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Jasmine Paints LIVE Tonight! New Faces of Faery, Works-in-Progress, Dragonlings....

Jasmine Paints LIVE Tonight!

Saturday 7-10pm Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida

Come & watch me paint tonight!  I am coming to do another "Jasmine Paints LIVE" event at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs here in Florida at Walt Disney World!  I'll be painting from about 7pm-10pm Saturday night - Details are HERE

I will be working on Darling Dragonling VI for all to watch! Here's a sneak peek of how she looks below.    I'm just doing a quick painted sketch/outline now and will start the main part of the painting (colours, details, etc.) tonight at the event.  Acrylic on 8x10 panel (on 2" deep cradled masonite) - if you are interested in purchasing the original painting, email me at JasmineToad@aol.com and inquiries will be indexed according to the order of response,  she'll be priced at around $2300. Prints will be available soon too, from $9.99 at strangeling.com

"Faces of Faery 224"

6x6" Original Acrylics on Panel, $1600 SOLD, prints & canvases HERE

The 224th installment in my "Faces of Faery" series, this was the custom painting I've been working on - the client wanted her to be a portrait of herself, with a lovely black baby goat!   Want your OWN CUSTOM PAINTING?  I have one up for sale on eBay here - you can tell me how to finish it!

As far as this little goatling goes - the original painting has sold, but we have prints (signed by me on the back) starting at $9.99 as well as Limited Edition Canvas Prints hand embellished & numbered by me for only $75 HERE

Or if you prefer eBay, the signed glossy prints are HERE

and Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE

And of course prints are up at our Etsy store

Dragon*Con & the KC Renfest

Two upcoming events coming up Labor Day Weekend!  Details HERE

I will be in the Dragon*Con Art Show at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta from August 30 all through September 1st.  Details are here - stay tuned for Works-in-Progress  like this one on the Event Page


The same weekend marks the beginning of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival!  It runs weekends from August 30th all the way through October 13th, Labor Day, & Columbus Day.  Details are HERE

As obviously I cannot bi-locate, I will not be there in person at the Renfest every weekend of course. My Strangeling Gallery (the two story building pictured above on your left) will be open every weekend though and will have lots of my artwork - being run by my sister Amber & her husband Chris.  I WILL be there for certain on a few weekends though in person -

September 27th, September 28th, October 4th, and October 5th

So to come watch me paint or for personal autographs - come one of those days for sure!

"Myths and Mermaids:  Oracle of the Water"

Now available for Pre-Order at Amazon HERE

My next Oracle Deck "Myths and Mermaids: Oracle of the Water" is up for pre-order now at Amazon! Click HERE to see!

We'll be having the official "launch party" on October 18th at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida, both my sisters Amber & Kachina (authors of the book for the deck) will be there too to sign autographs, etc. Amazon is shipping November 8th, so those of you who come get it at Pop Gallery on October 18th will be getting it a bit early  This deck focuses on Water - the sea, mermaids, mythologies of water, sirens, nymphs, sea creatures & more. Stay tuned early next year for my other upcoming decks - "Fairytale Oracle" with Lucy Cavendish, and "Beautiful Creatures Tarot" with JR Rivera!
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