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Crazy times...

I'm looking around my apartment and realizing that everything that is here now will be in Florida this time next week. Scary!

Even more scary is that everything is all laying out messy like it always is - in other words, I need to PACK! I was going to spend all day painting, but instead I'm going to spend all day packing and perhaps get some painting in tonight. Matt's at work, and this stuff won't get into boxes by itself, lol.

Our internet is being turned off on April 4th (Friday) and will not be connected in Florida until April 9th (Wednesday). So, I'm going to be away from my computer/eBay/auctions/email/website during that time! I'm sure I will start feeling withdrawal symptoms at about 10:00 am Friday. Argh!

I won my Larry Elmore painting! I can't believe I got it for only $200!!! I had a few eBay auctions ending myself last night, and my "Snow White" painting went for $206.50 so that pretty much paid for it. That makes me feel a lot better about my spending habits =)

Hehe - I almost wrote a huge terrible made-up LiveJournal post about something dreadful (I hadn't decided what though) and then I was going to post an "APRIL FOOLS!" post a few hours later, but I decided it would be too confusing for everybody, lol. I could picture suddenly getting lots of concerned emails from family members etc.
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