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Bookmarks, new Alice figurine, Wind in the Willows Prints, D23 Disney Sneak Peek!

Updates from Jasmine!

I have so many exciting things to show you today!

These next few weeks I'm preparing to debut some new original paintings for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (I'll be there at the event in Kansas City at Bartle Hall May 22-24 Details here).  I'll be posting work-in-progress previews on my Facebook and instagram (my name there is Strangeling) throughout the next 20 days.

Firstly - a couple of other sneak peek previews of some works in progress for shows later this year.  My "Birdsong 1" piece in progress can be seen here (for my October 10 solo show Birds and Beasties in Seattle - details here) and then also a sneak peek at my "Snow White in the Forest" Disney painting here (debuting at D23 this August in Anaheim, CA details here)

Next, we have the prints up for my new "The Wind in the Wllows" painting on Strangeling.com here - (also the finished painting is for sale HERE and you can even add it to your shopping cart if you'd like to purchase online from Modern Eden Gallery)

Thirdly - I'm very pleased to debut my new "Alice and Snow White" figurines - special Limited Editions from Nemesis Now - already up for pre-order at StrangelingUK here(and yes, they ship WORLDWIDE).  Also from StrangelingUK / Nemesis Now are my glorious new cushions/pillows here

Fourthly - BOOKMARKS!  You wanted them, you can get them!  Two different companies now have bookmarks with my artwork.  The first company (Fairies and Fantasy) sells traditional tasseled bookmarks here and the second company (StrangelingUK again) sells lovely metal charm bookmarks here.  Both companies ship worldwide.

And finally - got a couple of Lt. Ed. Canvases almost sold out - the final #25/25 "Poissons Volants:  L'Hippocampe" is now up for auction here and we are ALMOST sold out of "Loup-Garou:  Le Grande Pretresse" - only one more is left here

"Alice and Snow White" Lt. Ed. Statues now available here

My first Limited Edition statue from Nemesis Now!

Already available for pre-order worldwide here

(Nemesis Now and StrangelingUKThe Flaming Pixies are UK companies but YES they ship worldwide). Absolutely gorgeous, incredibly detailed, Limited Edition of 3000 ever made, 15cm high, pre-order price is £42.99 (which is around $65 US as of this writing), they will be in stock and will ship in July. YES they ship worldwide, if you have questions about shipping/costs/ordering contact the folks at StrangelingUK.com (it's not me, it's a UK company that sells lots of my stuff). I have many more products coming out with Nemesis Now, stay tuned. They primarily sell through the UK but most venues ship anywhere in the world, and as these items are wholesaled they will also start popping up in stores throughout the rest of the world.

"The Wind in the Willows"

Original 12x12" Acrylic painting $3500 available HERE
(payment plans available)

Prints and Canvases are on eBay here and Strangeling.com here
"The Wind in the Willows" - this is my submission for Modern Eden Gallery 's "Storybook" show. The show involved us artists creating different interpretations of classic children's books! I immediately went for Kenneth Grahame's 1908 "The Wind in the Willows" as it's one of my all time favourites. For my painting, being the artist I am, I wanted to include one of the few human characters in the book (the jailer's daughter, who helps Toad escape from prison). The background & layout & colours are reminiscent of Victorian painters like Waterhouse, Millais, Tissot (wonderful lazy river scenes).

One of the things I always enjoyed about The Wind in the Willows is how the main characters are animals. They are usually highly anthropomorphized in more recent illustrations, but I specifically wanted to depict them as the critters they are. Mr. Badger, Rattie, Mr. Toad and even Mole (on the distant shore) can all be seen. Ever the bon vivant, Mr. Toad is playing cards and sharing a bottle of wine with his lovely companion.
This is my own original acrylic painting, hand painted on panel, the original is currently at San Francisco's Modern Eden Gallery for the duration of the Storybook show (payment plans & worldwide shipping available, email info@moderneden.com ) .

12x12" Original Acrylic Painting is for sale online HERE $3500

We have open edition glossy paper prints of her signed on the back by me for only $9.99 and $19.99 (8x8" or 12x12"), and also 11x11" Limited Edition Canvas prints that are hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25, for only $125.00. All are available at Strangeling.com here simply use the fine art print options dropdown box to select size/type.

Or if you prefer eBay click here

And of course in our Etsy store here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Cushions/Pillows! Order here

From Nemesis Now - click here to order from StrangelingUK

Another beautiful new product from Nemesis Now.  StrangelingUK has them in stock to order now, and they are happy to ship worldwide.

Sneak Previews!

"Birdsong 1" will debut at my October 10 Seattle, WA Show
"Snow White in the Forest" will debut this August at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim
Work-in-progress for "Birdsong 1" -  a painting that will debut this October as part of my solo Beasties Birds and Beasties show at Eight And Sand Gallery in Seattle, WA. (details are here ) I'm working on this piece early (mostly so I can use her for promotional ads for the event) - a beautiful nymph in a hazy tropical setting filled with brilliant birds. 8x10" (about 13x15" in an ornate frame, acrylic painting on panel) she will be priced at $2400. The "Birds and Beasties" show will open October 10 from 6-9pm, and will run until November 6. Those attending in person will get "first dibs" on the original paintings, but after the first day the artwork will be offered to collectors worldwide via shipping / email / phone. If you are interested in this original painting please contact Alex at eightandsand@gmail.com - let her know you are interested in Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Birdsong 1" and let her know whether or not you plan to attend the event in person. Again, the opening night the paintings are available to attendees, and afterwards the gallery will contact the collectors list of those who have also inquired but are unable to attend. Prints and canvases will be available after October 10 up at Strangeling.com

Sneak preview Disney painting for Disney's D23 Expo "Snow White in the Forest"! Acrylic painting on panel, working now on all the 36 (I counted!) little forest animal friends Snow White is hanging out with in the forest. D23 is at the Anaheim Convention Center this August 14-16 and I'll be debuting this painting there in person! Afterwards too, Snow White will be available at the various WonderGround Galleries, Disney Themeparks, etc. both in CA and in FL. ©Disney - contracted & commissioned by the Walt Disney Company. For more info about my upcoming Disney events, visit my Facebook Events Page here - I have many coming up soon!

Traditional tasseled bookmarks are here & metal charm bookmarks are here

Bookmarks!  I know some of you have been asking about bookmarks, so here ya go - two new types!

Firstly we have traditional tasseled bookmarks here  and then we have these glorious metal charm bookmarks here.  Both websites ship WORLDWIDE.  (The traditional ones from Fairies and Fantasy are AU $3.95 which is a little over $3.00 US, and the metal ones from StrangelingUK are 3.99 GBP which is a little over $6.00 US).  Details about orders & shipping & payments are on each of the respective websites, I don't stock these myself but these are licensed by me, official, and lovely =)  Great gifts, too!
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