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Pipistrello Original, Brother & Sister, Last Chance Canvases

Updates from Jasmine!

Hi everybody!  Mostly this month I am working on illustrations for the upcoming Strangeling sequel book, as well as on small paintings for my upcoming Miniature Marvels show.  Definitely stay tuned at my Facebook to keep up with works-in-progress!

Firstly - a new original painting - "Pipistrello" - original painting for sale here & prints/canvases here

Next - a work-in-progress for "Brother and Sister" here

"Verdigris" - original pastel painting up for auction ending SOON here

And finally - two newly SOLD OUT Limited Edition Canvases have the final #25/25 last chance auctions up - "Faces of Faery 170" is here  and "Unseelie Court: War" is here.  Both are now sold out, these are the last chance for the limited editions.


Original Framed Acrylic Painting for sale HERE

Prints from $9.99 & Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE

 Pipistrello - (Italian for "bat")- an illustration for a short story written by Amber Logan that will be appearing in my upcoming art book (a sequel to Strangeling - the first book here - ) - the followup will be published next year by Blue Angel.   Pipistrello is a very interesting character - she can send out bats to do her bidding, she's kinda like a little superhero......

This original painting is AVAILABLE - it is 8x10 original acrylic on panel, framed she measures 18x20" in a huge gorgeous ornate frame, and priced at $2400.  Email me at JasmineToad@aol.com or if you prefer eBay she is right here

 Or of course we have glossy paper prints and Limited Edition Canvas prints ($9.99-$100) up at Strangeling.com here

Or again if you prefer eBay:
Glossy paper prints are $9.99 here
Limited Edition Canvases are $100 here

I'll keep you all updated about the book!
And of course up at our Etsy store

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"Brother and Sister"

A work-in-progress

Work-in-progress - a piece debuting at my Miniature Marvels show at POP Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida, this is "Brother and Sister" - an illustration for the Grimm's fairytale of the same name, and depicts the little girl and her brother in the forest (her brother having been magically transformed into a deer). Another illustration for my upcoming Fairytales Oracle with Lucy Cavendish.

This original painting will debut December 20th at my Pop Gallery show (details about the event are here) - it is 8x10 original acrylic on panel, will be in an elaborate picture frame measuring 18.5x20.5" and will be priced at $2600. If you are interested in purchasing the original painting, please contact Pop Gallery - popgallery@me.com - (407) 827-8200 - let them know you are interested in Jasmine Becket-Griffith's upcoming "Brother and Sister" original painting and ask to be put on their contact list. Prints, canvases, etc. will be available after the show at Strangeling.com

Last Chance LE Canvases

Now SOLD OUT, the final #25/25 Lt. Ed. Canvases are up for auction - "Unseelie Court:  War" is here and "Faces of Faery 170" is here

Now sold out!

We have been selling a lot of Limited Editions this year, and two more have now been SOLD OUT. I only made 25 of each painting as a Limited Edition Canvas - and when they are gone, they really are gone.  Each Limited Edition is hand embellished by me personally in acrylic paints, signed, numbered, dated, and the canvases are wrapped on boards & ready to hang.  As per usual, when the first 24 are all gone, I always auction off the #25 editions on eBay, starting the bidding at just one penny, to give everybody one final chance in case they missed out!

Limited editions of Faces of Faery #170 (6x6") with the darling black kitty cat are now sold out.  The final #25/25 LE Canvas is up for auction here
Don't care if it's a limited edition and just love the picture?  We still have the glossy paper prints and the open edition 10x10 canvases of her here

Limited editions of Unseelie Court: War (11x14") have also now sold out.  Yes, that was very fast!  The final #25/25 LE Canvas is up for auction here
And again - if you don't care whether it's a limited edition and you just love the picture itself - we of course still have the glossy paper prints & the open edition 12x16 canvases of her here

PLEASE NOTE:  Many of my other limited editions are running very low in quantity and are in danger of selling out soon.  If you have a favourite, or have been procrastinating on buying one, you may want to snag one now before the big holiday rush (we will probably sell out of several over the holidays).  Most Limited Edition Canvases of mine can be found at http://www.strangeling.com (go to Shop - Fine Art Prints - and then on each image you will see the Lt. Ed. Canvas option, if available, on the dropdown box under Fine Art/Print Options).

Many other Limited Edition Canvases are available at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida.  You can see a listing of Pop Gallery Exclusive Limited Editions here.  All of these are exclusive to Pop Gallery, they do ship worldwide - email popgallery@me.com - or call (407) 827-8200

The other Limited Edition Canvases I have are the ones featuring licensed Disney character art - these are available only from Disney - primarily through Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery as well as some selections at Disney World's Disney Marketplace Co-Op.  You can see these Disney Exclusives here Disney Exclusive Limited Editions are happy to ship worldwide too - you can email them at
merchandise.guest.services@disneyparks.com  or by telephone at: 877-560-6477.
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