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Nightmare Before Christmas GIVEAWAY, Jasmine in Seattle on Saturday, Birds & Beasties & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Just a quick & exciting update this week!

I had a wonderful time the past few weeks at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival - thank you all who came to see me!  I'm now heading out to Seattle for my show there this weekend, so the next couple weekends at the KC Renfest my gallery will be run by my sister & her family.  Definitely stop by the Festival still - we bring new art each weekend!  (Details are HERE).

This Saturday is my "Birds and Beasties" show at Eight and Sand Gallery in Seattle, WA! I'll be there in person for the opening on October 10 from 6pm-9pm,  I very rarely get up to this part of the country, so please stop by & say hi if you can!  Free event, everybody is welcome, details on the Event page HERE

And in other news - I'm running another GIVEAWAY - winner will be chosen TOMORROW (Thursday) - to receive an autographed figurine of my "Jack" fairy from my official Nightmare Before Christmas series with Disney/Hamilton Collection.  It is through Patreon, details are below.  All you need to do is join my Patreon by 8:00PM Eastern Time tomorrow night and you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.  Subscriptions start at just $1 - click HERE for details or to sign up.  Next week, my Patreon Giveaway will be for an original painting!

Birds and Beasties
Jasmine's Solo Show in Seattle opens Saturday - details here

This Saturday I'm having a solo show at Eight And Sand Gallery in Seattle! Opening October 10th, 2015 - the title of the show is "Birds and Beasties" and will consist of all new original paintings - surreal, fantastical, historical - all themed around the world of birds and other beautiful animals (and of course my female figurative characters!). I will be there in person the evening of October 10 (6pm-9pm) and the show will hang until November 6 in Seattle's Eight and Sand Gallery.

Preference on original paintings will be given to collectors attending in person the first opening evening, after which online ordering & worldwide shipping will commence.

We'll also have a handful of prints with a Birds and Beasties theme, for those of you interested in prints!

Stay tuned over the next year to see updates about the show, works in progress, and further details.

Questions about the event? Email curator Alex at eightandsand@gmail.com or me, Jasmine, at JasmineToad@aol.com

Eight and Sand Gallery is located at 5840 Airport Way S Suite 212 Seattle, Washington 98108. Click here for a map - NOTE - This is in the malt house, around the back of the building, up on south end of loading dock, first door on the left as you enter the building.

Beautiful.Bizarre Magazine has done a wonderful writeup / preview showcasing some of the new paintings that will debut at Birds & Beasties.  You can see the preview and read the blurb right here, check it out!

Nightmare Before Christmas GIVEAWAY
All Patreon Members will be automatically entered, join HERE

Winner will be chosen TOMORROW night (Thursday) randomly from my Patreon members.

Thursday night I'm doing a GIVEAWAY for an autographed figurine - my "Jack" fairy from my official Nightmare Before Christmas Collection - open to all Patreon members - sign up here  - WORLDWIDE, international patrons are welcome! One Patreon supporter will be selected randomly on Thursday night, October 8! It is open to all levels of Patreon subscribers, worldwide, even just the $1 level. In addition to the monthly original painting giveaways there I'll be doing lots of smaller giveaways like this one, definitely check it out. You don't need to do anything special to enter, I'll just be picking a member up at Patreon randomly.

Don't want a free one and would rather buy one?  US Customers can get the entire collection from the Hamilton Collection here

They are also available WORLDWIDE for International, US, or non-US customers here at Burning Desires here.

These figurines are Limited Edition, and are licensed by Disney.  Again, the giveaway will be the evening of October 8 and it is open to anybody signed up at my Patreon.  You don't have to do anything special to enter, you just need to be an active member of my Patreon, click the big orange "Become a Patron" button to sign uphere.   The next giveaway will be for an original painting on October 15, with many more giveaways to come.
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