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I'm back home, with new stuff!

We our back from Europe, had a wonderful time!  It's back to painting for me, and I have a lot of new stuff to show you.  A brand new painting from my "Butterfly Fairies" collection (for the Dynamics Visa Card rewards), a sneak peek of the next "Tableaux Vivants" painting, news & pre-order info for my new Tarot Card Deck (first ever!), a couple of new T-Shirt designs, and also the auctions for the very last #25/25 finalsold out Limited Edition Canvases for both "Bootstrap Betsy" and "Amara and the Book".  Scroll down to see everything!

"Butterfly Fairies III:  Goliath Birdwing"

Commissioned for the Strangeling Experience™ Dynamics ePlate® Visa card HERE

11x14 Acrylics on panel - this is a custom painting commission I was hired to create for the Strangeling Experience™ Dynamics ePlate® Visa card, so it is not for sale - in fact, it will be given away as a prize for their cardholders. Every $1 you spend enters you into a contest to win the actual original paintings themselves (all of the Butterfly Fairies series), and also earns you the canvas prints as rewards! Each time you use the card (a regular credit card, to buy groceries or bills or stuff online or whatever you normally would buy) - you start racking up points and earn Limited Edition Canvases and even will be entered into sweepstakes to WIN the actual original paintings I have painted for the program.  You can fill out the application HERE

"Goliath Birdwing" is the third of the exclusive Strangeling Experience™ paintings for cardholders. It will be the third Limited Edition Canvas reward (others in my new Butterfly Fairies series will follow) - signed by me, of course! The original framed painting herself (and the others in the series) will be GIVEN AWAY to those using the Strangeling Experience™ card & entering the sweepstakes. All you have to do is sign up here and as soon as you use the Strangeling Experience™ ePlate® card (just as you would a regular credit card) you immediately start earning the rewards.

Questions? Visit the Dynamics website here . This initial release is through UMB bank (a bank in the US, so it's only open at first to US citizens) but the project is spreading quickly and more international banks will be available soon, I will keep you posted! This painting series, starting with Blue Morpho and Monarch, is an exclusive commission for the Dynamics Inc. company and is only available in any form (prints, original, canvas, etc.) to Strangeling Experience™ cardholders.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

NEW Strangeling T-Shirts

Two new designs - "Marie Masquerade" and "Portrait of Ophelia" All sizes - Juniors through 3X now HERE

We've added two new designs - "Portrait of Ophelia" and "Marie Masquerade", you can now buy official Strangeling T-shirts straight from us (each produced by hand by my sister Amber) at Strangeling.com  - they are all up for sale right HERE.

LOTS of sizes from Juniors, Womens, and Unisex up through 3X on most designs. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. We have five permanent designs up there now, just use the drop down box to choose your size.  High quality dye sublimation shirts made by my sister Amber (if you want additional sizes or colours not shown, check with Amber at amber@strangeling.com and she can probably hook you up!), these can be washed over and over again without peeling or fading, very permanent, lovely shirts.

Specific measurements for each size are listed on the website for each shirt. You can also just go to Strangeling.com -->SHOP ---> CLOTHING at any time, to see when we add new designs.

Again if you want an alternate size, colour, etc. they may also be available, but don't contact me - contact my sister Amber via her email address -amber@strangeling.com.  More designs will come soon!

Again - all sizes are in stock now, and you can see them all HERE.

Tarot Deck now at Amazon!

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot up for pre-order HERE

Pre-order at Amazon HERE - release date is December 28

J.R. Rivera (of The Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Science) has created an actual tarot deck using my artwork for illustrations!  Following the standard 78 card format, this is the first "traditional" tarot deck featuring my paintings.

Foreward by tarot expert Barbara Moore, this deck features 78 of my paintings (they are all existing paintings of mine carefully selected by the author to complement the traditional minor & major arcana) never before published in deck form.  It comes out December 28th but can be pre-ordered at Amazon (as well as the various international Amazon sites).

I know many of you have been asking for a traditional tarot structured deck, and this is for you!

Sneak Preview!

A "Work-in-Progress" pic of "Tableaux Vivants II"

Work-in-progress - the second in my "Tableaux Vivants" series (living pictures) - a surreal incorporation of my traditional female figurative portraits along with tiny magical scenes from historic or mythological imagery seemingly come to life. This painting is inspired by the 1819 Ingres painting of Roger freeing Angelica (just saw it at the Louvre) with a rococo portrait - might be one of my favourites so far. An acrylic on on a 12x16 panel going into super ornate rococo frame - 27"x31" external measurement - and will be priced at $4500. If you are interested in the original painting, email me at JasmineToad@aol.com with the subject line "TABLEAUX VIVANTS II ORIGINAL PAINTING INQUIRY" - prints of all kinds will be available at strangeling.com soon too!

Be sure to follow me at Instagram (my user ID is Strangeling)  or on my Facebook page HERE to stay in the loop & see new works-in-progress as they evolve!

Interested in my painting technique?  I have a new instructional eBook PDF painting tutorial available for only $4.99 HERE

Last Chance For "Amara and the Book" AND "Bootstrap Betsy"

The #25/25 LAST EVER Limited Edition Canvases are up for auction

The #25/25 Bootstrap Betsy is HERE
The #25/25 Amara and the Book is HERE
The last #25/25 Lt. Ed. Prints are up for auction.  No more will ever be made.

Bidding on each starts at just one penny, and the auctions run for a week so that everybody can get a last opportunity to bid on these beautiful limited editions - each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, canvas wrapped on board & ready-to-hang.

(Those of you coming to Dragon*Con - the Art Show has reserved the #23/25 "Bootstrap Betsy" , so that will be available to attendees this autumn, in case you miss the auction!)
Let this be a reminder, Limited Edition Canvases really do sell out, so if there is one you have your eye on, you might want to snatch it up before they all go away!  Canvas prints have been selling like crazy lately, many are running very very low right now, but you can order most of them still at http://www.strangeling.com under "Shop" go to Fine Art Prints, use the dropdown box to see what canvas/print options are available, or also at our Strangeling eBay store HERE.

Other Limited Editions are Pop Gallery Exclusives and those can be purchased fromPop Gallery HERE at Disney World (via phone or email too, they ship worldwide) and Disney Limited Editions from WonderGround Gallery in Disneyland (they take orders by phone & ship worldwide) - WonderGround details are here.
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