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Jasmine's Painting Tutorial eBook! Biohazard Fairies, New Dresses.....

Lots of new stuff!

I've been busy!  Today I have a new painting to show you, new dresses at Poprageous, a brand new Painting Tutorial eBook, and a new work-in-progress!  Scroll down to see all the new stuff!

Painting Tutorial eBook

My new eBook/PDF Painting Tutorial is only $4.99 HERE

PDF is only $4.99 - 84 pages - full colour HERE

From bare wood panel to finished painting - illustrated with over 80 full colour photographs and detailed instructions from Jasmine. Sketching, composition, colour choices, and other insights into the creation of this artist. While this book focuses on this particular acrylic painting, it may also be helpful to artists working in other genres and other media, and is an enjoyable read for all Jasmine Becket-Griffith fans & collectors. PLEASE NOTE: The basic elements of this tutorial were previously published in the Italian cake decorating book "Molly and Jasmine" - if you already have read "Molly and Jasmine" this tutorial may be redundant.

This is an e-Book in .PDF format which can be read on your PC, computer, most handheld devices, iPhone, iPad, etc. It is purely a digital file - not a physical paper book, and there is no shipping charge as it is downloaded from the publisher directly. Questions about compatibility with your device/reader/etc. should be directed toward the publisher's FAQ - anything that can read a PDF (most things) can read it .  Very easy to purchase, only $4.99

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Faces of Faery!

Original Acrylic Painting for auction HERE,  Prints & canvases HERE

Part of my Faces of Faery series (6"x6"squares), this is the 219th painting (wow!) I've done in the collection so far. Faces of Faery 219 has a decidedly darker feel - - part of my Biohazard subset with some cybergoth/pnnk thrown in. And a fun skull! It really almost seems to glow, but it's just regular paint.  This original acrylic painting is on a cradled masonite panel with 2"deep glossy black sides, ready-to-hang.  Bidding on this original painting starts at just one penny on eBay HERE

We have prints of the same size, both on glossy paper (signed on back, $9.99) and as hand embellished limited edition wrapped canvas prints ($75.00) up atstrangeling.com HERE

Prefer eBay?  We also have the paper prints (signed on back) for only $9.99 HERE

We also have a fabulous set combining both of my "Biohazard" Faces of Faery together as a set of two prints for only $20 HERE

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"Princess of Bones" Dress

Now from Poprageous HERE

My first licensed dress design with Poprageous is here featuring Princess of Bones!   Los Angeles clothing designers have done a wonderful job with my painting - turned out gorgeous! Worldwide shipping!  They also have a fabulous swimsuit design up there featuring my Alice in a Dali Dream.

Note:  PLEASE direct questions about sizing, pricing, shipping, suggestions for other designs, etc. to the Contact info at the bottom of the Poprageous website link above (I just paint the pictures folks, I don't make the dresses!).

Work-in-Progress:  Owlyn & Robyn

Meet Robyn!  Owlyn's new little friend, a robin bird-fairy.  Stay tuned for this painting in progress - she will be available soon as prints, canvases, and of course - the original painting.  Owlyn and Robyn will be featured in my upcoming art book in 2015 - a followup to my "Strangeling" art book from Blue Angel - details to come!  Stay on top of all my paintings-in-progress at my Instagram (my name is Strangeling) and Facebook HERE
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