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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Ok - finally =)

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for not updating yesterday - we were out running errands all last night. I know I promised some photos too, but they will have to wait a little longer until I unpack my digital camera cables, hehe. The webcam is up and running though! It will probably be a few days before I get it set up to show me painting (we have a lot of unpacking and moving furniture, etc. to do still) but in the meantime I just have it set up on top of my computer so you can see me typing and stuff, hehe.

Here's a basic rundown of everything so far! Click below to read it all...

Sunday night (back in KC) we were up until about 4 am loading up our van. We had more stuff than we had anticipated and ended up having to store more boxes in Daddy's basement and giving a bunch of things to Matt's mom. We finally got everything wedged into our rather petite mini-van (I can't believe how much we fit in there...). We got about three hours of sleep and got up and cleaned the old apartment some more before we left at around 9 am Monday (a lot later than we had expected). We drove all day until Chattanooga (on the border between Tennesse and Georgia) where we stopped for about five hours at a Days Inn for a couple of hours of sleep. Then we drove straight to Celebration =)

We gave our kitties some herbal-kitty-sedatives that we got at the health food store, and they slept curled up together in the cat carrier nearly the entire time. Little sweethearts =)

We arrived in Celebration early Tuesday afternoon. Somehow Matty arranged to have flowers and a teddy bear delivered to me while we were moving in - what a dear!

Our apartment is so incredibly nice! It exceeded all of my expectations. It's about twice the size of our previous apartment, which is great! It has a gorgeous kitchen and a huge bathroom, a walk-in closet, a big bedroom and large living room/dining room. Since it is a corner apartment we have windows on three sides of it, which is great - there is so much light (great for painting). Our view is beautiful - we are on right on the lake, and I can see palm trees and magnolia trees and live oaks with dripping with Spanish moss from my windows! It's fun living on top of a restaurant - when we go outside it smells really good and kept making us hungry when we were moving boxes and stuff. We spent all of Monday unloading the van, with a brief break to open up a bank account at the SunTrust right around the corner and to buy some diet Vanilla Cokes at the little Gooding's grocery store half a block away. It's awesome - we can walk to everything! Celebration is such a beautiful place - everybody is really laid back and friendly too, very nice. We haven't even gotten a chance to walk around really yet - we've been so insanely busy!

Yesterday we unpacked a lot of boxes and that sort of thing. We also got our internet, cable, and telephone hooked up. I've been wading through enormous piles of email - it's going to take me a little while to get back on track. We went to Costco and Target and the grocery store and stuff and bought tons of things we needed. We got a new TV, a new VCR (we're going to put the old ones in our bedroom), a new vacuum cleaner, a new microwave, a whole kitchen full of groceries, tons of cleaning supplies (all that stuff you need to buy once you get a new place - mops and brooms and paper towels) and a new swimming suit, some pans, trash cans, a new litter box for kitties, two new computer desks, chairs, - all sorts of stuff! I can't believe how much money I have spent. I need to be on a very strict budget for a while before Matt gets back to work - argh! We are going to put off buying a lot of our new furniture and stuff until we have a little more savings and have paid off some of these damned credit cards. I really don't mind going without a few things for awhile, I am just so happy to be here - everything is even nicer than I had imagined.

We haven't had any time yet to do anything "fun" per se, but we are having a great time. We haven't even been able to take a walk around the lake 15 feet away, let alone go to Disney World or anything! We might go and try to get our annual passports at the parks tomorrow evening after he goes in to the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney to work out his scheduling stuff.

I had so much fun going to the Post Office today - I just walked right on over. It was great! A very nice, well-stocked Post Office. I am used to my old one back in Kansas City which was inside of a grocery store and wasn't even close to being a full-service post office (with the amount of shipping I do, it was kind of a drag). This is so refreshing! I can walk there whenever I need to mail anything.

Let me see... I got some painting done today! I also listed some older paintings I had done before we left last weekend up on eBay. Click here to see them! They are all starting at a penny with no reserve.

I might put up another Mix&Match print sale auction up soon - we'll see. Also on the drawing board - I'm planning a new Alice In Wonderland piece - "Alice and the Cards" - something along those lines. I'm also going to do some more Fairy Tale pieces, and of course some more little paintings of faeries and such.

We are leaving very early on Sunday morning to go with Daddy & Robin to the Keys. We'll be back on Tuesday!

I can't wait to get go to Disney World! It is so incredibly tempting to be only a couple of minutes away from the parks, but we have been forcing ourselves to stay on track and get moved in. Hopefully we'll get our passports tomorrow and hit at least one park before we go down to the Keys. After we get back Matt is going to have to do Traditions training, and I'm going to be painting like crazy for a little while. After that we'll get to relax a little and do some exploring and stuff.

Kachina and James are coming down on the 28th! I'm so excited! I want to get a lot of work done in the meantime so I can goof off with them once they get here.

Wow - I'd better get going! I have a million things to do - I can't believe how busy I have been. We're having a great time though, and the kitties love their new home =)

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