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Updates from Jasmine!

Hi everybody!  It's been such a busy week, so much has been going on, this is one of my biggest updates yet!

Firstly, thank you all who came to my Pop Gallery event last Saturday!  Had an awesome time!  Pop Gallery has posted a few photos from the event here .  Did you miss out?  Want more?  My next event here at Disney World will be March 6 & 7 at Disney's Marketplace Co-Op also at Downtown Disney (celebrating the grand opening of the WonderGround Gallery section here!).  Details about this March arehere.

In other news - I have a new painting - "Counting Sheep" - prints & LE Canvases arehere and a brand new figurine collection featuring Dia de Los Muertos style Sugar Skull Fairies - already up for sale online at Hamilton Collection here .

On the merchandise front - there are a bunch new Men's designs (and Women's, Junior's, etc.) up at People's Choice Apparel - including some of the Unseelie Court, some Steampunk stuff - all here

And finally - very excited about this - I have decided to create a brand new online art tutorial/step-by-step project online - and it's free!  It will be serialized, with regular installments, all you gotta do is follow me up at Wattpad (sign up as a new user HEREor get the Wattpad App for phone/tablet, both are free), the new tutorial for "European Peacock" Butterfly Fairy is HERE , on my JasmineBecket page at Wattpad.  Also check out my husband Matthew David Becket on Wattpad - he's started his serialized mystery story "Oscar Tweed" right HERE.

And finally - the "Sale print of the week" is "The Three Fates".  You can get the $9.99 sale price (or $19.99 for bigger prints, or $90 for the open edition canvas prints) all week long here.

Counting Sheep

Original 8x10" Acrylic painting on panel at Wrong Gallery

Prints and Canvases are on eBay here and on Strangeling.com here

Counting Sheep - a super cute painting for Wrong Gallery (in Taipei, Taiwan) for their "Year of the Sheep" show! This little sweetheart can't sleep (I know the feeling) but at least she's got some cute sheep to count. Acrylic painting on panel, prints & canvases are up at Strangeling.com HERE

We have glossy paper prints (signed on the back by me) available - 8x10" ($9.99 this week) and also 8x10" Limited Edition canvases for $100 - limited to an edition of only 25 canvases, hand embellished in acrylic paints by me personally, signed, dated, and numbered out of 25.  Paper prints & canvas prints are at Strangeling.com here (just use the drop-down box under Fine Art Print options to choose).

Or if you prefer eBay, paper prints are here

& limited edition canvases here
And up on Etsy
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"Bright Sofia"

Limited edition figurines available now online here

She's here!  Just took some photos of her in my backyard =)
"Bright Sofia" - the first of my sugar skull girls, finally available to order online NOW -

just click here to order here for US customers!  There are several others in the same collection (all adorable) coming soon too, if you want to reserve those now just be sure to choose the "Collection" option.

And no worries for International customers - once they make their way to the importers, they'll be at sites like Burning Desires here too (I'll let you all know once they're available worldwide). This is "Bright Sofia" - the first of my sugar skull girls, inspired by the Dia De Los Muertos / La Calavera Catrina / Day of the Dead celebration, of course. Inspired by my own visits & family connection to Mexico, this little cutie is a Limited Edition handpainted resin sculpture, about 4.5" high, will come with a certificate of authenticity, and is available to order right now at the link above. You can also order by calling 1-800-545-2077 - and yes, the item is in the system, hehe - item #906156001 - she's $39.99 . Those of you outside the US will be able to order soon too, on the international sites like Burning Desires here

Again - US customers can order her today  here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Tutorial / Wattpad

Follow me at Wattpad to get each installment free here

(and be sure to follow Matthew David Becket here to keep up with his projects, we'll be doing some collaborations)

 I'm working on a new step-by-step Painting Tutorial here at Wattpad -  - (My user ID at Wattpad is JasmineBecket, follow me here) this is a completely FREE tutorial, it will show all the step-by-step photos & very detailed descriptions, starting at the very beginning (cutting up a piece of wood) until the very end (varnishing). This is intended to be a much more in-depth instructional project than the usual short blurbs/WIPs I put here at Facebook, so I am doing it as a serial installment eBook up at Wattpad. Wattpad is free, it's online on your computer/pc (just create a free account at Wattpad.com ) as well as an app that is on your tablets/phones/devices too (just search Wattpad where you download apps).

I have just started the tutorial - so far all I've done up there is cut the panel to begin, hehe, so definitely jump in now so that over the next few weeks you can be in on the ground floor! You will need to make an account at Wattpad to read it, but it just takes a second, and then if you click the "Follow" on my author page and "Add" the book here, you'll receive each update as I publish each new installment. This is ONLY up at Wattpad (I'm certainly not going to put hundreds of photos & pages up at Facebook for those who are not interested, lol), so definitely check it out if you are interested in my painting method, art in general, if you are a fan/collector, etc.

Specifically this tutorial will be focusing on the new painting I'm working on in my Butterfly Fairies collection - "European Peacock" butterfly fairy!

And yes - as I mentioned - my husband, author Matthew David Becket is also at Wattpad here.  We have some collaborations in the works (in fact one is being published this week by Fae Magazine for their Spring Issue - keep an eye out at bookstores), so be sure to follow him as well!  He has also just started with the first couple installments of "Oscar Tweed" - a serialized mystery story.... you can jump inhere

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Matthew David Becket

New Men's Shirts!

(And more Women's, Juniors, all of them are HERE)

Great news - People's Choice Apparel has added even more Unisex/Mens shirts (and also Womens, Juniors) Sm-3X right HERE - Worldwide shipping!

Some of the Unseelie Court, and other slightly more "manly" designs, hehe. These are gorgeous shirts, Matt & I have gotten several of them for myself and I love them, very high quality printing, very nicely stitched & soft fabric. Please look at the size charts at the bottom of each style's page, all the exact measurements (remember to double the flat measurement for width). Sizes S up through 3X in Mens, Juniors & Womens. If you prefer a looser fit, go with the Mens style (they are the standard Unisex "regular" t-shirts), they have just added a ton of new pictures this week. PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions about sizes, ordering, shipping, styles, suggestions, etc. PLEASE contact the clothing company at the contact link above - don't ask me - I can't help you - I'm just the lady who does the paintings! I'm only the artist, I do not work for the t-shirt company, I can't help you with ordering, I don't pick the sizes/styles/pictures, I can't help with shipping questions or payments, etc. - but People's Choice Apparel would be happy to help - just click the Contact button at the top of their website above.  See all the shirts here.
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith
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