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Jasmine's Disney Take Over this weekend, Luna Eclipse, Sugar Skulls & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Another huge update from me!

The big news is this Friday, Saturday & Sunday is my TAKEOVER at Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California.  Each day from 1pm-10pm I'll be there with the entire gallery full of nothing but my artwork (Disney art and my personal non-Disney art).  I'll be debuting "Tinker Bell at Skull Rock" and I'll be painting LIVE!  Details are here.

Since we are all in California for the event, my fixed price eBay store items are currently in "Vacation Mode".  We'll be posting some fun auctions though while I'm gone here.  All new payments & orders for eBay and for Strangeling.com will be processed & shipped upon our re-opening July 15th.

Thanks for all who tuned into my online web special on Beyond Words Presents!  Did you miss the show?  Good news!  They have archived the episode though and you can watch the archived version program for free up at YouTube online here

I have two new paintings to show you! Luna Eclipse here and Crown of Air and Water here .  Please feel free to place your orders now at Strangeling.com (but note that we will resume shipping July 15th.)

The LAST #25/25 Limited Edition Canvas of "Paisley" is up for auction here and and the LAST #25/25 Limited Edition Canvas of "Queen of Bees" is up for auction here!

Good news!  My "Sugar Skull" girls figurines are now available to order online worldwide!  If you live in the USA you can subscribe to the entire collection here and if you live in the UK/AU/Canada/ANYWHEREINTHEWORLD you can order the first figurine here

And finally - other good news - I have some fabulous new t-shirts available here

"Luna Eclipse"
8"x24" Acrylic on panel $4200 Original Painting SOLD

Prints from $19.99 are HERE

"Luna Eclipse" is the painting I did as part of "Jasmine Paints LIVE" - a live painting demonstration held at Disney World's Pop Gallery here in Florida. I love the shape of this piece! The magical maiden is holding a disc to create an artificial eclipse, bringing the nocturnal Luna Moths (hence the pun in the title). Original painting is sold, but we have glossy 18x6" prints for $19.99 (signed on the back by me), 18x6" open edition canvases for $125.  We have already SOLD OUT of the 36" Masterpiece Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvases for $595 (only FIVE of the limited editions were made), bu the other print options are all up at my website here (just click on the image, then use the drop-down box under Fine Art Print options to choose) :

Click HERE for prints of Luna Eclipse

The #1 Limited Edition Masterpiece Canvas of her (36x12", edition of five, hand embellished) is up for auction here

We have sold #2, #3, and #4 already, so we'll be auctioning off the final #5 sometime soon, the edition is now sold out.

Glossy prints are also on sale on eBay here and the open edition canvas prints are here
and in our Etsy store

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"Crown of Air and Water"
12"x16" Acrylic on panel $4800 Original Painting SOLD

Prints from $9.99 on sale HERE

"Crown of Air and Water" is a new painting for my upcoming Surrealism oracle deck. This beautiful water nymph/mermaid has a living crown symbolizing air & water both, made of fish, birds, butterflies, etc. Love the colours in this one! The original painting has been sold, but we have prints & canvases available now on my website ($9.99 for 8x10" and $19.99 for 12x16" glossy paper prints, signed by me on the back, $125 for 11x14" limited edition ready-to-hang canvas prints signed, hand embellished by me, numbered out of 25) here - just use the Fine Art Prints dropdown box Options -

Click here to order prints or canvases of "Crown of Air and Water"

Prefer eBay? 8x10" paper prints are $9.99 here and 12x16" paper prints are $19.99here

The #01/25 Lt. Ed. Canvas is up for auction here

And of course our Etsy shop is here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

My Sugar Skull Girls!!
USA customers here and international customers here

Yes, now available online wherever you are!  If you live in the USA you can subscribe to the entire collection here and if you live in the UK/AU/Canada/ANYWHERE Else In The World -  you can order the first figurine from Burning Desires here (her name is Bright Sofia, the others will be available for International Customers as they are released & imported, probably about once a month).

These are Limited Edition resin figurines, about 4-4.5" high, absolutely adorable, with a Mexican Day of the Dead / Sugar Skull / Calavera facepaint theme. I'm so happy with how they turned out - here are the first four in the series - got mine in the mail & am playing with them in the backyard. They are all so colourful! The first one in the collection is "Bright Sofia" - if you are are a USA customer doing the subscription/collection from Hamilton, she will be the first to arrive. If you are overseas/international and ordering from Burning Desires, "Bright Sofia" has just now popped up, and the others will follow.

Also USA customers can order from Burning Desires if you just want to buy them individually of course. Questions about ordering/shipping/payment/etc. should be directed to whichever company (Hamilton Collection or Burning Desires) - ie, not to the lady who paints the pictures (me! I can only really tell you about pictures, not orders with other companies ;)  Can't wait to get the next ones in the mail!!

Last Chance!
Both now SOLD OUT, the #25/25 Limited Editions for "Paisley" and for "Queen of Bees" are up for auction HERE

We've been selling out of so many canvases lately!  The final #25/25 "Paisley" Limited Edition Canvas is up for auction now here and the final #25/25 "Queen of Bees" is up for auction here - we sold out SO fast! One of the Lt. Ed.s for Queen of Bees will also be at Dragon*Con later this year, but other than that they are all gone =(  We do now have the Open Edition Canvases (also very nice, they aren't hand embellished or numbered but are the next best thing) and the glossy paper prints available for both now at Strangeling.com

New T-shirts!
Many styles, SM-3X, Men, Women, Juniors!  Click here

We've added three new designs, in addition to the dozens of great pieces already up there!  Available WORLDWIDE - you can place your orders here - dozens of images, shirts from SM to 3X, Mens/Unisex/Womens/Juniors, many different styles! Exact flat measurements in inches (flat width, length) is on each style of shirt when you click on the shirt's page and scroll down. Questions about the shirts should be directed to People's Choice Apparel on the website link above (I'm just the artist - you know, the lady who paints the actual pictures - I don't make, sell or ship the shirts!). These in particular turned out BEAUTIFULLY - I now own over a dozen of these shirts with different paintings of mine and I love them, they are soft, comfy and hold up very well with repeated washing.
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