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Original Pastel Auction, Paisley Original Available, Disneyland TOMORROW, Octopus Pumpkin & More!

Updates from Jasmine!

Big update today!

Firstly a reminder - I will be at Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery TOMORROW in Anaheim, California - Downtown Disney - 11am until 1pm - FREE event (no tickets needed) - come on by - details HERE

Two new paintings - "Pastel Portrait 1" and "Octopus Pumpkin"

Another original painting - "Paisley" - is now available too!  The original collector did not come through, so I have put Paisley (framed, gorgeous) up in my eBay storeHERE

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival's LAST WEEKEND of the year is this weekend!  This Saturday, Sunday & Monday (Columbus Day) - if you buy $10 or more at our gallery, you can choose a FREE mini print.  I won't be there in person ('cos I'll be in Disneyland for my event there) but my sister Amber will be there, happy to help you out!

My "Autumn Tour" is in full swing!  I
am all over the world this month, (Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida,  Whitby in the UK, Glastonbury in the UK, back to Florida again, a Mail-in-Show in Seattle,....).  To see all of my upcoming events, visit my Events Page Here .  Even though I'll be traveling, I'll be doing quite a bit of painting along the way - to keep up on my current works in progress, keep an eye out at my Facebook HERE or Instagram (My user ID is Strangeling).

"Octopus Pumpkin"

8x10" Original Acrylics on Panel, $2200 AVAILABLE, prints & canvases HERE

Octopus Pumpkin 8x10 Acrylic Painting on Panel - $2200 (framed she is about 10x13 -  silver oval frame) available at Eight And Sand Gallery's All Hallows show opening this Saturday in Seattle!

This original piece will be for sale there, if you are interested - contact the curator Alex at
eightandsand@gmail.com - they ship worldwide.

Prints & Canvases start at $9.99 here at strangeling.com

 This cutie has an octopus in a pumpkin, because I love them both!

Prefer eBay?   8x10 open edition glossy prints are $9.99 here  also signed on the back by me =)

Lt. Ed. Canvases are on eBay too, here

And of course prints are up at our Etsy store


"Pastel Portrait 1"

5x7" Original PASTEL Painting on Masonite HERE

Something different from me...

Most of the time, I work in acrylic paints exclusively.  Sometimes though I like to do small portraits/study pieces as PASTEL paintings!  I figured collectors might be interested in these as well, so here is the first of my Pastel Portraits.  Bidding starts at just one penny HERE

These are Caran d'Ache pastels on a masonite panel treated with marble & pumice dust.

While this piece has been "fixed" with Degas Non-Toxic Spectrofix fixative, it is still suggested that all pastel paintings are kept behind GLASS/PLEXIGLASS.   Because of this, for display & for safety during  shipping I have included a simple metal & glass frame.  You can leave her framed like this and hang her on the wall or set her on a desk (it has a wall hanger & and an easel back on the backside).  Or since she's a 5x7" standard size board, you can always pick out your own frame later if you'd like to re-frame her yourself in the future, it is very easy, and the masonite boards are quite sturdy.   Please remember though to keep pastel paintings behind glass.  Again - bidding is HERE - if you guys like her, maybe I'll put more up soon!

Paisley ORIGINAL Painting

27x30" Framed - $4600 now AVAILABLE HERE

"Paisley" Original Framed Acrylic Painting is AVAILABLE HERE

The original collector did not come through with payment, so she is up in my eBay store - 30"x27" Framed (gorgeous frame)

Original out of your budget?  Prints & Canvases are up at Strangeling.com here

Let somebody's loss be your gain!

Paisley will be appearing as an illustration to a Kachina Mickeletto short story in my upcoming art book - such a pretty piece!

October 11th at WonderGround Gallery

TOMORROW morning I'll be in Disneyland, California Details HERE

THIS Saturday October 11th, Jasmine will be at Disneyland, California's Downtown Disney at Disney's WonderGround Gallery to debut two new paintings!  11am-1pm

Here are a couple of sneak previews for my next Disney paintings!  These two will debut at the WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland in California the morning of October 11th.  I'll be there in person to sign autographs, take photos, chat, etc.!   For details about the event & to receive more updates, visit the Event Page HERE

Downtown Disney is FREE to visit, no themepark tickets are required

Specifically on your left is the "tightrope girl" from the Haunted Mansion's Stretch Room, and on the right is the Evil Queen from Snow White!

Disney will have prints, postcards & merchandise available also via email & telephone order, and yes - they ship worldwide!  To see my previous pieces with Disney click HERE
©Disney licensed & contracted by Disney

October 18th at Pop Gallery

The Launch Party for my Myths & Mermaids Deck! Details HERE

Pop Gallery is at Downtown Disney in FLORIDA

My next Oracle Deck "Myths and Mermaids: Oracle of the Water" is up for pre-order now at Amazon! Click HERE to see!

We'll be having the official "launch party" on October 18th at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida (details are HERE), both my sisters Amber & Kachina (authors of the book for the deck) will be there too to sign autographs, etc. Amazon is shipping much later, so those of you who come get it at Pop Gallery on October 18thwill be getting it much sooner!  Can't make it in person?  If you call the gallery - (407) 827-8200 - they can snag a signed copy at the show & mail it to you afterwards (signed by me & both my sisters - and yes, they ship worldwide!).

This deck focuses on Water - the sea, mermaids, mythologies of water, sirens, nymphs, sea creatures & more. Stay tuned early next year for my other upcoming decks - "Fairytale Oracle" with Lucy Cavendish, and "Beautiful Creatures Tarot" with JR Rivera!

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