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DragonCon, Last Chance on MANY Ltd Ed Canvases, KC Renfest, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Lots of exciting stuff going on around here (and elsewhere....)

Firstly, I'm getting ready to leave for DRAGON*CON! PLEASE NOTE We're packing up now to begin the long journey.  Strangeling.com and our eBay/Etsy/etc. will remain up & running as usual, but for hand painted artwork there will be a bit of a delay (we return from Atlanta on September 8, our next shipping day September 9).  I am in the DragonCon Art Show at the Hyatt Regency Grand Hall WEST (same spot as always in the ART SHOW, NOT the comic art section next door, this always confuses people).  More details are below and even more details are on my event page here

Kansas City folks!  The KC Renfest starts September 5th!  Details are on my event page here .  My permanent gallery will be open every day at the Renfest for the entire season, and I myself will be there in person the last week of September and the first week of October (and I'll be painting!).

In other news - I have some new ACEO cards up for sale (including the elusive Rhapsody in Pink - other than the ACEO there are absolutely no prints, no canvases, no merchandise of her whatsoever - just the ACEO card alone!). Click here to see the new ACEO cards.

Now some very important stuff - many of our Limited Edition Canvases are running out.  Many have now completely sold out.  With all the sales, conventions, festivals and fairs lately we have been selling the Lt. Ed. canvas prints like never before.  I know I usually try to alert you when canvases are running low, but sometimes they sneak up on us (and sometimes stores/galleries place wholesale orders which can sometimes clear out an entire edition).  We currently have several "LAST CHANCE" Limited Edition Canvas auctions for the #25/25 (or #5/5 for Masterpiece Editions) last Lt. Ed. Canvases in each edition.  These are truly the last chances you'll ever have for these, no more will ever be made. Click HERE to see the last chance you'll have for "Sanura," "Stilleven IX: Vissen," "Waterlily," "Hope and Despair," Pearl Swirl Mermaid,"  Some of these are ENDING TONIGHT so hop in there if you don't want to miss out forever.  Scroll down in this update for head's up on other canvases that are running low, endangered, etc.

Last Chance Limited Editions
Now sold out, the very last ones are up for auction here

Yes - Limited Edition really does mean Limited.  Once these are gone, no more are left.  I always auction off the final piece in a limited edition to give everybody one last chance, with bidding starting at just one penny here - and some are ending tonight!

One of these - "Stilleven IX:  Vissen" is a Masterpiece Limited Edition - the BIG sized canvases - I only make 5 of these, so this is #5/5 - typically $595.00 each, bidding also starts at just one penny on her here.

All are hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, numbered (#25/25), dated & signed.  They are wrapped on boards, ready-to-hang!

Endangered Limited Edition Canvases

In addition to the Lt. Ed. Canvases above being sold out, we also now have several other Limited Edition Canvases that are "Endangered".  This means that only one or two are left so we have removed them from Strangeling.com (we still have them though as paper/open editions) and they are now only available in my eBay store as individual fixed price listings.  I've compiled a list below (many others are getting close, I will keep you updated).  After these have sold, their final #25/25 canvases will go up for auction, so these below are your last opportunities to get one at the regular price:

"Unseelie Court:  Famine" - only ONE left here

"Mechanical Angel I"- only TWO left here

"Napoleon and Josephine" - only TWO left here (Masterpiece Edition)

"Alice and the Bosch Birds" - only ONE left here

"Mardi Gras Masquerade" - only TWO left here

"Mermaid Mother and Child" - only ONE left here

"Beauty and the Beast" - only ONE left here

New ACEO Cards!
Three new ACEO cards this week are available here

Only one ACEO card of each painting is ever made.  Truly one of a kind!  Artist Trading Card sized (same as a Pokemon or baseball card - 2.5"x3.5") miniature canvas prints I have hand embellished in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered "1/1" - only ONE ever made!  Since I only make one of each, the only really fair way to offer them for sale is to give everybody a chance at auction - click here to see them all - bidding always starts at just one penny.  Of particular note in this batch is"Rhapsody in Pink" here - "Rhapsody in Pink" is a very special painting - I painted her on the road while I was traveling, and the original was part of the Carbon show at Sally Centigrade Gallery. Originally an oddly shaped diamond painting, not well suited for printing, I didn't take my usual print scans for her.  I did however snap a photo of her before she sold at the gallery, and from a combination of that photo and of course my own acrylic paints I have created this one single unique ACEO card.  There will be no other prints, no limited editions, no paper prints, no postcards, no merchandise, nothing of Rhapsody in Pink other than this one single card - truly one of a kind indeed!

DragonCon Madness
For details photos, and other info visit the Event Page HERE

I'm getting ready for DRAGON*CON coming up soon!  We're leaving shortly!

Psssst - I've been painting some Tiny Treasures for you earlybirds at DragonCon ;)  They are actual original  miniature acrylic paintings (3" wood squares), ready to hang, only $195 each and ONLY available in person at the show.  The show opens up at 1:00pm on this Friday, September 4th.  Come early if you'd like to snag one!

Also come early if you'd like a FREE 2016 Strangeling Calendar or Weekly Planner!  I have about a dozen of each, and the first folks who come to my booth while supplies last will get one!  No strings attached, completely free and I'm happy to autograph them.

It's my 10th year at the Dragon*Con Art Show and I'm in my usual spot!  Back in the far left hand corner along the back wall.  See the above floorplan and follow the kitty tracks!  The red Xs indicate my hanging gallery walls (where my original paintings and Limited Edition Canvases are hanging) and my Artist Bazaar Booth (where the free calendars & the Tiny Treasures are, my various paper prints, additional canvas prints, books, oracle decks and the new fairy figurines!).  I'll be there all day every day the whole show.

I stress this every year but every year DOZENS of people miss this so read up:

I am in the ART SHOW which is in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Grand Hall WEST

I am NOT in the comics/pop section - that is next door.  There's cool stuff in there, but not me.

I am in the ART SHOW.  Grand Hall West.  Far back left corner.  Don't be one of those folks who wander around the wrong room or wrong hotel and write me sad emails after the show saying they never found me.  Art Show.  Hyatt Grand Hall West.  Not comics/dealers/exhibitors/walk of fame, no, no, no.  I'm in the Art Show.  See ya there!

I leave you with a work-in-progress shot of my new "Abyssal Mermaid" - monstrous (in size and content) new original painting that will be debuting at the Dragon*Con Art Show....

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