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Happy New Year, New paintings & new projects from Jasmine!

Updates from Jasmine!

Happy New Year!

We're finally back home in Florida (had a nice visit with our families up in KC for the holidays), back into my usual painting routine. I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2015! Among the first things I want to do is try to schedule more live painting broadcasts online through my Livestream - I'll be sure to let everybody know at least a day ahead of time so you can watch and pop in for Q&A (this time, I'm going to have Matty field questions and dictate the typing to him, so I can get more actual painting done). Other new projects through 2015 will be the remaining book character illustrations for my new Strangeling book, a lot of new Alice paintings for my Alice In Wonderland Oracle Deck, and a new focus on more surreal / magical realism paintings for my upcoming Surrealism themed Oracle Deck. I'll be getting a lot of Disney projects done this year - including a special piece for Disney's D23 (I'll be doing a signing there during D23) in Anaheim, my Take Over of Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery, and more events here at Disney World in Florida. I'll be at Dragon*Con & MegaCon, and will be returning to Kansas City for both Spectrum (in May) and for the KC Renaissance Festival. In October I'll have my primary solo show at Eight And Sand Gallery in Seattle -showcasing a new collection of paintings called "Birds and Beasties". Additional travels will have me going to Japan, UK and Europe. It should be a very busy year! Keep an eye out at myFacebook Events Page and even more importantly my website Strangeling.com to find out my schedule, updates, works in progress & more. Whew!

And for today, now that we're done celebrating - the three new original paintings that debuted at my Miniature Marvels show are now up on my website (the originals all sold at the Pop Gallery, but we do have prints & canvases available) - just scroll down through this update to see them all!  Also a great article & a work-in-progress for an upcoming group show at the Corey Helford Gallery too.

Stilleven VIII:  Lieveheersbeestje

8x10" Original Acrylic Painting $2600 SOLD - prints & canvases HERE

"Stilleven VIII: Lieveheersbeestje" - the eighth in a series of works I have in my Stilleven series that feature "deconstructed" elements of still lifes inspired by the Dutch master painters of the 1500-1600s, along with lovely girls, faeries & nymphs (of course!). Stilleven is Dutch for "Still Life" and "Lieveheersbeestje" means "ladybug". A lot of beautiful leaves & fruit in thise one - all popular elements included in famous Dutch still lifes. This is my own original acrylic painting, hand painted on panel, the original debuted and SOLD at Downtown Disney's Pop Gallery, we do have prints & canvases (limited edition canvases are hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered, wrapped on boards & ready to hang. Open edition glossy paper prints are signed by me on the back) available however

at Strangeling.com HERE (on sale now from $9.99)

Or if you prefer eBay:

8x10 paper prints here

8x10 Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints $100 here

Be sure to check out all my other Stilleven paintings from the series here

Brother and Sister

8x10" Original Acrylic Painting $2600 SOLD - prints & canvases HERE

"Brother and Sister" is an illustration for my Fairytale Oracle deck (with author Lucy Cavendish) due out in 2015. It's a very strange fairytale (definitely look it up!) - revolving around a girl whose little brother has been transformed into a deer. I painted this piece also for my "Miniature Marvels" show at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs here in Florida - the original painting itself was sold at the show, but we have prints (glossy prints signed on the back by me) and canvases (limited edition canvases, hand embellished by me, signed, numbered, wrapped on boards & ready to hang) available
at Strangeling.com HERE

Or if you prefer eBay:

8x10 paper prints here

8x10 Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints $100 here

A Wistful Moment

8x10" Original PASTEL $1200 SOLD - prints & canvases HERE

Most of the time, I work in acrylic paints exclusively. Sometimes though I like to do pieces as PASTEL paintings, like this one I did in my London studio for my show at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs Disney World. Here is "A Wistful Moment" - a classically inspired study piece with a touch of Greek sculpture & Bouguereau about her. Pastels on panel, the original is SOLD but we have glossy paper prints are $13.99 (signed on the back by me) and we have hand embellished limited edition canvas prints (8x10, wrapped on boards & ready to hang) for $100 up at my website (worldwide shipping)

Strangeling.com here

Or if you prefer eBay:

8x10 paper prints are here

8x10 Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints $100 here

And as always ALL of these glossy prints are also in my Etsy store here for you Etsy folks!


For Corey Helford Gallery's "Freaks and Americana" Show

Work-in-progress! For a group show opening January 24 at Corey Helford Galleryin Culver City, CA. Early stages yet on this one - there will be an incredible amount of detail in the end. It's a circular painting with a circus theme - called "Bosch Circus" for the show "Freaks & Americana". This piece is inspired by the circus history in my own family (a troupe of aerialists from early last century known as the Flying Behees ) and of course some phantasmagorical animals and performers inspired by Hieronymus Bosch (from considerably earlier).

This painting will debut at the opening reception at CHG Circa on January 24th from 7-10PM. Participating artists include: Kukula, Colin & Sas Christian, SHAG, Ron English, David Stoupakis, Michael Hussar, Tom Bagshaw, Yosuke Ueno, me of course, and many more wonderful artists. Not sure if I'll be able to make it out there in person for that evening, but definitely drop by if you can!  This is an acrylic painting on panel, will be in an ornate hand-carved frame, and will be priced in the $8000 range.  Prints will also be available soon!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (my ID there is Strangeling) or my Facebook to keep up with my daily updates & work-in-process photos!

Alice in Other Lands

Article at Long Live the Arts is here

Long Live the Arts has an article about my "Alice in Other Lands" serieshere featuring my paintings of Alice in historic painting settings. This coming year you can expect to see many more of these from me too, as I'm preparing for an Alice in Wonderland deck with Lucy Cavendish soon  You can find prints for all these and more in the Alice section of my Strangeling.com website - (over three dozen in all) -right HERE
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