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Jasmine's 1st Coloring Book! Unseelie Court Greed, 20 Sided Dice Fairy & more....

Updates from Jasmine!

What a week!

We are BACK from Dragon*Con - thank you all who made came to see me & helped make it our best, most successful and BUSIEST Dragon*Con ever.  We'll be back next year!

Florida folks - I'm doing an event this Saturday, September 19th at the WonderGround Gallery inside Disney's Marketplace Co-Op from 4pm-7pm here at Downtown Disney in Florida.  Stop by & say hi!  It's a free event, kids are welcome, I'll have my Disney art there!  Details are here

Kansas City folks!  The KC Renfest hast started!  Details are on my event page here .  My permanent gallery will be open every day at the Renfest for the entire season, and I myself will be there in person the last week of September and the first week of October (and I'll be painting!).

Now onto the BIG news!  Yes, I'm officially announcing my first coloring book!  TheJasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book is being published by Blue Angel Publishing (the folks who did my Strangeling book and many of my Oracle Card Decks).  I do not yet have a release date or price, but I do have some details and a sneak peek below!  It's a big fancy coloring book great for grownups (or kids of all ages too).

Now for the new art!  I debuted a lot of new original paintings at DragonCon, and we've started releasing all of them now online as prints (pretty much all of the originals however are sold).

Today I'm introducing "Unseelie Court:  Greed" and "20 Sided Dice Fairy"!

I also have a new work-in-progress to show you, at the bottom of this update.... Day of the Dead themed....

"Unseelie Court:  Greed"
16x20"  Acrylic Painting $6,200 SOLD * Prints available HERE

"Unseelie Court:  Greed" was debuted & SOLD at Dragon Con - the very first of my "Seven Deadly Sins" collection of my "Unseelie Court" series - starting with "Greed!" My Unseelie Court series focuses on the darker aspects of the faerie world, combined with historic and art-history references. The first collection in the series featured the Apocalypse themes (Famine, War, Pestilence, Death) and this new collection features each of the Seven Deadly Sins. "Greed" explores avarice and excess, the love of money, and features a beautiful (but greedy!) fairy/angel maiden. All of my Unseelie Court pieces feature Art History themes, and this one does as well - a lot of imagery in this (historical allegorical references include Van Heem, De Vos , Bruegel & more). I gave her halo the look of a digital stock-ticker, and if you look closely you'll see her tattoos represent various wordwide currency symbols. Be sure to check out the others in the Unseelie Court series and keep an eye out for more Sins to come!
Original painting has been SOLD, but we have 8x10" and 12x16" glossy paper prints signed on the back by me at Strangeling.com for only $9.99 and $19.99. We had two types of canvas prints - first the Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases (the BIG kind, full sized at 16x20", gallery profile, hand embellished by me, signed and numbered out of FIVE ever made, wrapped on boards and ready to hang) for $595. EDIT: The Masterpiece Limited Editions have already SOLD out, in just a few minutes of going "LIVE".   We have also released the Open Edition 12x16" Canvases (also wrapped on boards, ready to hang, with a signed certificate of authenticity on the back) for $125 at the same time. All are up here - just use the dropdown box to choose which type of fine art print you'd like

Click HERE to order prints or canvases.

Also on eBay - click HERE

And in our Etsy shop

The #1/5 (the very FIRST) Masterpiece Limited Edition is up for auction on eBayhere

PLEASE NOTE:  Yes, we have already sold the other 4 Masterpiece Editions.  Fastest sell-out ever.  Typically we auction off the #5 last as well as the #1 first in a Masterpiece Edition, but the quantities sold out before we could even remove her from the website.  Because of this, the only chance still remaining to purchase a Masterpiece Edition of "Greed" is the #1/5 auction here

We'll also have prints at the The Kansas City Renaissance Festival every weekend from now until October 18th (and I'll be there in person September 26 through October 4). Details about the KC Renfest are here.

I apologize again for the fast sellout of this one's Masterpiece Editions, typically we have some warning and offer the #5 as an auction available to everyone.  This coming week we are offering some additional "early reservation" options for hardcore collectors to help circumvent this in the future, please stay tuned for a very special email update/post early next week.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"20 Sided Dice Fairy"
8x10"  Acrylic Painting $2,400 SOLD * Prints available HERE

"20 Sided Dice Fairy" - As a kid growing up I was very much into Dungeons & Dragons - a huge part of what made me pursue a career in fantasy art. The first things that attracted me to the game were the artwork/illustrations and of course all the funny-sided dice! I'm painting an homage to my favourite - the 20 sided "d20" dice in this lovely painting of a fairy clutching one (probably hoping for a Saving Throw). There were certainly times I could have used a fairy on my side to roll a 19 or 20..... She debuted at Dragon*Con 2015 - of course Dragon*Con is a great gaming convention too, so I thought it would be the perfect venue for her. I'm also toying with the idea of painting a fairy with a 4 sided die, 12 sided die, etc. in the future - could make a cute set!

Original painting has been SOLD, but we have 8x10" glossy paper prints signed on the back by me at Strangeling.com for only $9.99 and also Limited Edition Canvases (hand embellished by me, signed and numbered out of 25, 8x10", wrapped on boards and ready to hang) for only $100.  All options are available on my website using the drop-down menu to choose your fine art print option:

Click HERE for prints & canvases!

Also on eBay HERE

And in our Etsy shop

We will also have this one at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival!

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine's 1st Coloring Book
Coming soon from Blue Angel Publishing

It's true!  Months, years, decades(?) in the making.  We've just finalized all the materials for my upcoming COLORING BOOK coming out soon from Blue Angel Publishing, sneak preview above!

It is going to be a high end "grownup" coloring book (but suitable for kids of all ages), around 75-95 pages, (one image per page, so those that use markers shouldn't have any bleed-through), short blurbs from me with insights about the artwork and SO MUCH to color.

I am extremely excited about this project - stay tuned for details.  We are HOPING (cross your fingers) to have the initial launch in time for Christmasl

She's not up for pre-order yet but will be soon at BlueAngelOnline.com - they are happy to ship worldwide.

It will be available also on Amazon of course, all the usual online shops and also bookstores worldwide (wherever Blue Angel and their distributors wholesale too).

It will be *eventually* be available autographed on my website Strangeling.com .  I will have to buy them first, get them shipped to me, autograph them, re-ship them, etc. so those will come later and will probably cost more since I have to ship them multiple times and buy them myself.  But I definitely will have some!  Stay tuned at my Facebook and website and my email updates for additional info coming soon!  You can also sign up HERE at Blue Angel to get on their mailing list to be alerted when the colouring book is available.

I leave you now with a work-in-progress shot of the second in my "Milagros" series, here is a painting I've been working on caled "Milagros: Corazon" (she'll be holding a heart covered in milagros ex voto charms) - for a Day of the Dead themed group show at Alexi Era Gallery in Mascoutah, Illinois called "Amore Vincit Omnia". This piece is an 8x10" acrylic painting, will be beautifully framed and priced at $2400. If you are interested, please contact info@alexieragallery.com for details or call 618.520.2503 . The "Amore Vincit Omina" show will have it's opening reception Oct 3rd, 2015 6-9PM, and the show will run at the Alexi Era Gallery from Oct 3rd – Nov 15th . I fell in love with milagros (the little votive charms) on my last trip to Mexico, this is the second piece in the series (be sure to check out Strangeling.com to see Milagros: Mariposas). Prints and canvases of this new piece will be available after October 3rd up at Strangeling.com as well.

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