Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back from London!

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Good morning!  We are back in Florida, had a great time in London!!  Give us a couple of days to catch up ;)  Got lots of great shows & new art coming up – Saturday night (April 25) I’ll be at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op WonderGround Gallery​ here in Florida from 4-7pm.  Also that same evening in San Francisco, CA is the Modern Eden Gallery​ ‘s Storybook Show – I won’t be at that one though, since I’ll be at the Disney show here in Florida, hehe, only my artwork will be!).  I’ll be preparing over this next month to debut several new original paintings at Spectrum Fantastic Art LIVE 4  in Kansas City on May 22-24.  Not sure which all I’ll have finished – but stay tuned for works-in-progress for the pieces destined for Spectrum!  I am hoping to finish a new Napoleon & Josephine (inspired by some historical exhibits I just visited in Europe), possibly my new Steampunk/Egyptian Chariot painting, maybe the first of my Unseelie/7 Deadly Sins series, and alternately a new Poissons Volants,  Stilleven, or Alice in Other Lands piece.  Depends how much painting I can get done this month of course!! =)  Stay tuned for many sneak peeks!

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