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Ariel & Belle Prints On Sale NOW! Disney prints & canvases online!

Thank you!

I wanted to give a BIG "Thank You!" to all of you who braved the rain to come out to my Princess Portraits show at Disney World on Saturday.  You guys made it a truly amazing show, and a spectacular success.  I apologize for the big line, but I am so happy that you took the time to come & say hi! =)  If you missed the show, no worries - I have purchased a bunch of my own canvases & prints of the new Disney pieces and have put them for sale up at Strangeling.com HERE

"Belle's Royal Portrait"

Original Painting $6400 SOLD. Prints & Canvases for sale HERE

Acrylic painting 16x20 panel $6400 SOLD, prints & canvases from $20.00 are HERE


"Part of Your World"

Original Painting $6400 SOLD. Prints & Canvases for sale HERE

Acrylic painting 16x20 panel $6400 SOLD, prints & canvases from $20.00 are HERE
I have purchased a bunch of the prints & canvases for both of these new Disney paintings myself to sell up at strangeling.com , and I can ship WORLDWIDE!

These are the two ©Disney pieces that debuted at my Princess Portraits event at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida last Saturday.  Both were 16x20" Acrylic paintings on panel ($6400 each, both originals SOLD at the show, sorry folks!), licensed Disney© artwork as part of some upcoming projects for the Hamilton Collection (figurines & other merchandise will be available soon - yay!).

Prints and canvases of "Belle's Royal Portrait" are HERE   A royal portrait of Princess Belle inspired by Marie Antoinette's court painter Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun

Prints and canvases of Ariel in "Part of Your World" are HERE   featuring Flounder & Sebastian!

As these prints are made by the publishers for Disney (not by myself, like most of my prints usually are), the sizes & prices are a little bit different than usual.

We have two sizes of paper prints for each painting and two sizes of canvas prints for each painting!  Just use the Fine Art Prints dropdown box at the bottom of each painting's page to add your choice to your cart -

8"x10" glossy paper prints, signed by me $20
16"x20" glossy paper prints, signed by me $50
8"x10" Open Edition Canvas Prints, signed by me in metallic paint $95
16"x20" Open Edition Canvas Prints, signed by me in metallic paint $195

Shipping costs will depend on where you live, options are available in your shopping cart.

You can also purchase the canvas prints in person at Pop Gallery Orlando here at Downtown Disney in Florida.

Be sure to check out my other Disney artwork - including  Disneyland California's WonderGround Gallery Exclusives HERE

Unfortunately with the WonderGround Gallery Exclusives (unlike these two new ones from Florida) I am not able to sell them on my website as I live too far away to purchase them myself to re-sell.  WonderGround Gallery however is always happy to take orders via email or phone and they also ship worldwide.  Please see the links above & info at Strangeling.com .  My next Disney art event will be July 12th & 13th at WonderGround Gallery at Disneyland in California!  Details on that upcoming eventare HERE.

Strangeling T-Shirts

More new shirts now up in our Etsy Store HERE

EDIT:  We have added a few more new shirts from our initial batch - check them out at Etsy in our clothing section!

After several months of trying different methods, rigorous washing machine endurance tests, and my whole family pitching in, we're pleased to announce that Strangeling T-Shirts are in the works!

I have long wanted a high quality t-shirt option for my work, and we have decided to produce them ourselves, at home, using a special dye-sublimation technique.  This is the method that works best and provides us with the best quality - the images hold up to our tough "washing machine test" (ie, putting them in the washer & dryer over & over again) without fading, cracking, etc. like some other methods, and we are very happy with it.

Very soon we will be implementing an option to place orders for tshirts in ALL SIZES (yes, plus sizes, kids' sizes, extended sizes, juniors' sizes, etc.), with options to choose all sorts of coloured shirts (black shirts, white shirts, tie-dyed and patterned shirts, - our sublimation transfer process works perfectly on all of them).  Prepare for an announcement soon when this is launched - it will mean that you can choose your own size, colour, etc. for whichever painting design you like!

In the meantime though, while we wait for incoming shirt stock and website-admin shenanigans,  we are listing a handful of these new shirts (our first finished batch of prototypes) in our Etsy store.  They are already selling fast, and I apologize in advance if we are already nearly sold out.  This initial batch is just our test-market of various sizes, shapes, colours & images - again, in the future at Strangeling.com we will be implementing a launch site where you can choose your own sizes, etc.  In the meantime check out what we have up on Etsy HERE - click on the "CLOTHING" link at the top left hand corner of the screen to find whatever shirts we have available!  (And check out all the other neat jewelry, prints & stuff too of course).
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