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Jasmine Paints LIVE, Dolls, New Faces of Faery, Disney News & Last Chance Canvas for Wicked, Tricksy

New Stuff - HUGE update today!

Possibly my biggest update ever, I have so much to show & tell!  Here's a quick summary of what you'll find in this update:

Firstly - a "Jasmine Paints LIVE" event is scheduled soon at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney here in Florida!  Mark your calendars - Jasmine Paints Live will be August 16th.

Next up - DOLLS ARE NOW LIVE! Strangeling.com now has an active "Dolls" section here and you can see all our cloth dolls there & purchase them!  I have two brand new original Faces of Faery painting

In other Disney news, I'm stoked about my Maleficent T-Shirts at Disneyland, some WonderGround Exclusive Disney pieces of mine that are popping up now in (Gasp!) Florida (Gasp!), and a new work-in-progress photo to show you of my Haunted Mansion "Tightrope Girl".

And finally, some great authenticated paintings of mine up on the secondary market to tell you about (including one piece from when I was a student - ha!), and the auction for the LAST Wicked, Tricksy & False Lt. Ed. Canvas ending tonight. Scroll down for all of this & more!

"Faces of Faery 222 & 223"

Both are custom 6x6 Acrylics on Panel, $1600 each SOLD, prints & canvases for 222 are HERE and for 223 are HERE

Both of these Faces of Faery paintings were the results of my "Custom Faces of Faery" auctions on eBay, painted to the winner's specifications, and they turned out great!

$9.99 signed prints & Lt. Ed. Canvases 222 (with the Dolphin) are HERE
and prints & Lt. Ed. Canvases for 223 (with the Parrot) are HERE

Both are also in our StrangelingEmporium eBay store & our Strangeling Etsy store

Want your own CUSTOM Faces of Faery painting?  One is for sale HERE

Jasmine Paints LIVE

August 16th at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida

Come & watch me paint on August 16th!  I am coming to do another "Jasmine Paints LIVE" event at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney / Disney Springs here in Florida at Walt Disney World!  I'll be painting from about 7pm-10pm Saturday night - Details are HERE

"Alice" and "Cheshire Cat" DOLLS

Visit our new Dolls section at Strangeling.com HERE

We have proudly unveiled the new "Dolls" section at Strangeling.com

and we are debuting the two new dolls "Alice in Wonderland" and "Cheshire Cat" - along of course with my previous "Owlyn" Owl Fairy.

Each doll is hand-sewn out of cloth by either my Mom or my sister-in-law Sarah!

You can buy each doll individually for $35 each, or a set of both Alice & the Cheshire Cat together for $65.  More details, photos, and options to purchase are all right HERE at our new Dolls page at strangeling.com

All dolls
are also in our StrangelingEmporium eBay store & our Strangeling Etsy store

"Maleficent Enthroned" Shirts

Now at WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland, CA - also available via email/phone for worldwide shipping

My Maleficent shirts are at Disneyland! Dolman style ladies' shirts featuring my Disney painting "Maleficent Enthroned" - they are black and gorgeous and are $34.99 at Disney's WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland in California. They are exclusive to the gallery, but luckily the gallery ships WORLDWIDE. Ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith's "Maleficent Enthroned" shirt from WonderGround Gallery, they take orders via email at:merchandise.guest.services@disneyparks.com  or by telephone at: 877-560-6477 I don't know the complete range of sizes but I know for sure I saw size Small up through XXL at least. No - you can't have this one, it's mine!  They also have canvases, mini canvases, postcards, prints & and 3d magnets too.
©Disney licensed & contracted by Disney

Disney's Haunted Mansion

Work-in-progress for "Tightrope Girl"

Work-in-progress for my October 11th event at Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery - this big long painting features the "Tightrope Girl" from Disney's Haunted Mansion (she is balanced over the alligator as revealed in the "stretch room" portraits). ©Disney & contracted by Disney, this acrylic painting (and prints, merchandise, etc.) will debut October 11th at Disneyland's WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California! I'll be there in person, of course! Still loads of work to do, this is just the basic sketch as Disney has approved it so far. It's going to be very detailed and hopefully quite lovely!

Details about the event can be found HERE

WonderGround Art in Florida?

It's true!  Some of my Disney WonderGround art/merchandise is now available at Florida's Downtown Disney at Marketplace Co-Op

Now at Downtown Disney in Florida, you can see my WonderGround Exclusive artwork at their Marketplace Co-Op store on the "Marketplace" side of Downtown Disney.  They have a few selected images & items available as shown in the pic above, and may be adding more soon.  These are specifically my Disney character pieces.

Also while at Downtown Disney here in Florida you can find my flagship gallery Pop Gallery Orlando which has the largest selection of my artwork in the world, my personal works & special exclusives found nowhere else.  Pop Gallery is located on the "West Side" of Downtown Disney / Disney Springs, by the AMC Theatres.

Make a day out of it, and stop by both!
©Disney licensed & contracted by Disney

Last Chance Lt. Ed. Canvas

"Wicked, Tricksy and False" #25/25 LE Canvas auction ends tonightHERE

Now sold out!  No more Limited Edition Canvases of "Wicked Tricksy & False" will ever be made.  The final canvas, #25 of 25 is up for auction ending TONIGHT right HERE
An early classic of mine from 2005, this is the last chance to snag a Lt. Ed. Canvas, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints.

We do still have the signed paper glossy prints & have now released the open edition canvases, they are at strangeling.com HERE

Remember, all my Limited Edition Canvases really are "limited" and they do indeed sell out!  You can always find my Lt. Ed. Canvases at strangeling.com , at Pop Gallery Orlando, at WonderGround Gallery, and of course in my Strangeling eBay store!

Original Paintings for sale

Many of my original paintings are up for re-sale by various collectors on eBay HERE

Many collectors routinely re-sell my original paintings to make room for more new paintings, for investment, or if they've run into financial difficulties, etc.  These are being sold by all different sellers, but I can happily verify that these are indeed the authentic original paintings

Click here to see what's up for sale now on eBay - some GREAT deals!

eBay is a great place to find some of my recent masterpieces as well as fun & interesting early pieces of mine. Here is an early Red Riding Hood painting I did when I was still a student from 14 years ago, for example!  Or check this out - the original "Alice in the Pool of Tears" in a one-of-a-kind sculptural frame HERE

And as always, you can find my new original paintings all in one index at Strangeling.com under ORIGINALS HERE
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