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Jasmine's in Mexico! New paintings and new ACEOs!

Updates from Jasmine!

We had a great time in Kansas City at Spectrum!  Now we're off to Mexico!  I'll be in Mexico this next week, celebrating my birthday & researching some upcoming paintings (Dia de los Muertos, and birdwatching for my Birds and Beasties show)

Please note - while I'm away, new orders for Limited Edition Canvases will not be processed until the next shipping day when I'm back (which will be June 8th).  MyStrangeling eBay store is in Vacation Mode, meaning that the fixed price listings have disappeared, reappearing once I'm back home June 7th. Be sure to keep an eye out on my eBay store though, I'll be listing new #01 LE Canvases, and last-chance #25 LE canvases, new ACEOs, etc. as auction listings while I'm gone - and I'll be back in time to ship them all so bid with confidence!

Strangeling.com , Strangeling Emporium on eBay, and our Strangeling Etsy Store will all remain open as usual while I'm gone (the only potential delays are new Limited Edition Canvas orders, everything else ships asap.

I have two new paintings - "Napoleon and Josephine"  and "Stilleven X:  Gouden Kelk" to show you!  Both of the originals sold at the Spectrum show, but we have prints & Limited Edition Canvases available now!

A new batch of ACEO Cards are up for auction! Click here to see those that have already popped up.  More will be popping up in the next few days!  Each is one of a kind, only one ACEO of each painting is ever made.  Trading card sized, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, bidding starts at a penny each.

Be sure to stay tuned at my Facebook over the next week, I'll be debuting some new prints & paintings (including the newest Poissons Volants, the new Alice in a Starry Night, and the new Poisonous Beauties) and some other fun news!  And for those curious about my trip to Mexico, you may want to follow me on Instagram (my user ID there is Strangeling) - if I can get a cellphone connection out in the jungle, I'll be posting some pics!

"Napoleon and Josephine"
16x20 Acrylic painting $6000 SOLD

Prints & Limited Edition Canvases from $9.99 are HERE

"Napoleon and Josephine" - one of the paintings I debuted and sold at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2015. This is a history / art history inspired piece featuring of course Empress Josephine - surrounded (almost fangirly) with a bunch of portraits of her husband Napoleon. We just saw a couple of great Napoleonic exhibits recently while we were in the UK and in France, which definitely led me to paint this piece. A very fun pastiche of historical portraiture and my own contemporary spin of course! I'm hoping that this will be part of a larger series for a book on historical figures. Original painting sold at the show, but we have lots of print & canvas options....

The next best thing to the original is the Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases - only FIVE of these will ever be made, they are full sized (16x20") on the extra deep gallery wrapped canvases, ready to hang, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & dated, numbered out of five. $595 each, these are available at my website link below:

"Napoleon and Josephine" Prints & Canvases are here

We also have the open edition 12x16" canvas prints for $125 at the link above (just use the drop-down menu). In addition there are the glossy paper prints signed on the back by me - $9.99 for the 8x10"s and $19.99 for the 12x16"s.

Prefer eBay? We have the same options available on eBay here (including the #1 BIG Limited Edition Masterpiece Canvas!)

And also options in our Etsy store here

"Stilleven X:  Gouden Kelk"
8x16 Acrylic painting $3500 SOLD

Prints & Limited Edition Canvases from $19.99 are HERE

"Stilleven X: Gouden Kelk" - the tenth in a series of works I have in my Stilleven series that feature "deconstructed" elements of still lifes inspired by the Dutch master painters of the 1500-1600s, along with lovely girls, faeries & nymphs (of course!). Stilleven is Dutch for "Still Life" and "Gouden Kelk" means "Golden Chalice". The ornate golden chalice takes center stage in this one, along with a lot of beautiful flowers and fruits - all popular elements included in famous Dutch still lifes. And of course a beautiful nymph sits amongst it all. This is my own original acrylic painting, hand painted on panel, the original debuted at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live art show and the original also SOLD there, but we do have prints & canvases available now at Strangeling.com

Prints come in just one size - 8"x16" - glossy paper prints are signed on the back by me and are on sale this week for $19.99, Limited Edition Canvases are $125, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed, dated & numbered out of an edition of only 25 ever made - the canvases are also wrapped on boards & ready to hang, wired & all set to hang on your wall immediately.

Both types of prints "Stilleven X" prints are here

Also on eBay here (again, including the #1 Limited Edition Canvas auction)

Click here to see all of the rest of my Stilleven series:

And also options in our Etsy store here

New ACEO Cards Available
I've been working hard on some new ACEO cards!  See them all HERE

All one of a kind!

ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions & Originals.  Each one of my ACEO cards is a tiny trading card sized (2.5x3.5" - just like a baseball card or Pokemon card size) miniature canvas print that I have hand embellished in acrylic paints, signed & numbered #1/1.  This means I really do only make ONE of these cards ever - only one per painting.  Truly unique!  They're a great way to see some of the miniature pieces that debut at overseas shows, special events, etc. - many are made from paintings like my Tiny Treasures which are not even seen on my website.  A great way to start an art collection for those of you who are budget-minded or who don't have (or are running out of!) wall space.

I always auction off my ACEO cards on eBay to give everybody a chance, and start the bidding at just one penny.  I have several ACEO cards up now - check them outhere and again, more will be popping up each night for the next few days!
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