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New Faces of Faery, Valentines, All-over print T-shirts, Disney & More!

Updates from Jasmine!

Hi everybody!  It's been busy around here!

Firstly - big announcement - I now have dozens of gorgeous "allover print" T-shirts available at People's Choice Apparel here - and they will be adding more this week, including more men's designs, etc.  They are high quality, amazing printing, and gorgeous.

Next up - I have a brand new Valentine's Day Faces of Faery painting!  The original painting itself is up for auction on eBay here and you can get sale prints & limited edition canvases here

Speaking of Faces of Faery - I have another new piece to show you - it was the result of my previous Custom Faces of Faery listing (see how she originally looked here) - the winner decided to have me paint her with a Swedish midsummer theme and she turned out super pretty - see the finished painting & prints here

And in other news - I'm working on two new Disney pieces!  One is a new Tinker Bell for my Disneyland WonderGround Gallery "Take over" event in July (details here) and the other is a Snow White painting that will be for Disney's D23 Convention (details about the convention are here, more info to come). Because of all the Disney "buzz" I have also written up a comprehensive guide on how/where you can purchase my Disney artwork & merchandise, and have included that info at the bottom of this update.

New Shirts!

New Shirts from People's Choice Apparel are here

These are awesome - "allover print" shirts -  just got mine in them ail and they are GORGEOUS, high quality, I love them.  These just came out this week and there are new images & designs popping up everyday!  Yesterday they have started new Men's shirts (and they're working on some more "manly" designs for you guys this next week) - there are Juniors, Womens, dolman, 3/4 sleeves, cap sleeves, all sorts of options, sizes SM through 3X.  Be sure to look at each style of shirt and scroll down to see the exact measurements.

Click here to see the current shirts.  Be sure to bookmark & check later to see new styles & images!

Now - I'm only the lady who does the paintings.   I don't do things like make/ship the shirts, I don't pick the pictures, I don't have any say over sizes, measurements, styles, payments, shipping, tracking, none of that.  I'm just a painter.  So if you have any questions or any kind of feedback/suggestions - PLEASE contact the clothing company (not me, I'm only an artist) - they can be contacted here - Contact People's Choice

Faces of Faery 230

Original 6"x6" Acrylic painting is for auction here

Prints ($9.99) and Limited Edition Canvases ($75) are here

The original painting is 6"x6" - acrylic painting on panel - on cradled masonite 2" deep, sides painted glossy black, hanger on the back, and up for a 10day auction on eBay with no reserve, bidding starts at just a penny - click HERE to see

Every year, I try to do a new little Valentine's fairy, and here is the original painting for 2015. This cutie has a Valentine hear that has been broken..... but mended, with a safety pin (hey, why not?). Glossy paper prints are on sale for $9.99 this week (signed on the back by me) and limited edition canvas prints for $75 (also 6x6", hand embellished, signed & numbered out of 25).

Here's the direct link to her specifically : Faces of Faery 230 Prints

Alternately, we have the $9.99 paper prints (always signed on the back by me) on eBay here

and the Lt. Ed. Canvas prints on eBay here

the #01/25 (first in the edition) LE Canvas is also up for auction separately here

She's also up on Etsy

You can see her and all of my other Faces of Faery series pieces at Strangeling.com here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Faces of Faery 229

Original 6"x6" Acrylic painting SOLD $1600

Prints ($9.99) and Limited Edition Canvases ($75) are here

I finished the custom Faces of Faery I'd been working on - and you can see her & grab prints of her here.

She is called Faces of Faery #229 and is 6"x6" square, acrylic on panel ($1600 SOLD) - we have prints for $9.99 this week and limited edition canvas prints for $75 (all are also 6x6").

Swedish themed, this little beauty was painted to the client's specifications with a blue & yellow Midsummer flower wreath in her hair!

Prints are here on Strangeling.com

Alternately, we have the $9.99 paper prints (always signed on the back by me) on eBay here

and the Lt. Ed. Canvas prints on eBay here

and if you want to bid on the #01 first of the Lt. Ed. Canvases, she is up for auctionhere

She's also up on Etsy

You can see her and all of my other Faces of Faery series pieces at Strangeling.com here
©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Valentine Dragon

This week's SALE print, from $9.99 here

Our sale print of the week is "Valentine Dragon" - right here!  Open edition prints ($9.99-$19.99) & OE Canvas Prints $90 for this week only! We've decided this year to do a weekly "sale print" of some of my personal favourites and this week it's Valentine Dragon. Keep an eye up at Strangeling.com each week to see what's on sale. Open edition glossy paper prints are signed by me on the back, Open Edition 12x16 Canvas prints are gallery wrapped on boards, remarqued in metallic ink on the front, and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (the Limited Edition Canvases have long since sold out, but the Open Edition Canvases are still available).

Click here to see her on sale!

My projects with Disney

See what's on eBay now here

A lot of you have been asking where to get my Disney artwork, so I thought I'd better make a good & informative post about it smile emoticon Please read this whole post before asking questions, your answer will probably be in this caption already!

All of my Disney art is officially licensed, legal, produced & sold by the Walt Disney Company. Primarily these paintings, prints, shirts, mugs, magnets, postcards, jewelry, etc. with my Disney artwork are sold at the Disney themeparks but they also ship worldwide via email/phone orders. To see my Disney art in person, visit:

*Disney's Marketplace Co-Op (at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs Marketplace at Disney World in Florida)

*Disney's WonderGround Gallery (at Downtown Disney in Disneyland in California)

*(Also at Downtown Disney in Florida visit Pop Gallery and Hoypoloi Gallery for my non-Disney artwork too)

Don't live nearby? Want something that is sold out or out of stock? You have several other options! Firstly is my daily updated eBay listing collection:

Daily eBay listings for Jasmine's Disney Artwork/Merchandise are here

These are not my listings! These are listings from dozens, hundreds of different eBay sellers (mostly Disney merchandise resellers, locals, passholders, Disney castmembers, or other people with access to Disney Parks merchandise & artwork), and I updated it regularly so that you can see all of the official Disney merchandise featuring my artwork all gathered together on eBay! Be sure to follow & bookmark that collection at the link here. Every seller has different policies, but many are happy to ship worldwide.

Two other great options for ordering - with WORLDWIDE shipping always - simply email Disney Parks Merchandise at this email address:


or by calling them: 877-560-6477

Tell them the name of the painting you are interested in, tell them it is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and that it is from WonderGround Gallery. For most Disney paintings of mine there are Limited Edition Canvases (framed, big, around $295-$395), there are matted large prints (around $40 or so), there are 3d plexi magnets (super cool, they vary a bit in price), postcard prints (usually $3-$5), mini framed canvases (so cute, usually around $40) and also there are often other items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. To see the currently stocked Disney images of mine (to refer to titles, etc.) -

Jasmine's current Disney lineup is here

you can always find this same information on Strangeling.com - I update there everytime I have Disney artwork.

More Disney pieces are on the way! Next up is a new Tinker Bell that will be debuting this July, and also a new Snow White that will be at Disneyland's D23 Convention. I do events & shows at both Disneyland and Disney World - you can keep up with my events by looking at my Events page on Facebook here:

Jasmine's upcoming events are here

All of my Disney artwork is ©Disney , licensed & contracted by the Walt Disney Company
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