Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Fun times!

Let me see - we got up today and walked to the Post Office and mailed some things (mostly great big giant checks to the the Internal Revenue Service and to the State Revenue Departments as well - how incredibly annoying). Then we walked to the Celebration Town Hall and officially registered as Celebration Residents. We got bike stickers (we want to get bikes) and our Pool Pass so we can use the pool at Lakeside Park (which is across the street from us - hehe). We then walked around the lake and the park, and went on the awesome nature trail that I can see from our window! We saw lizards and turtles and some of the most pre-historic looking birds. It's cooler today (maybe about 65 or 70 degrees) and very sunny and windy! We walked around another lake (Lake Evalyn) that the nature trail also went around and looked at some gorgeous houses. The neighborhoods around here in Celebration are all very posh and well-kept. Very beautiful architecture as well!

We're getting ready to go to Downtown Disney in a few minutes. Matt has a meeting to go to for Rainforest and I'm going to walk around the shops while he does that. Afterwards we are going to Epcot to get our annual passes! We called them and they told us that we could bring our Missouri driver's licenses along with a copy of our lease here in Celebration to prove that we are Florida residents (and get our discount). Lol, here we are on a strict budget and I'm going to drop $800 on some Disney World tickets, hehe.

So - we're off to have fun! I know I am supposed to be working right now, but after all the stress of moving I need at least this one night to blow off some steam!

Oh yes - I've taken a lot more photos - I am going to upload them soon. I think that my camera cables are in a box that says "Computer Stuff" - I'll find it soon!
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