in two sizes - 8x10" for $13.99 and 12x16" for $29.99, and Limited Edition Canvases that are $125, measuring 11x14", hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of an edition of 25. We have already sold a lot of the edition since she popped up on my website, so if you want one, grab one now! All of these prints are available (just use the dropdown menu to choose the fine art print option you want) at my website here

Also on eBay here

and Etsy here

"Poissons Volants" is an entire series of many different paintings - you can see them all here!

And again, paper prints will ship immediately - limited edition canvases will ship upon my return November 8 (since I need to hand paint each one personally & sign, number, etc.).

Milagros:  Corazon Shirts & Blankets!
Tshirts, tanks & throw blankets are HERE

Sizes SM - 3X Unisex

New shirts & blankets featuring "Milagros:  Corazon" from People's Choice Apparel -click HERE to see - use the arrows on your screen to scroll through all of the different images, many different pictures are available. Sizes SM-3X. Worldwide shipping. For specific size information, click on a shirt style, scroll down, and you will see the EXACT measurements (the only accurate way to determine size, compare the sizes to those of a shirt that you already know fits you!).

Questions about pricing/shipping/fabric/size/availability/ordering/website/suggestions? Be sure to tell People's Choice at the link above (I am just the lady who paints the paintings. I don't make/sell/stock the shirts. If you have questions about painting though, I'm the person to ask). Again - lots of designs, click the link above and use the right hand scrolly arrows to see everything! T-shirts, 3/4 sleeves, tanktops & throw blankets also available at the link above!

Prints of Milagros:  Corazon of course are available at Strangeling.com HERE

New ACEO Cards
All up for auction this week - click HERE to see

I've been working hard on a new batch of ACEO cards. They are now all up for auction - each bid starts at just one penny to give everybody a chance. Click HERE to see them all.

ACEO cards are trading card sized (2.5"x3.5") miniature one of a kind canvas prints.  I make only ONE card of each painting, ever.  I number them #1 out of 1 since I only make one.  Each is hand embellished by me, signed & numbered 1/1 in acrylic paints, authentification is written by me on the backside of each card.  A great way to collect artwork if you are on a budget or running low on wallspace!

Many of these are of paintings you may not have seen before, as I always make an ACEO card for each mini painting and tiny treasure I do as well as the larger paintings.  Since those tend to sell immediately at art shows and live events, the ACEO cards are usually the only time anybody in the rest of the world gets to see these artworks!  Enjoy!

Some may not yet have popped up on eBay, but will do so later on this week, so keep an eye out.

All of these are already packed and ready to ship from our Midwest location, so there will be no delay on shipment for the ACEO cards =)

November Original Painting GIVEAWAY
All Patreon Members will be automatically entered, join HERE

Winner will be chosen November 15th randomly from my Patreon members.

Here is my next GIVEAWAY - an ORIGINAL PAINTING - open to all Patreon members - sign up here -  - WORLDWIDE, international patrons are welcome! One Patreon supporter will be selected randomly on Sunday night, November 15 at 8pm EST! It is open to all levels of Patreon subscribers, worldwide, even just the $1 level. She is a Tiny Treasure with an Alice in Wonderland theme - measuring 3"x3" acrylic painting on wood, there is a hanger on the back so you can pop her right up onto your wall!

In addition to the monthly original painting giveaways there I'll be doing lots of smaller giveaways like autographed figurines, coloring books, etc., definitely check it out. You don't need to do anything special to enter, I'll just be picking a member up at Patreon randomly. This painting is not for sale, it will be given away, and I will ship it anywhere in the world. Each month a new original acrylic panting will be given away on the 15th of the month. All members of mine at Patreon will be entered automatically, as long as you are a member, you will be entered.

If you are not yet a member, just click this link and hit the "Become a Patron" to sign up, from only $1/month to subscribe and you always get entered in all the giveaways smile emoticon

Be sure to check out all my other Alice in Wonderland artwork here at Strangeling.com
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