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Unseelie Court Famine, Jasmine in Japan, Planet Comicon, ACEOs & Last Chance Canvases

Updates from Jasmine!

Another VERY busy week, lots of new stuff to show you!

Firstly - important:  as many of you know, Matt &I are both in JAPAN this week.  Yes, both of us  (Jasmine & Matt) are in Tokyo.  We get back home to Florida on March 23rd.  Orders paid before March 9 have already shipped, but new orders & payments will not be processed until we return on March 23rd. You can still place orders on Strangeling.com - everything will ship out immediately as usual except for the canvas prints (since I need to paint those by  hand), which you can still purchase, but they won't ship until March 23rd.  Email contact my also be limited while we are in Asia.  Want to see my personal photos from my Japanese trip?  Just follow me at Instagram - my user ID there is Strangeling

My eBay store "fixed price" listings are on hiatus while we're overseas, they will magically reappear upon our return.  In the meantime, every day I'm gone we'll be listing new "penny auctions" for canvases, new art, ACEOs & more in my StrangelingeBay store here, we'll be back in time to ship all these items, so feel free to bid as usual.

In other news - attention Kansas City people! My art booth will be at Planet Comicon this weekend - Friday, Saturday & Sunday!  Since I"m away in Japan, my sister Amber & her husband Chris will be running my booth, filled with my artwork, signed books & oracle cards, merchandise, and even signed copies of the new Beautiful Creatures Tarot deck.  Details about the event are here

I'm pleased to introduce you to my latest painting "Unseelie Court:  Famine" - you can see her (and buy prints from $9.99 right HERE

Good news for my International fans - my Ruby Dragonling Faberge Egg collectible is now available for WORLDWIDE shipping here  (and US customers can purchase herhere )

Two of my Limited Edition Canvas prints, hand embellished by me, are now SOLD OUT and the very last in each edition are up for auctions - "Bosch Circus" 20x20 Masterpiece Edition is here and "The Little Match Girl" is here

I have a new CUSTOM painting auction up!  Winner decides what the painting will look like, and I will paint you your very own custom painting - details are here

The next installment - "50 Shades of .... Skin" is up in my serial painting tutorial for "European Peacock" Butterfly Fairy are HERE , on my JasmineBecket page at Wattpad.

Unseelie Court:  Famine

Original 16"x20" Acrylic painting on panel $6000 SOLD

Prints and Canvases are on eBay here and on Strangeling.com here

The fourth painting in a my series called "The Unseelie Court" - specifically for the subset inspired by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - this is "Famine."  Each painting in my Unseelie Court series depicts important individuals or families within the Unseelie Court.  Exploring the darker side of the Fairy Court, the Unseelie faeries take their theming from unpleasant aspects of the magical and natural world.  But of course despite being wicked they will have a beautiful and refinded elegance about them.... This particular painting in the series symbolizes "Famine".  I tried to use a variety of historic magery from many cultures and centuries past - from the Dublin potato famine sculptures to the Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting famine in Saqqara, to medieval altarpieces.  So many great references in this one, really speaks to the Art History nerd in me, loads going on.  Her tattoo is the symbol of the balance scales, traditional associated with the apocalyptic personification of Famine.  The original piece is sold, but prints, canvases & posters are available.  Check outStrangeling.com here to see the others in the series!  Stay tuned for the Unseelie Court:  Deadly Sins subset....

We have glossy paper prints (signed by me on the back) in the 8x10 size this week for only $9.99 and 12x16 size for only $19.99.  Limited edition canvas prints are $125 and are 11x14", wrapped on boards ready-to-hang, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of an edition of only 25 ever made.  These are all up at my website (just select the choice of Fine Art Prints Options on the dropdown menu):

click here for Unseelie Court:  Famine

Prefer eBay?  We have the 8x10 paper prints here
and 12x16 here

the #01 LE Canvas Print is here

Please note that the LE Canvas prints won't be shipping out until I return from Japan on March 23rd, but please feel free to make your purchases now to make sure they don't sell out in the meantime.  Paper prints are already signed by me on the back and will ship immediately.
Also on Etsy here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Planet Comicon Kansas City now!

Hey Kansas City folks! Tomorrow & this weekend my art booth is at Planet Comicon - details are here .

My sister & her husband Chris are running the booth (I myself will be in Tokyo!) but they have loads of my artwork, merchandise, books & oracle decks (including my new Beautiful Creatures Tarot) SIGNED by me there. If you have questions about what will be in stock, etc. email Chris@strangeling.com - Planet Comicon is at Bartle Hall and is KC's largest comics/pop culture convention. Check it out if you're in the area!

New Custom Original Painting Auction

I've got a new Custom Painting up for auction! Click here to see her or to place a bid - as always, the winning bidder of the auction gets to tell me how to finish her - what colour eyes/hair/skin, what sort of theming, wings, tattoos, background, all that fun stuff. I always have a blast with these! Details are in the auction link above. Some examples of previous Custom Faces of Faery painting are here below -

Matt & I are going to be in Japan shortly, but we'll be back right after the auction ends and I can begin painting at that time!

"Last Chance" Lt. Ed. Canvases

We have ALREADY sold out of my "Bosch Circus" Limited Edition Canvases.  As always, the very last one (in this case, the #5/5 since only five were ever made) is being put up for auction so everybody gets one last chance.  Bidding starts at a penny here - this is the BIG 20"x20" Masterpiece Limited Edition series, only five were made, this one is handpainted with acrylic paint details, signed & numbered by me, numbered #5/5.  Retail price is typically $595 on these, but since it's an auction and since it's the very last one I made, definitely get your bid in early here

Another "last chance" for my Limited Edition canvas of "The Little Match Girl."  There were 25 of these made, each hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered, so this auction is for the #25 of 25, now sold out.  8x10" in size, click here to get your bid in - no more LE canvases of her will ever be made.

New Tutorial Installment

Follow me at Wattpad to get each installment free here

(and be sure to follow Matthew David Becket here to keep up with his projects, we'll be doing some collaborations)

 I'm working on a new step-by-step Painting Tutorial here at Wattpad -  - (My user ID at Wattpad is JasmineBecket, follow me here) this is a completely FREE tutorial, it will show all the step-by-step photos & very detailed descriptions, starting at the very beginning (cutting up a piece of wood) until the very end (varnishing).

I have added a new installment, focusing on painting skin & flesh tones!  You will need to make an account at Wattpad to read it, but it just takes a second, and then if you click the "Follow" on my author page and "Add" the book here, you'll receive each update as I publish each new installment. This is ONLY up at Wattpad , so definitely check it out if you are interested in my painting method, art in general, if you are a fan/collector, etc.

"Ruby Dragonling" as Faberge Egg

Limited edition egg music boxes available now online here for International customers, and here for USA customers

Again - US customers can order her today here and non-US customers can order here here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith
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