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Egyptian Sanura, ACEOs, Vacation/Holiday Shipping, Crafts & More from Jasmine!

Updates from Jasmine!

Hi everybody!  What a busy month this is!  Thank you all who participated in our holiday sale!  We'll have all of your Strangeling.com sale orders placed before December 3rd already shipped very shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: Matt & I are preparing to leave for a stay at our London house.  All orders already paid prior to December 3rd will have already shipped, but all neworders for Limited Edition Canvas Prints will have to wait until our return December 15 before shipping.  All other items (paper prints, Etsy items, books, oracle decks, dolls, jewelry, clothing, etc.) will continue to ship as per usual, no delay, the only items that will be delayed are new orders for Limited Edition Canvas prints as I will not be here to hand embellish them until I'm back home in Florida.  Our Strangeling eBay store will have fixed price items in "vacation mode" but they will magically appear when we get back home.  We'll have auctions up though as usual, to bid on while we're gone!   The StrangelingEmporium eBay store will be open & shipping as always, as will Strangeling.com (except for Limited Edition Canvases) If you have any questions or concerns about holiday / Christmas ordering/shipping please email me at JasmineToad@aol.com for Limited Edition Canvas shipping questions or email Chris@strangeling.com for any other print/product questions before purchasing.

Firstly - I have a new painting to show you - the beautiful Egyptian princess Sanura here

Secondly - brand new ACEO cards are up!  Bidding starts at just a penny each HERE - feel free to bid as usual, we'll be back home in time to ship a day or two after the auctions end, so no delays there!

Thirdly - my upcoming solo show Miniature Marvels at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney is coming soon - December 20th - the event page is here

Fourthly - some great crafting products are out now - great gifts, fun indoor activities to do during the winter - I have rubber stamps here  and loads of cross-stitch patterns & full kits here

and finally - we have SOLD OUT of many Limited Edition canvases.  You guys wiped us out! For some of these we sold out so quickly during the Black Friday sale so I wasn't able to warn you guys.  Some of the Faces of Faery, Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, Three Little Birds, It's All About the Cats, and others have now sold out.  As always though I have set aside the #25/25 final canvases to auction off so that everybody gets at least one final chance if they missed out.  These will be popping up periodically over the next week in my Strangeling eBay store here - each #25/25 canvas auction will start at just one penny so everybody will have the opportunity to bid on the final LE canvases.  All auctions will end after we're back home, so no delays there.


Original 12"x16" Acrylic Painting $4600 SOLD

Prints from $9.99 & Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE

Sanura is an Egyptian princess - an illustration for a short story written by Kachina Mickeletto that will be appearing in my upcoming art book (a sequel to Strangeling - my first book ) - the followup will be published next year by Blue Angel. Sanura is a grumpy Egyptian princess, shown here with an Egyptian Mau cat (modeled after my own cat Tigrillo, who looks like a plump little mau). Aesthetically I've tried to evoke the imagery of the Egyptian Revival movement of Victorian England and academic France and the romanticized settings of Alma-Tadema, Gerome, etc. combined with one of my own contemporary pop surreal big eyed girls. I really love how it turned out. Keep an eye out for the book!

Original painting is SOLD, but prints & Limited Edition Canvases are HERE

(again, limited edition canvases will not ship until after December 15, but the glossy paper prints signed on the back by me will ship immediately as always!)

Or if you prefer eBay:

$9.99 8x10 paper prints are here and $19.99 12x16 paper prints are here - all are signed by me on the back and ship immediately.
And of course up at our Etsy store

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Stamps & Cross-Stitch

Attention crafty types!

I have hundreds of cross-stitch patterns, downloads, printed patterns, material kits - you name it - all at Heaven and Earth Designs here.  Available WORLDWIDE - many images and many options for both physical & downloadable patterns, kits, etc. are available - be sure to look through all the options!


Other fun indoor crafts (including some Christmas card fixin's!) are my new line of clear rubber stamps, very fun to colour in - up at Jessica Lynn Originals stamps here

New ACEO Cards!

One of a kind, only one of each painting is ever made

bidding starts at just one penny each here

It's time for a new batch of ACEO cards!

I only ever make one ACEO card of each painting I do.  A tiny 2.5x3.5" trading-card-sized canvas print, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, numbered "#1 of 1" since I only make one!  A wonderful way to begin a collection, or to add to a collection once you've run out of wallspace.  I put each little canvas up on eBay for an auction starting at just one penny, to give everybody a chance.  Click HERE to see them all - bidding ends shortly before I return from London, so please feel free to bid with confidence as always - should be no delays in shipping!
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