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Eve & Rib, Poisonous Beauties XIII, Upcoming shows & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Fun stuff to show you today!

Two new paintings - "Eve and Rib" & "Poisonous Beauties XIII:  Columbine"

In addition, I have a lot of events coming soon - in the next seven weeks I'll be "on tour" - doing a new show every weekend - all over the world (Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, Kansas City, Whitby in the UK, Glastonbury in the UK).  To see all of my upcoming events, visit my Events Page Here .  Even though I'll be traveling, I'll be doing quite a bit of painting along the way - to keep up on my current works in progress, keep an eye out at my Facebook HERE or Instagram (My user ID is Strangeling).  Next pieces in progress will be "Paisley" (a flower child/hippie fairy for my upcoming art book), and "Unseelie Court:  Death".

Also a reminder - the Kansas City Renaissance Festival has opened for the season!  I will be there in person September 27 & 28, and October 4 & 5, and the rest of the time my sister Amber & her family will be running my gallery - loads of art & merchandise there (whether I'm there or not, hehe). Click HERE for details about the show!  This coming weekend is Highland Fling - anybody who wears a KILT and comes to our store (Strangeling:  The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith #251 - right down the path from the Joust) will get a FREE MINI PRINT!

"Eve and Rib"

12"x16" Original Acrylics on Panel, $4400 SOLD, prints & canvasesHERE

The clockwork fairy "Eve" and the animated pewter skeleton "Rib" - I'm working on the sequel to my "Strangeling" book, again featuring short stories - "Eve and Rib" is an illustration for Matthew David Becket's short story "Wings for Rib" (which will be published in the book, along again with stories by my sisters Kachina & Amber). The art/story book will be out 2015 and is published by Blue Angel. This painting is called "Eve and Rib" - a clockwork fairy and her animated skeleton boyfriend in the forest - a lovely story indeed. The same characters appear in the new novel Matt recently finished (yet unpublished).

Keep an eye out for both books in the future!

To keep up with Matt, his various musings, writings and general entertainment - check him out on Facebook HERE

The original painting of "Eve and Rib" has sold, but we have prints (signed by me on the back) starting at $9.99 as well as Limited Edition Canvas Prints hand embellished & numbered by me for only $125 here at Strangeling.com

Or if you prefer eBay, the $9.99 8x10 signed glossy prints are HERE and the $19.99 12x16 signed glossy prints are HERE

and 11x14 Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE

And of course prints are up at our Etsy store

Don't have the first Strangeling book? It's up at strangeling.com and at Amazon!  More details about the new Strangeling book will follow soon (and if you haven't already gotten the first Strangeling art book, go get it - deluxe hardcover version is at Amazon here and autographed copies at Strangeling.com too). The new Strangeling book will be out 2015 and is published by Blue Angel.

"Poisonous Beauties XIII:  Columbine"

8"x10" Original Acrylic Painting, $2600 SOLD, prints & canvases areHERE

The thirteenth installment in my Poisonous Beauties series - a series of works featuring portraits of faery creatures and various poisonous plants! This one debuted at the 2014 Dragon*Con Art Show! #13 in this series features the columbine flower - incredibly beautiful plants, their blossoms are shaped very delicately and they come in so many colour varieties. And they're apparently toxic, too! The original acrylic painting was sold, but we have prints (signed by me on the back) starting at $9.99 as well as Limited Edition Canvas Prints hand embellished & numbered by me for only $100 HERE

Or if you prefer eBay, the $9.99 8x10 signed glossy prints are HERE

and 8x10 Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE

And of course prints are up at our Etsy store


We now have a special set of all 13 Poisonous Beauties!  For $130 you get all 13 of the 8x10 prints, each signed by me on the back..  Click HERE to see them all!

October 18th at Pop Gallery

The Launch Party for my Myths & Mermaids Deck! Details HERE

Now available for Pre-Order at Amazon HERE

My next Oracle Deck "Myths and Mermaids: Oracle of the Water" is up for pre-order now at Amazon! Click HERE to see!

We'll be having the official "launch party" on October 18th at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida (details are HERE), both my sisters Amber & Kachina (authors of the book for the deck) will be there too to sign autographs, etc. Amazon is shipping much later, so those of you who come get it at Pop Gallery on October 18th will be getting it much sooner!  Can't make it in person?  If you call the gallery - (407) 827-8200 - they can snag a signed copy at the show & mail it to you afterwards (signed by me & both my sisters - and yes, they ship worldwide!).

This deck focuses on Water - the sea, mermaids, mythologies of water, sirens, nymphs, sea creatures & more. Stay tuned early next year for my other upcoming decks - "Fairytale Oracle" with Lucy Cavendish, and "Beautiful Creatures Tarot" with JR Rivera!


Speaking of Disney - for you CALIFORNIA FOLKS - don't forget - I'll be at Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim California the week prior -to debut new Disney artworks -  October 11th - details about the Disneyland, California event are HERE.
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